Printed Carry Bags

Gentle Packing printed carry bags are an excellent way to promote or expose your business brand name.

Low MOQ to support your startup business.



Your Professional Printed Carry Bag Supplier in China

Printed carry bags are an effective solution for promoting or exposing the business brand name. Moreover, superior and elegant outlooks of printed carry bag designs are guaranteed. Printed carry bags can be customized from different materials and accessories. Besides, they have reliable and beneficial handles for carrying them quickly.

  • Enhance the value of the brand
  • Generate the brand’s credibility
  • Amplify and improve the business visibility
  • Easy to customize in any design

Printed Carry Bags

100% Recycled Carry Custom Logo Printed Cotton Tote Bag

100% Recycled carry custom logo printed cotton tote bags are promotional and lightweight bags. These are easy to carry, ideal for grocery stores, trade shows, and any event applications.

Custom Printed Promotional Calico Bags
Custom Printed Promotional Calico Bags

Custom printed promotional calico bags are special bags made of plain-woven textile cotton fabric. This gives a beautiful appearance and good qualities to the bag. Your custom logo can be printed easily.

Custom Printed Shopping Recycle Carry Treat Kraft Paper Bags

Custom printed shopping recycle carry treat kraft paper bags are recyclable. They are commonly used for gift packing, also a great option for shopping and restaurants. Its printing and sizes are custom-made.

Printed Packaging Paper Carry Bags
Printed Packaging Paper Carry Bags

Printed packaging paper carry bags are highly reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. They can resist heavyweight or more pressure, unlike usual plastic bags. These bags are safe to use and affordable. 

Promotional Carry Tote Shopping Bag

Promotional carry tote shopping bags provide marketing benefits and can enhance your brand image. They are also budget-friendly, highly customizable, versatile, and a very unique bag.

Reusable Grocery Bag PP Lamination Woven Shopping Bag

Reusable grocery bag PP lamination woven shopping bags are reliable and water-resistant. They are customized with recyclable and reusable features.

Custom Logo Printed Carry Bags
Custom Logo Printed Carry Bags
Kraft Printed Carry Bags
Kraft Printed Carry Bags
Laminated Printed Carry Bags
Laminated Printed Carry Bags
Non Woven Pinted Carry Bags
Non Woven Pinted Carry Bags
Non Woven Printed Carry Bags
Non Woven Printed Carry Bags
Personalized Canvas Printed Carry Bags
Personalized Canvas Printed Carry Bags
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Definite Quality

Having a well-defined quality management system is essential. For more than 15 years, Gentle Packing has been dedicated to providing a high-quality consignment of bespoke printed carry bags in a variety of sizes and styles.

Gentle Packing has developed competence in meeting our clients’ needs precisely according to their specifications. We place a high value on quality control to ensure that the items we supply to our customers are always at the highest standard possible.

Definite Quality
Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook

A printed carry bag would provide a positive outlook corresponding to the remainder of your business. Printed carry bags offer the most authentic advantages in the following:

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • It’s ideal for retail and trade show events
  • Multipurpose and low-cost
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Enhances Brand Recognition
  • Sustainability and durable

Gentle Packing is happy to assist with any manufacturing requirements. With a low MOQ of 500 products, we have a daily manufacturing capacity of over 100,000 items.

Material Durability

The printed carry bag is constructed of durable materials. This is extremely long-lasting, environmentally friendly, portable, and can use on a daily basis for a long time. Now is the time to take advantage of the fantastic service of ordering custom printed carry bags from Gentle Packing.

Your own business logo and other features on your printed carrier bag applications will help to strengthen your brand. Gentle packing printed carry bags come in a variety of sizes and gussets. Place an order online, and our customer service team will contact you for additional information.

Material Durability

Gentle Packing - Professional Printed Carry Bags Manufacturer

Printed Carry Bags
Printed Carry Bags

Gentle Packing is a trusted manufacturer of printed carry bags. We offer them in various colors, styles, handle structures, shapes, and sizes to fit different applications. We warmly accept customers nationwide to satisfy your needs. Plus, we can print your business logo here to help you promote your brand effectively. Feel free to leave us a message!

Gentle Packing Production Capacity
Gentle Packing Production Capacity

In our own cutting room and advanced sewing room, we can produce hundreds of printed carry bags per day. Our advanced machines are thread cutting and locking machines that reinforce lockstitch and stitch machines. Gentle Packing, in collaboration with our professional team, ensures high-quality workmanship and offers assistance with all bag details.

Long-Lasting Printed Carry Bags
Long-Lasting Printed Carry Bags

We produce printed carry bags with complete resistance features to stay reliable for about 8 months or more, depending on use. They have strong water resistance, moisture resistance, tearing resistance, and so on. Since they are made of durable materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or cotton, this also makes them reusable for longer period.

Printing Options to Choose From

Digital Printing
Digital Printing

Digital printing offers a variety of designs in full color and graduation print. Color matching time can be reduced using this method, as can delivery speed, simplicity, high added value, environmentally friendly option, low cost, and more.


Screen Printing
Screen Printing

Screen printing on large batches of promotional tote bags outperforms digital printing. It is a more long-lasting method for long-term prints that can be used on a variety of print materials.

Thermal Sublimation
Thermal Sublimation

Because thermal sublimation printing does not require plates, it is ideal for customizing designs with changing elements such as names, numbers, and so on. Sublimation printing is simple and quick, enabling same-day or same-hour printing as well as on-demand printing, reducing risk and waste.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Printed Carry Bags

What are Printed Carry Bags?

