Paper Grocery Bags

Gentle Packing offers various customization options and a wide range of paper grocery bags. 

Eco-friendly materials that assure 100% durability, sustainability, and reliability.



Your Professional Paper Grocery Bags Supplier in China

The paper grocery bags are produced from premium kraft durable paper. This bag is ideal for carrying groceries and huge items. They feature square bottom for stability and direct loading. Paper grocery bags have durable handles to carry confidently. Perfect for groceries and any gift-giving occasion, like weddings, thanksgiving, parties, and more. They are available in various sizes that suit your utilization.

  • Paper grocery bags are biodegradable.
  • Reusable
  • Minimize plastic bag usage, protects marine animals
  • Cost-effective
  • Promotes your brand

Gentle Packing provides customized paper grocery bags for the best of your business brand. We satisfy you with excellent finished paper grocery bag styles, print designs, and colors. Check out our lists below for more selections!

Paper Grocery Bags

Blank Plain Grocery Food Packaging
Blank Plain Grocery Food Packaging

Black plain grocery food packaging is fashionable ideal for gift-giving items. They are also recyclable and can be another finished product, like a scrapbook.

Candy Paper Party Bag Kraft Paper Rainbow Stripe
Candy Paper Party Bag Kraft Paper Rainbow Stripe

The candy paper party bags are perfect for every occasion. They are available in multiple colors to add beauty. This paper bag is more eco-friendly than plastic bags.

Customized Paper Bag Brown Shopping Packaging
Customized Paper Bag Brown Shopping Packaging

Custom paper shopping bags are available in customized colors with different sizes. They are designed with short handles, comfortable to bring on shopping.

Grace Paper Grocery Bag with Handle
Grace Paper Grocery Bag with Handle

The paper grocery bags with handles are biodegradable. They are more convenient to use as shopping packages. You can request your customized sizes for your business.

Heat Seal Resealable Grocery Restaurant Takeout Zipper bag
Heat Seal Resealable Grocery Restaurant Takeout Zipper bag

The grocery take-out bags are resealable top to secure foods inside. They have two option windows, the transparent and the matte one. A good option of take out bag.

Kraft Paper Fruits And Vegetables Grocery Packaging Bags
Kraft Paper Fruits And Vegetables Grocery Packaging Bags

Kraft paper grocery bags for fruits and vegetables carrying are 100% recyclable, durable, and environmentally friendly.

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Biodegradable and Reusable

One of the most significant factors of our paper grocery bag is 100% reusable and biodegradable. It is made from materials that are non-toxic and safe for the environment. Furthermore, this paper grocery bag can save cost and be reusable in sever ways, such as gift wrappers or making it into a new design bag.

Gentle Packing paper grocery bags offers reliability and safety to all the customers. So if your business wanting for eco-friendly bags, these bag is the right one for you. 

Biodegradable and Reusable
Different Customize Structure

Different Customize Structure

Gentle Packing paper grocery bag is available in small to extra-large sizes and shapes, particularly in various applications. And can also be printed in any design. It can be decorated with college ribbons, unique handles, and other ornamentation that support your style and specifications. 

Our paper grocery bag has incomparable features and qualities that effectively leave positive recognition and impression on all customers. It is a tremendous advantage to put your business to the most favorable success. 

Super Practical

Paper grocery bags are pretty-useful bags you can have. It is 100% non-toxic and offers the most inexpensive price, no matter its size. Also, this custom paper grocery bag is sturdy enough to carry all your grocery goods and products securely. 

Many businesses trust Gentle Packing as their leading supplier of paper grocer bags. Our team can offer low MOQ for paper grocery bags for your wholesale and retail markets. 

Super Practical

Paper Grocery Bag to Grow Your Business

Paper Grocery Bag Supplier
Paper Grocery Bag Factory

Gentle Packing produces an extensive range of paper grocery bags. It is 100% recycled and sturdy. This bag features grease resistance suitable for storing sandwiches, cookies, and more. Our paper grocery bags have very classic yet professional looks. We are using BPA-free raw materials in creating this product.

Gentle Packing can customize paper grocery bags according to your given ideas. We can change the size and shapes or add handles to each bag. The paper grocery bag is eco-friendly and safe to use. It provides a mess-free experience through its wide opening.

Personalize Paper Grocery Bags Promotional
Personalize Paper Grocery Bags to Brand your Business

Gentle Packing custom paper grocery bags are a brand extension that leaves your store or business. It is a great way to establish a lasting impression for your brand. Thus, can be a fantastic marketing tool for your industry.

  • Retailers
  • Gourmet Food Establishments
  • Promotion and Advertisements,
  • And many other business types.
Custom Paper Grocery Bags Advantage
Gentle Custom Paper Grocery Bags Advantage
  • Fine Paper Materials – Stronger, smoother, 100% recyclable, and eco-friendly materials.
  • Clear Crease – This makes paper grocery bags ideal for packaging and delivery and easy to fold.
  • Strong Handle – Handle patch made of various handle materials and strong adhesive. Strengthen the handle.
  • Advanced Automatic Machine – Lowers overall costs and allows for quick delivery and quality products.
  • Perfect Logo Pattern Printing – Gentle printing equipment and non-toxic water-based ink guarantee the best printing results.

Custom Paper Grocery Bag at Gentle Packing

Paper Grocery Bag Materials
Paper Grocery Bag Materials

Gentle Packing will choose the right material essential for your brand marketing and visual impact. We utilize various paper materials to make paper grocery bags.

These include art paper, Kraft paper, white Kraft paper, and solid bleached board. We also offer specialty paper.

Paper Grammage and Thickness
Paper Grammage and Thickness

The durability of the bag is greatly influenced by the weight and thickness of the paper material.

