Velvet Drawstring Bag

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Velvet drawstring bags are crafted of high-quality velvet cloth, making them attractive, long-lasting, reusable, and environmentally friendly. Each bag has a drawstring to make it easy to close or open the bag. Gentle Packaging luxurious velvet drawstring bags are ideal for presenting jewelry and other small items.

If you are a retailer, jewelry and trinket producer, or individual buyer, a velvet drawstring bag by Gentle is your ideal choice. A variety of printing possibilities are available.

  • Versatile and attractive packaging solution
  • Smooth and gentle fabric
  • Superior finishing and excellent stitching
  • Customize options to optimize branding visibility

Velvet Drawstring Bag

Custom Drawstring Velvet Shoe Bag With Printing
Custom Drawstring Velvet Shoe Bag with Printing

The drawstring velvet shoe bag can be custom printing based on your preference. It is sturdy with a drawstring style that helps to fasten and loosen safely. It is easy to open and close, easy to use, and elegant.

Custom Luxury Velvet Drawstring Bag for Comb
Custom Luxury Velvet Drawstring Bag for Comb

Custom luxury velvet drawstring bag is available in various sizes such as 8*10cm, 10*12cm, 10*15cm, or custom sizes. You can avail it in colors such as natural,  black, green, red, brown, etc. It can be used in storing phones, jewelry, candy, toy, etc.

Drawstring Burlap Wine Bag Pouch Velvet Wine Bottle Bag
Drawstring Burlap Wine Bag Pouch Velvet Wine Bottle Bag

Made from eco-friendly material – natural jute burlap. This bag is a durable, reusable, and convenient storage bag perfect for wine decorations for travel, anniversary, wedding, birthday, etc.

High Quality Customized Drawstring Round Bottom Velvet Wine Bag
High Quality Customized Drawstring Round Bottom Velvet Wine Bag

The drawstring design for the velvet wine bag makes the bag easy to close and open. These gift bags are quite beautiful, and super soft to give you comfortable touch.  It is ideal to pack wine bottles.

Velvet Drawstring Bag Suede Jewelry Pouch
Velvet Drawstring Bag Suede Jewelry Pouch

High-quality velvet drawstring bag suede jewelry pouch customized to your specifications and styles. It is suitable for packaging jewelry or any small items. We can do double layers silk screen printing to ensure a long-lasting logo attachment.

Custom logo Velvet Drawstring Bag
Custom logo Velvet Drawstring Bag
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High Quality Materials

Gentle Packing manufactures velvet drawstring bags using superior quality velvet cloth. These materials are available in different colors such as black, pink, royal blue, wine red, purple, gray, rose red, and more.

We guarantee that these materials are sustainable, reusable, durable, high-quality, long-lasting, and elegant. Aside from that, it has a high-quality drawstring that allows the bag to easy closing and open.

High Quality Materials
Wide Range of Applications

Custom Velvet Drawstring Wide Range of Uses

Gentle Packing offers velvet drawstring bags that are widely used for different occasions such as anniversaries, valentine’s Day, baby showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, company events, organizational campaigns, and more.

It is also perfect for storing different items such as rings, batteries, necklaces, earrings, watches, and more. We can also manufacture custom velvet drawstring bags for retailers, wholesalers, trinket makers, and so on. Contact us for your custom velvet drawstring needs today!

Custom Printed Velvet Drawstring Bags

Our velvet drawstring bags can be customized with full-color, multiple-color, or single-color. We can also manufacture these bags according to your desired sizes, designs, and dimension. Each bag is tailored according to your requirements.

We use different printing techniques to add your company logo, graphics, texts, messages, inspirational quotes, company tagline, and more. Whether for small businesses, events, or organizations, Gentle Packing can provide custom-made velvet drawstring bags.

Custom Printed Velvet Drawstring Bags

Gentle - Velvet Drawstring Bag #1 Manufacturer

Velvet Drawstring Bag
Velvet Drawstring Bag

Gentle Packing has 15+ years of manufacturing high-quality velvet drawstring bags. These are meticulously made from quality materials using high-speed sewing machines and production lines. We have 100+ factory employees skilled enough to process your request efficiently. Following quality system management, Gentle guarantees to produce long-lasting, stylish, luxurious, and durable bags for your business. You can have our velvet drawstring bags in different options including size, drawstring length, and reasonable price point. Custom your velvet drawstring bags at Gentle Packing!

