Take Out Bag

Gentle Packing is your one-stop takeaway paper bags wholesale manufacturer in China. 

We supply more than 2,000 businesses worldwide with quality, recyclable paper bags for food delivery. 


Your Professional Take Out Bag Supplier in China

A high-quality take-out bag is fabricated in diverse sizes, from small to extra-large sizes. In addition to the sizes, this take-out bag is also available in a wide variety of custom colors, styles, and designs. It specializes in having durable loop handles that provide security and privacy for all inside items. 

  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry bag
  • Customization is available that includes a personalized logo, brand name, and quotation.
  • FSC paper available
  • Comes with an alluring and versatile appearance that attracts lots of customers
  • Perfect use for your business growth and productivity

If you desire to own a take-out bag with your original design ideas, style, personalized logo, brand name, or company trademarks, Gentle Packing can help you handle all your requests.

Take Out Bag

Customized Take Out Fast Food Paper Bag with Your Own Logo
Customized Take Out Fast Food Paper Bag with Your Own Logo

Gentle packing offers a professional customization service for your take-out bags. Take-out fast-food paper bags can be customized with your own styles, designs, logos, and other specs.

Disposable Paper Food Lunch Bags Kraft Take Out Bags
Disposable Paper Food Lunch Bags Kraft Take Out Bags

Disposable paper food lunch bags kraft take-out bag is great for packing food, lunch, and other essential goods. Since this is disposable, it can be used at a single time. Gentle packing made each bag with durable kraft paper materials.

Fast Food Grease Resistant Take Out Paper Bag
Fast Food Grease Resistant Take Out Paper Bag

The fast-food grease-resistant take-out bags are safe for food and any content. This bag doesn’t cut and deform easily. It will retain its original looks for long hours. Perfect for takeaway food packaging.

Take Out Bags for Bakery Bread Coffee
Take Out Bags for Bakery Bread Coffee

Take-out bags for bakery bread coffee is practical and give excellent protection for bread items. This bag is widely used for bakeries and other food industries.

Take Out Paper Bags with Strong Die Cut Hole Handle
Take Out Paper Bags with Strong Die Cut Hole Handle

Take-out paper bags with strong die-cut hole handles can carry heavier goods and products. Its handle is reliable that will never besmirch easily.

Vegetable Carrier Recycled Take Out Bag
Vegetable Carrier Recycled Take Out Bag

The vegetable carrier recycled take-out bag is perfect for holding and storing any vegetable items. It is usually used in supermarkets, malls, and other vegetable stores.

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Reliable Quality

Being a leading custom fast food bag supplier, Gentle Packing uses high-quality tree pulp to manufacture 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable paper take-out bags. These bags have strong handles and reliable gusseted flat-bottom designs to ensure that the heavy food never falls through. 

Our food delivery bags can be waxed or laminated inside to create a surface that does not soak up grease and degrade the bag. No matter the style, you can trust our quality.

Take-Out Bag
Take-Out Bag

Food-Contact Safe

Whether you request waxed sandwich bags, brown kraft paper bags, bakery paper bags, or paper snack bags, we will ensure the safety of our products. Our paper takeaway bags are tested with strict quality control following AQL II and BSCI standards. Gentle Packing takeaway paper bags are safe from contact with food.

We use an organic wax layer or a thin layer of safe lamination to line the inside of the bags. Your take-out paper bags will serve their purpose perfectly well, preserving food in great condition.

Custom Promo Design

You can request your takeaway bags with logos, slogans, or promo to express your brand. You can also choose the appropriate printing method, including sublimation, silk-screening, lamination, foil printing, and more. 

Our manufacturing services are perfect for printed takeaway bags for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, bars, and fast food bistros. Whether you sell pasta, burgers, or cakes, Gentle Packing will have the ideal solution for you within 24 hours. 

Take-Out Bag

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Take Out Bag

What are take-out bags?

Take-out bags are specially designed bags used by restaurants and food service establishments to package and carry food items for customers who wish to eat outside the premises.

