Paper Carry Bag

Gentle Packing is your leading paper carry bag manufacturer and supplier in China. 

The high-quality paper carry bag that obtains complete certifications. 

Your Professional Paper Carry Bag Supplier in China

The paper carry bag is a cost-effective packaging solution for different ranges of products. If you are seeking an inexpensive carry bag, paper carry bags are a perfect choice. In addition, the paper carry bags are environmentally and user friendly. The foods, clothes, groceries, and other content are safe with the paper carry bag.

Paper carry bags are commonly composed of durable and reliable paper materials. Gentle Packing offers a wide range of paper carry bag options.

Paper Carry Bag

Custom Design Shopping Carry Card Board Paper Packaging Bag

Custom design shopping carries cardboard paper packaging bag can be used a couple of times. It is great for carrying groceries, clothing, and other essential products.

Customize Paper Carrying Bag

Customize paper carrying bag has excellent resistance to grease. It is a turnkey packaging solution for dry foods and other items. They are also a good option for gifting and promotional. Custom logos can be printed in single or full color.

Gift Packaging Shoes Clothes Package Carrying Kraft Paper Shopping Bags with Handle

The gift packing shoe clothes carrying kraft paper bags includes a strong and useful handle. Allowing users to hold them conveniently and comfortably.

Good Selling Colorful Waterproof Paper Flower Carry Bag

Good selling colorful waterproof paper flower carry bag has a clean and neat style. It has modern and unique looks, making it more popular in plenty of applications.

Matte Black Rose Gold Luxury Gift Carry Paper Bags

The matte back rose gold luxury gift carry paper bags are made from top-grade materials. It is suitable for holding various items and achieves better strength, is reusable and sustainable.

Take Away Carry Out Bag for Restaurant Fast Food

The take-away carry-out bags for restaurant fast food is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It comes in different thicknesses, sizes, and handle types. Suitable for packing any food product.

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As a top-notch manufacturer, Gentle Packing uses high-quality renewable natural materials for paper carry bags that bear lots of eco-accommodating benefits. These bags can be 100% reused, recycled, and biodegradable, reducing the threats to the environment of users. 

If your business needs eco-friendly bags, you can have our paper carry bag. It is well-processed and acquires strict quality control. That surely helps in boosting your business if you have a paper carry bag in your markets. Contact with us, and we will provide you the promptest assistance. 

Comfortable and Durable

Comfortable and Durable

Paper carry bags undergo a vital process in ensuring their comfortability and durability. However, these bags are available in small to large sizes and have unique handles and flexible storing capacity to hold a wide range of numerous products conveniently.  

Gentle Packing offers the most affordable paper carry bag. We can manufacture an extensive selection of the finest quality paper carry bags for specific purposes. So for your wholesale and retail orders, feel free to reach us anytime!

Customization Choice

Gentle Packing offers large-scale customization options if you require a most distinct paper carry bag. A paper carry bag is specialized for having unmatched structural firmness and features. It is made with high-quality printing images, customized logos, designs, styles, and colors, hitting the trend for fashion and the premium packaging industry. 

We used different printing methods in embellishing paper carry bags. However, you can decide on what customization you want for paper carry bags—from bag handle types, sizes, capacity, finishes, materials, etc.

Customization Choice

Gentle Packing - Leading Paper Carry Bags Factory in China

Paper Carry Bag
Paper Carry Bag

Gentle Packing is producing a wide range of paper carry bags from 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, and high-quality paper material. We used paper material that has passed a variety of standard testing such as OEKO-TEX, SGS, etc. Our QA team strictly inspects and tests every bag to ensure you get the best quality paper carry bags. Please contact us for your inquiries!

Paper Material Advantages
Paper Material Advantages

The paper materials we use for carry bags are extremely durable, printable, soft, and flexible. They are adaptable to different printing techniques like sublimation printing, UV printing, and so on.

Furthermore, paper carry bags are highly breathable, reusable, microbial repellent, and extremely difficult to puncture. Tyvek bags are as durable as fabrics but have more lightweight features.

Optional Accessories for Paper Carry Bag
Optional Accessories for Paper Carry Bag

We designed these custom bags with additional accessories and features depending on your needs. We can create them with:

  • Zipper
  • Buttons
  • Lining
  • Outer/inner pockets
  • Hang tags
  • Rivets
  • Patches

Choose Gentle Packing to Supply for You

Strict Quality Assurance
Strict Quality Assurance

We perform strict quality control at every stage of the paper carry bag manufacturing process. We performed a thorough quality inspection and testing on both raw and finished bags. Before we deliver them, we thoroughly test and inspect them to ensure their durability and quality.

Extensive Knowledge
Extensive Knowledge

Gentle Packing has over 15 years of experience manufacturing various types of paper carry bags. We have built a solid reputation over the years by providing our customers around the world with high-quality paper carry bags, competitive prices, customized solutions, and an excellent after-sales service system.

