Gentle Packing is one of the leading PVC bag manufacturers in China. 

Our PVC bags combine high quality, fast turnaround,

large selection of styles, and extensive customization features.

Your Professional PVC Bag Supplier in China

The PVC bags are formed from plastic polyvinyl chloride. This bag is more robust and durable. They can hold personal belongings, like water bottles, cellphones, digital cameras, and more. Large PVC bags can carry heavy loads for work or beach travels, parties, and shopping. You can pack several items in PVC bags due to their ductile manufacturing materials. This bag is transparent but can be color-printed, depending on your choice.

  • PVC bags can be a safe packaging stuff
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Customizable according to your need
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly
  • Budget-friendly

Gentle Packing can support your desired customized PVC bags according to your requirements. You can have fashionable and unique PVC-made bags from Gentle Packing. Please choose the most suitable one from our reusable bag list!

Gentle PVC Bag

Non-Woven PVC Bag
PVC shopping Bag

The PVC shopping bag is extremely soft, non-toxic, and antibacterial. Air-tight, water-repellent, with a high degree of strength and elongation. Processing properties are excellent, such as chemical and decay resistance.

Pink Transparent PVC Bag
Pink Transparent PVC Bag

Pink transparent PVC bags have long been great advertising materials. It provides a clear view of what it is all about. Aside from that pink transparent PVC bags are suitable for cosmetics and pharmaceutical marketing and other uses.

Pvc Waterproof Bag
PVC Waterproof Bag

Gentle’s PVC waterproof bag is composed of tough, semi-transparent plastic. It is guaranteed to be water and dirt-resistant. Ideal for a variety of uses, including make-up, tiny accessories, and so on.

Pvc Zipper Pouch Bag
PVC Zipper Pouch Bag

The PVC zipper pouch bag has high strength, light-weight, durable and attractive design. This selection is available in a variety of designs. It is strong enough for various purposes.

Transparent Clear PVC Bag
Transparent Clear PVC Bag

A transparent clear PVC bag aids organization and safely stores goods within reach. It is ideal for vacations, travel, and storing a range of products. This bag’s entirely transparent look allows viewing what’s inside.

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Reusable Material

Wholesale custom PVC bags manufactured by Gentle Packing are made from a solid form of polyvinyl chloride, making them highly durable. Also, PVC is highly flexible—perfect for any shape and size of a bag. 

Although PVC is not recyclable, it is very reusable and versatile. Many designers and cosmetics businesses choose PVC bags. Most PVC material is colorless, but you can request us to color it in any way or apply an iridescent film on the surface.

Reusable Material
Custom Style

Custom Style

Our skilled and experienced staff will design the perfect PVC bag according to your requirements in as little as 3 days. We offer a free design and a free sample for our clients. 

You can specify the height, width, shape, and features of your PVC bags. For instance, you can request a small makeup PVC bag or a large designer PVC tote bag. Some more specific designs include PVC gift bags, PVC swim bags, and PVC lunch bags. We can add any custom feature, such as fabric seams and handles, chains, zippers, pockets, pouches, etc. 

High Quality

Gentle Packing pays close attention to the quality of our products, including PVC bags. We test our products according to strict AQL II standards, ensuring that every step of the manufacturing process is sound. Moreover, we care about our factory, as it has been BSCI-audited. We have video audits available at any time. 

Your design idea is always protected by our strict NDA policy. Finally, we thoroughly package your PVC bags to prevent any damage during shipping. More than 2,000 businesses worldwide have chosen Gentle Packing as the premier bag supplier. Choose us today!

High Quality

Rocket Your Business with Gentle PVC Bag

What is a PVC bag?

A PVC bag is a type of bag made from Polyvinyl Chloride, a durable and flexible plastic material.

Are PVC bags waterproof?

Yes, PVC bags are inherently waterproof due to the nature of the plastic material they’re made from.

How durable are PVC bags?

PVC bags are generally very durable and resistant to abrasion, making them suitable for various uses.

Can I recycle PVC bags?

PVC recycling facilities are limited in some areas. It’s essential to check with local recycling guidelines to determine if PVC bags can be recycled in your region.

Are PVC bags eco-friendly?

PVC production can have environmental concerns, and not all PVC bags are biodegradable or easily recyclable. Alternatives like recycled PVC or other sustainable materials might be more eco-friendly.

Are PVC bags safe for storing food?

It’s essential to ensure that the PVC bag is food-grade and free from harmful additives before storing food in it.

Why are some PVC bags clear while others are colored?

PVC bags can be produced in a transparent form or can be dyed in various colors for aesthetic or branding purposes.

Can PVC bags withstand high temperatures?

PVC has a low melting point of 185°F (85 °c), so it’s best to avoid exposing PVC bags to high temperatures as they can warp or melt.

Why do some PVC bags have a strong smell?

The characteristic smell is due to the plasticizers and chemicals used in the production process. This smell often dissipates with time and ventilation.

Are PVC bags resistant to chemicals?

While PVC is resistant to many chemicals, certain solvents and compounds can degrade or damage it.

Do PVC bags stretch over time?

PVC bags can stretch slightly with heavy use, but they generally retain their shape and form.

Can I customize PVC bags with my logo or design?

Yes, PVC bags can be printed or embossed with custom logos and designs.

How much weight can a PVC bag carry?

The weight capacity depends on the bag’s thickness and construction, but PVC bags are generally robust and can carry substantial weight.

Are PVC bags more expensive than cloth bags?

The cost varies based on the design, brand, and size. However, basic PVC bags are usually competitively priced compared to cloth bags.

How are PVC bags sealed?

PVC bags can be sealed using heat sealing, zippers, snaps, or other fastening methods.

Do PVC bags offer UV protection?

While PVC can block some UV rays, it’s not designed as a UV protectant. Items inside may still be exposed to some UV effects.

Are PVC bags breathable?

No, PVC is not a breathable material, so bags made from PVC won’t allow air to pass through.

Can I iron a PVC bag to remove creases?

It’s not recommended as PVC has a low melting point. Exposure to a hot iron can cause damage.

How long do PVC bags last?

With proper care, PVC bags can last several years. However, their lifespan depends on usage and environmental factors.

Do PVC bags fade over time?

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause some PVC bags, especially colored ones, to fade over time.

Is PVC the same as vinyl in bags?

Yes, in the context of bags, “vinyl” often refers to PVC. They are essentially the same material.

Can PVC bags be used for traveling?

Absolutely. Their durability and water resistance make them suitable for various travel needs.

How are PVC bags manufactured?

PVC bags are made by cutting and shaping sheets of PVC material, then sealing the edges using methods like heat sealing.

Are there any health concerns with using PVC bags?

Concerns have been raised about the phthalates in some PVC products. It’s always advisable to choose PVC bags labeled as phthalate-free or from reputable manufacturers.

Can PVC bags be laminated?

Yes, PVC bags can be laminated to add additional layers or finishes for aesthetic or functional purposes.

Why are PVC bags popular in the fashion industry?

Due to their versatility, durability, and the ability to be produced transparently, PVC bags have found favor in fashion for their unique and trendy appearance.

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