Are take-out bags environmentally friendly?

It depends on the material used. Many establishments now offer biodegradable, compostable, or reusable take-out bags to reduce environmental impact.

Can I customize take-out bags with my restaurant's logo?

Absolutely. Personalized take-out bags allow you to imprint your branding or unique designs, enhancing visibility and giving your restaurant a professional touch.

How do I choose the right size for my take-out bags?

Consider the average size and volume of orders. It’s a good idea to have various sizes available to accommodate different order quantities.

Are take-out bags insulated?

Some are designed with insulation to help keep foods hot or cold during transit, but not all. If maintaining food temperature is crucial, look for insulated options.

How much weight can take-out bags hold?

The weight capacity varies based on the bag’s material and design. Always check with the manufacturer for weight recommendations.

What materials are take-out bags typically made of?

They can be made from various materials, including plastic, paper, biodegradable substances, cloth, or even insulated foil.

Are there eco-friendly or compostable take-out bag options?
  • Yes, many manufacturers now produce bags made from eco-friendly materials to meet the growing demand for sustainability. These materials can include:
    • Biodegradable Plastic: Often made from plant-based polymers like PLA (Polylactic Acid), these bags break down naturally over time.
    • Recycled PET: It’s made by recycled PET plastic bottles.
    • Compostable Materials: Compostable bags can be turned into nutrient-rich soil in a composting facility. They are often made from materials like cornstarch or sugarcane.
    • Recycled Paper: Some bags are made from recycled paper, contributing to reducing deforestation and waste in landfills.
    • Reusable Cloth: Cloth bags, often made from natural fibers like cotton or jute, are designed to be reused many times, minimizing waste.
    • Bamboo: As a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo is becoming a popular material for eco-friendly bags.
  • Many of these materials are certified according to standards like ASTM D6400 for compostability or carry labels such as the Seedling Logo, ensuring their eco-friendly status.
  • It is essential to understand the specific disposal methods required for these bags, as some might need industrial composting facilities to break down properly. Clear instructions on the bags can help guide customers in responsible disposal.
  • If sustainability is a core value for your business, working with a supplier that specializes in eco-friendly products can help ensure that the bags align with your brand’s ethos.
  • Keep in mind that eco-friendly bags might be more expensive than traditional plastic bags. However, the investment can be worthwhile if it aligns with your business values and attracts environmentally-conscious customers.
Can I order a sample before placing a bulk order for custom take-out bags?

Most suppliers prioritize customer satisfaction and offer sample services. This allows businesses to test the bag’s look, feel, and durability before committing to a larger order.

How are the handles designed on take-out bags?

Handle designs vary, from cut-out, looped, to reinforced. The right choice balances comfort for customers and strength to hold the food items securely.

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom take-out bags?

Suppliers often have set MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), influenced by production costs and customization levels. Discuss your requirements to find a suitable order scale.

Gentle Packig set MOQ 500 pcs

How long does it typically take to receive a bulk order of take-out bags?

Delivery times depend on order size, customization details, and supplier capabilities. Typical timelines can span a few days to several weeks, especially for intricate customizations.

For Gentle Packing, timing below:

  1. Sampling time: about 7 days
  2. Sample to your office for approval: about 7 days
  3.  Mass production  time: about 20-30 days
  4. Shipping time: depends on destination country. Normally 30 days to EURO, 15 days to Australia, 15-30 days to US.
Are take-out bags reusable?

While some bags are single-use, many modern take-out bags, made from durable cloth or sturdy plastics, are designed for multiple uses, promoting sustainability.

What are the costs associated with customizing take-out bags?

Customization costs vary based on design complexity, print colors, bag material, and quantity. It’s an investment in branding, often bringing a return in customer recognition and loyalty.

Can I have different designs or colors in one order?

Some suppliers accommodate mixed design orders. Though it may influence unit costs, diversifying designs can cater to different promotions or seasons.

Gentle Packing accept mix designs and colors.