Capacity for Production
Capacity for Production

Gentle Packing can produce more than 100,000 bags per day. As a result, you can be confident that we can meet your packaging requirements. On request, free samples are also available. We also have a low minimum order quantity of approximately 500 pieces. And we guarantee on-time delivery of high-quality paper carry bags.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Paper Carry Bag

What is a paper carry bag?

A paper carry bag is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, made primarily from paper and used for carrying items.

Why choose paper carry bags over plastic?

Paper carry bags are biodegradable, recyclable, and often made from renewable sources, making them an eco-friendly choice compared to plastic.

How strong are the paper carry bags?

While they may not be as durable as plastic bags, modern paper carry bags are designed to be sturdy and can hold varying weights depending on their quality and construction.

Are paper carry bags waterproof?

Standard paper bags are not waterproof, but some are laminated or coated to provide a certain level of water resistance.

Can I customize the design on a paper carry bag?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options allowing businesses to print their logos, designs, or promotional messages on the bags.

How are paper carry bags produced?

They are made from pulped wood or recycled paper, shaped, and glued or stitched to create the final product.

Is there a weight limit to what a paper carry bag can hold?

Yes, each bag has a specific weight capacity depending on its size, material thickness, and construction.

Are paper carry bags recyclable?

Most paper carry bags are recyclable. However, those laminated, dyed, or with added materials might have different recycling requirements.

What sizes do paper carry bags come in?

They come in a variety of sizes, from small gift bags to large shopping bags, to cater to different needs.

How do paper carry bags impact the environment?

When produced from sustainably managed sources or recycled materials, their environmental impact is less than plastic bags. They decompose faster and are recyclable.

Can I reuse a paper carry bag?

Yes, many people reuse them for various purposes before recycling or composting.

How long does a paper carry bag take to decompose?

Depending on the conditions, it can take a few weeks to several months.

What are the costs associated with paper carry bags compared to plastic?

Typically, paper bags are more expensive to produce than plastic, but prices can vary based on volume, customization, and other factors.

Can paper carry bags be composted?

Yes, most plain paper bags can be composted, though it’s essential to remove any non-compostable components like laminations or handles made from non-organic materials.

Are there any regulations governing the use of paper carry bags?

Some regions have regulations promoting paper bags as an alternative to plastic, while others have specific guidelines for their production to ensure sustainability.

Do paper carry bags have a shelf life?

While they don’t have an “expiry date,” they can deteriorate or become brittle over time, especially if exposed to moisture.

How do I dispose of a paper carry bag properly?

It can be recycled with other paper products, composted if it’s untreated, or disposed of in general waste where it will decompose faster than plastic.

Are there any eco-certifications I should look for when purchasing paper carry bags?

Look for certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or labels that indicate the bag is made from recycled materials to ensure you’re making an eco-friendly choice.

Are there different types of paper used in paper carry bags?

Yes, some are made from kraft paper, others from recycled paper, and some may use specialty papers for a unique finish.

How to differentiate between recyclable and non-recyclable paper carry bags?

Typically, recyclable paper bags will carry a recyclable symbol. Avoid bags with metallic finishes, heavy dyes, or plastic coatings, as they can be harder to recycle.

What are the benefits of using recycled paper for carry bags?

Using recycled paper reduces the need for virgin pulp, thus saving trees, energy, and water.

How can businesses benefit from using custom paper carry bags?

Custom paper bags can act as a mobile advertisement, enhancing brand visibility and showcasing a company’s commitment to sustainability.

Are there any innovative or luxury finishes available for paper carry bags?

Some luxury paper bags may have finishes like embossing, gold foiling, or UV printing to elevate their appearance.

What's the difference between kraft paper bags and regular paper bags?

Kraft paper bags are made using a specific process, resulting in stronger and more durable paper suitable for carrying items.

Can paper carry bags be used for food items?

Yes, there are food-grade paper bags designed to carry food items safely without contamination.

Do paper carry bags undergo any treatment to increase strength or durability?

Some bags are laminated, glazed, or treated to enhance strength, durability, and appearance.

Is there any difference in the environmental impact between white and brown paper carry bags?

Brown paper bags are often less processed than white ones. White bags are bleached, which can have additional environmental implications.

How can I ensure the paper carry bags I purchase are from sustainable sources?

Look for certifications like the FSC label, which ensures the paper comes from responsibly managed forests.

What alternatives exist to traditional paper carry bags?

Besides paper, there are cloth bags, jute bags, and reusable tote bags like pp non woven bag which can be alternatives.

How are paper carry bags better than cloth bags?

While cloth bags are reusable and durable, paper bags are biodegradable, often made from recycled materials, and are a lightweight option.

What industries typically use paper carry bags the most?

Retail, hospitality, and promotional events industries often favor paper carry bags for their versatility and branding opportunities.

Are there any tax benefits or incentives for businesses switching to paper carry bags?

Some regions offer incentives or tax breaks for businesses promoting sustainable practices, but it’s best to check local regulations.

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