Velvet Drawstring Bag Printing
Velvet Drawstring Bag Printing

Our company ensures a cost-effective, high-quality, and fast printing process for your velvet drawstring bags. We can print artwork, message content, and brand logo, to your bag product. Our printing techniques include:

  • UV printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Transfer Printing and more.
Velvet Drawstring Bag
Custom Velvet Drawstring Bag Features

Made from high-quality velvet fabrics such as knitting-based velvet, double-faced velvet, and nylon-based velvet. It is environmentally friendly and offers excellent:

  • Heat sealing properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • Tearing resistance
  • Easy to open and close
  • Oxygen and light resistance


Use Custom Velvet Drawstring Bag for Various Applications

Gift Packaging
Gift Packaging

Velvet bags are ideal for giving personalized ornaments as gifts. They greatly enhance the drama of how your presents are presented.

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Mother’s day, etc.
Jewelry Storage
Jewelry Storage

Velvet jewelry bags are quite practical. They can open and close the bag using a strong drawstring. They can support heavy objects as well because the material is thick.

  • watch
  • bracelet
  • rings, etc.
For Marketing
For Marketing

Velvet bags have soft bags that have a long lifespan. They are therefore effective marketing tools. They are ideal for spreading the word about your brand. To print your brand name, we offer high-quality printing techniques, it will not fade for many years.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Velvet Drawstring Bag

Are velvet drawstring bags suitable for storing jewelry?

Yes, the soft texture of velvet provides a protective and luxurious environment for jewelry, preventing scratches and adding an elegant touch.

What items are commonly stored in velvet drawstring bags?

Jewelry, precious stones, gifts, cosmetics, and small artifacts are often stored in velvet bags due to their luxurious and protective nature.

Are velvet drawstring bags available in different colors?

Yes, they typically come in a wide array of colors, providing options for various occasions and preferences.

Can velvet drawstring bags be recycled?

Recycling processes for velvet, especially synthetic types, can be complex. Reusing or repurposing the bags is often a more eco-friendly option.

Is velvet water-resistant?

Traditional velvet is not water-resistant and can be damaged by moisture. Some synthetic velvets might offer more resistance but are not fully waterproof.

How durable are velvet drawstring bags?

While velvet is known for its luxurious look and feel, it is generally less durable than some other materials and may show wear with heavy use.

Can I use a velvet drawstring bag as packaging for my retail products?

Absolutely! Velvet drawstring bags are popular for packaging specialty goods, providing a touch of luxury and enhancing customer experience.

Why is velvet often chosen for drawstring pouches?

Velvet has a rich, opulent look and a soft touch, making it ideal for presenting and protecting items that are delicate or considered to be luxurious.

What types of drawstrings are used in velvet bags?

Typically, velvet bags utilize satin, cord, or a similarly smooth and durable material for drawstrings to complement the plush texture of the bag.

Is velvet suitable for allergy sufferers?

Velvet doesn’t typically cause allergies but may attract dust, so frequent cleaning might be required to ensure it’s suitable for allergy sufferers.

Do velvet drawstring bags provide protection against impact?

While velvet offers a soft enclosure, it does not have significant impact resistance. Additional padding might be required for fragile items.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic velvet in drawstring bags?

Natural velvet, often made from silk, tends to have a softer feel and luxurious sheen, while synthetic velvet, such as polyester, may be more durable and cost-effective.

How can to avoid color transfer from the velvet bag to other objects?

Ensure the bag is colorfast before use, and consider lining or wrapping potentially sensitive items to avoid direct contact.

Are velvet drawstring bags considered a luxury packaging option?

Often yes, due to velvet’s plush and elegant aesthetic, it is frequently associated with luxury and is popular for premium packaging.

Is velvet drawstring bag a sustainable packaging option?

Sustainability can vary; opting for bags made from recycled or sustainable sources and ensuring they are reused can enhance their eco-friendliness.

Are velvet drawstring bags animal-friendly?

Synthetic velvets are typically animal-friendly. If considering natural velvet, verify the sources and production methods for ethical assurance.

Can I use velvet drawstring bags as favor bags at a wedding or event?

Absolutely! Velvet drawstring bags are popular as favor or gift bags due to their elegant appearance and tactile appeal.

How do I prevent the velvet from creasing when shipping a velvet drawstring bag?

Ensure the bag is packed without being folded or overly compressed, using packing materials to maintain its shape during transit.

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