Printed Carry Bags are bags that have designs, logos, or information printed on them. They can be made from various materials, including cotton, plastic, or fabric, and are often used for promotional or branding purposes.

Why choose Printed Carry Bags for branding?

Printed Carry Bags offer a mobile branding solution, allowing businesses to increase their visibility and advertise their brand every time the bag is used.

How is the design printed on the carry bag?

The design can be printed using various methods, including screen printing, digital printing, or offset printing, depending on the material of the bag and the intricacy of the design.

How durable are the prints on Printed Carry Bags?

The durability of prints varies based on the printing method used and the quality of inks. However, with proper care, the prints can last for a long time without fading.

Normally, the print ink is water-based.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Printed Carry Bags?

Often, there is a minimum order quantity when ordering custom Printed Carry Bags, but it varies from supplier to supplier.

Do Printed Carry Bags cost more than unprinted bags?

Typically, Printed Carry Bags might cost slightly more than unprinted ones due to the printing process, but the price per bag usually decreases with larger order quantities.

Are the inks used for printing eco-friendly?

Many manufacturers use eco-friendly, water-based inks for printing, which are better for the environment. However, always check with the supplier to be sure.

Can I get Printed Carry Bags made from sustainable or recycled materials?

Yes, many suppliers offer Printed Carry Bags made from sustainable or recycled materials, aligning with eco-friendly initiatives.

How do I choose the right design for my Printed Carry Bag?

Consider your brand identity, the bag’s purpose, and your target audience. A clear, recognizable logo and a call-to-action or website can be effective for promotional bags.

How long does it take to get Printed Carry Bags delivered?

Delivery time varies based on order quantity, customization, and the supplier’s location. It’s always a good idea to check with the supplier for an accurate delivery timeline.

Are there any color limitations for the print?

This depends on the printing method. While digital printing offers a wide range of colors, screen printing might have some limitations unless multiple screens are used.

What's the difference between digital and screen printing for Carry Bags?

Digital printing is a method that prints designs directly onto the bag and is ideal for intricate designs with multiple colors. Screen printing involves pressing ink through a screen, and each color requires a separate screen, making it ideal for simpler, solid color designs.

Do the colors fade with washing?

For fabric Printed Carry Bags, colors might fade over time with repeated washing, especially if not cared for properly. It’s recommended to wash them in cold water and avoid direct sunlight to maintain the print’s vibrancy.

How do I care for my Printed Carry Bag?

To ensure longevity, avoid overloading, wash in cold water (for fabric bags), and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

What types of businesses benefit from using Printed Carry Bags?

Almost any business can benefit, including retail stores, event organizers, restaurants, and companies at trade shows or conferences, as they provide a form of mobile advertisement.

Are Printed Carry Bags recyclable?

This depends on the material of the bag. For instance, cotton bags are biodegradable, while certain plastic bags can be recycled. Always check the recycling guidelines in your area.

How can I ensure the best print quality on my Carry Bag?

Provide the manufacturer or printer with high-resolution designs or logos, and clarify any specific color or placement preferences you have for optimal results.

Is there a setup fee for printing on Carry Bags?

Some suppliers might charge a setup fee, especially for screen printing, due to the cost of creating screens for each design. Always check with the supplier beforehand.

For off-set printing bags, since need to make printing plates, the set up cost is even higher.

Can I print photos on Printed Carry Bags?

Yes, using digital printing techniques, photos can be printed on Carry Bags, although the clarity and quality will depend on the resolution of the provided image.

What file formats are accepted for the designs?

Commonly accepted file formats include PNG, JPG, AI, and PDF. However, vector formats like AI are often preferred for their scalability without loss of quality.

Can Printed Carry Bags be used as gift bags?

Absolutely! Printed Carry Bags can serve as personalized gift bags for special occasions, corporate events, or promotional giveaways.

How do I ensure that the colors in my design match the printed result?

Using Pantone color codes can help achieve a closer color match, as it provides a standardized color reference. However, slight variations might still occur due to different printing methods and materials.

Can I get a glossy or matte finish on my Printed Carry Bag?

Yes, the finish often depends on the type of ink used and the post-printing treatments. Both glossy and matte finishes are available with most suppliers.

Is there a price difference between single-color and multi-color prints?

Generally, single-color prints are less expensive than multi-color prints, especially in screen printing where each color requires a separate screen.

For laminated bag, the printing cost is same for single color and CMYK. But just difference on plate cost.

How do I prevent the printed design from cracking or peeling?

For fabric bags, washing inside out with cold water and avoiding tumble drying can help maintain the print. For other materials, avoiding extreme temperatures and excessive friction will prolong the print’s life.

Are there any restrictions on what can be printed on Carry Bags?

While you can print a wide range of designs, certain copyrighted or trademarked images, and offensive content might not be allowed. Always check with your supplier.

How sustainable are Printed Carry Bags?

Sustainability depends on the material of the bag and the printing inks used. Opting for eco-friendly materials and water-based inks can make your Printed Carry Bags more sustainable.

What are the benefits of using Printed Carry Bags for promotions?

Printed Carry Bags act as mobile billboards, offering repeated brand exposure, increasing brand recall, and providing a functional item that recipients appreciate.

How do I choose the right material for my Printed Carry Bag?

Consider the bag’s purpose, your budget, and your brand’s sustainability goals. Cotton is eco-friendly, while plastic might be more water-resistant, and each has its advantages.

Can I print on the handles or other parts of the Carry Bag?

While most printing occurs on the main body of the bag, some suppliers might offer printing on handles or other parts. However, this might come with additional costs or technical challenges.

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