Paper bag:157gsm (6–8pt) or 210gsm (10–11pt) paper

Heavy-duty grocery bag: 300gsm (15–17pt) or higher

Paper Grocery Bag Styles
Paper Grocery Bag Styles

The styles of paper grocery bags include white paper bags, standard Kraft, and more. If the style you were looking for isn’t listed, give us a call and we’ll work with you to find it. Any size or color is specifically made to meet your requirements.

Paper Grocery Bag Printing Method
Paper Grocery Bag Printing Method

Depending on the intended design and the bag we are printing on, Gentle Packing uses a variety of printing techniques. It includes screen printing, foil printing, Litho printing, Flexo printing, and digital printing.

Bag Handles
Bag Handles

There is a wide variety of paper grocery bag handles available. Gentle Packing can custom handle styles and materials. Folded paper, twisted paper, and cotton among selections.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Paper Grocery Bags

What are paper grocery bags made of?

Paper grocery bags are primarily made from wood pulp, which is processed to create durable kraft paper suitable for carrying groceries.

How environmentally friendly are paper grocery bags?

While paper bags are biodegradable and often made from recycled materials, their environmental impact depends on factors like the source of the wood, manufacturing processes, and their recyclability.

Can paper grocery bags be recycled?

Yes, most paper grocery bags can be recycled with other paper products, provided they are clean and free from contaminants like food residues.

How much weight can a paper grocery bag hold?

A standard paper grocery bag can typically hold up to 15-20 pounds, depending on its quality and construction.

Are paper grocery bags waterproof?

No, paper bags are not naturally waterproof. However, some might be coated or treated to resist minor moisture.

How to store paper grocery bags?

Store paper grocery bags in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to ensure they maintain their strength and don’t become brittle.

Why do some paper bags have handles while others don’t?

It’s a design choice. Bags with handles are often intended for shoppers to carry multiple or heavier items with ease, while handle-less bags are more basic and economical.

Can I compost paper grocery bags?

Yes, paper bags are biodegradable and can be added to compost piles, provided they don’t have any non-compostable elements like plastic coatings.

How are paper grocery bags better or worse than plastic bags?

Paper bags are biodegradable and often made from recycled materials, reducing their carbon footprint. However, they might not be as durable as plastic bags. On the other hand, plastic bags take longer to degrade and can be harmful to marine life.

Are there any safety concerns with paper grocery bags?

Generally, paper grocery bags are safe. However, if used for food, ensure the bag hasn’t been treated with harmful chemicals and isn’t reused if it had raw meat or other potential contaminants.

Are there colored paper grocery bags?

Yes, paper grocery bags come in various colors, patterns, and designs, depending on the manufacturer and intended use.

How do paper grocery bags affect deforestation?

Responsible manufacturers source paper from sustainable forestry practices, but it’s essential to choose bags made from recycled materials or sustainably harvested wood to reduce the impact on deforestation.

Why are some paper bags waxed or coated?

Waxed or coated paper bags offer a degree of water resistance and can be more durable, making them suitable for certain products or conditions.

How do paper grocery bags impact local communities?

Paper bag manufacturing can provide employment opportunities. However, the environmental impact varies based on sourcing and manufacturing practices.

Do paper grocery bags come with a base insert?

Some paper grocery bags have a reinforced base insert to provide added stability, especially when carrying heavier items.

What are the alternatives to paper grocery bags?

Alternatives include reusable cloth or canvas bags, biodegradable plastics, and traditional plastic bags, among others.

How cost-effective are paper grocery bags compared to other options?

Paper bags can be more expensive than plastic bags due to material and manufacturing costs, but in the long run, they may be more eco-friendly and provide a better brand image for businesses.

Can paper grocery bags be used for storing food items?

While paper bags can be used for storing dry food items temporarily, they aren’t ideal for long-term storage or for items that require a moisture-proof or airtight environment.

Are there any specific brands known for producing sustainable paper grocery bags?

While many brands claim sustainability, it’s essential to check for certifications or endorsements from reputable environmental organizations to verify these claims.

How can businesses benefit from using branded paper grocery bags?

Branded paper bags not only provide an eco-friendly packaging option but also act as a mobile advertisement, enhancing brand visibility and portraying a positive environmental image.

Do paper grocery bags have a shelf life?

While they don’t have a specific “expiration date,” paper bags can become brittle or weak over time, especially if exposed to moisture or direct sunlight.

How are paper bags sealed at the manufacturing stage?

Most paper bags are sealed using non-toxic adhesives that bond the paper together, ensuring the bag’s strength and integrity.

Can paper grocery bags be laminated for extra strength?

Yes, some paper bags are laminated or coated with a thin layer to provide additional strength, rigidity, and sometimes a glossy appearance.

Can paper grocery bags be used for gardening, like potting plants?

Yes, paper bags can be used as biodegradable pots for plants, which can then be directly planted in the ground, allowing the bag to decompose naturally.

Are there any tax benefits or incentives for businesses using paper grocery bags?

Some regions offer incentives or tax breaks for businesses promoting eco-friendly practices, but specifics vary by location and local regulations.

How do laminated paper grocery bags impact recyclability?

Lamination can affect the recyclability of paper bags. It’s essential to check with local recycling guidelines to determine if laminated bags can be processed.

Are paper grocery bags resistant to pests?

Paper bags aren’t inherently pest-resistant. If used for food storage, they should be kept in a clean, dry area to prevent pest infestation.

How do paper grocery bags compare to cloth bags in terms of environmental impact?

Both have their advantages. While paper bags are biodegradable, their production can be resource-intensive. Cloth bags, when used repeatedly, can have a lower environmental impact over their lifespan.

Do any paper grocery bags come with a moisture-resistant lining?

Some paper bags have a thin moisture-resistant lining to carry damp or cold items without compromising the bag’s integrity.

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