Are take-out bags safe for holding hot foods?

Quality bags are crafted to safely encase hot foods. Ensure the material chosen withstands the heat without compromising the food’s integrity or customer safety.

How can I encourage customers to recycle or reuse take-out bags?

Boost eco-initiatives by imprinting recycling info on bags, offering incentives for bag returns, or educating patrons about the environmental advantages of reuse.

Can I design take-out bags with pockets or compartments for utensils or condiments?

Certainly. Customizing compartments aids organization, ensuring customers receive all they need in a neatly packaged manner.

How do I store take-out bags to ensure they remain in good condition?

For prolonged durability, store bags in cool, dry places, away from direct sunlight. This preserves material strength and print clarity.

Do take-out bags comply with local regulations?

Compliance varies by region. Choose bags adhering to local guidelines concerning plastic use, recycling mandates, and biodegradability standards.

Can I get take-out bags in various shapes and styles?

Yes, take-out bags come in different shapes, styles, and sizes to match different food packaging needs, allowing you to select or customize according to your preference and brand image.

What printing options are available for custom take-out bags?

Printing options include digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, and more. The choice depends on your design complexity, preferred look, and budget.

Are there waterproof take-out bags?

Some take-out bags are designed with waterproof or water-resistant materials to protect against spills, essential if you offer beverages or soupy dishes.

What are the design guidelines for custom take-out bags?

Design guidelines might include logo placement, color matching, print resolution, and more. It’s best to consult with your supplier or a professional designer to align with your brand.

Can I get seasonal or thematic take-out bags?

Absolutely. Seasonal or thematic bags can be designed to align with holidays, special events, or promotional campaigns, enhancing customer engagement.

Are there options for food-grade take-out bags?

Food-grade bags are specially crafted to meet safety standards, ensuring that they don’t contaminate or alter the food’s taste and quality.

What are the payment options for bulk orders of custom take-out bags?

Payment options include:

  • T/T
  • Paypal
  • Letter of Credit (L/C)
Is there an option for rush orders of take-out bags?

Some suppliers offer rush services for an additional fee, especially if you need the bags for an imminent event or sudden demand increase.

Can customers use take-out bags for other purposes?

Multi-purpose design enhances usability, allowing customers to use the bags for grocery shopping or personal carry-alls, extending the bag’s life and value.

How do I ensure that my take-out bags align with my restaurant’s sustainability goals?

Collaborate with a supplier specializing in eco-friendly materials, and clearly communicate your sustainability goals to ensure alignment.

Are there child-safe take-out bag options?

If serving families, consider child-safe designs without hazardous materials or choking hazards, ensuring both quality and safety.

How do custom take-out bags enhance brand visibility?

Custom bags with your branding not only elevate packaging aesthetics but act as mobile advertisements, enhancing brand recall and visibility.

Are there options for transparent take-out bags?

Transparent or semi-transparent bags offer visibility of the enclosed food, enticing potential customers and reassuring them about the content’s freshness and appeal.

Materials include PVC, PP, PE and more

Can take-out bags withstand freezing temperatures?

Certain materials are designed to withstand freezing temperatures, ideal for chilled or frozen food items. Discuss these needs with your supplier to select the right option.

Are there any setup fees for custom take-out bag orders?

Some suppliers may charge setup fees for customized printing or designs. Transparent communication with the supplier helps avoid unexpected costs.

How environmentally impactful are biodegradable vs. non-biodegradable take-out bags?

Biodegradable bags break down naturally, having a reduced environmental footprint. Non-biodegradable bags, especially plastic, can persist for centuries, posing potential ecological threats.

Do take-out bags come with tamper-evident features?

Certain bags offer tamper-evident seals, ensuring food safety and integrity, crucial for customers who prioritize security with their food orders.

What are the trending designs for take-out bags in the industry?

Trends change over time, but sustainable materials, minimalistic designs, bold colors, and interactive elements (like QR codes) are currently in vogue.

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