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Gentle Packing is a professional nylon bag manufacturer in China. 

We offer fast turnaround time, low MOQ, NDA protection, and 24/7 customer support. 

Your Professional Nylon Bags Supplier in China

Nylon bags are sturdy enough to carry various essentials for daily use. Besides, the nylon bag is known for its waterproof and excellent weather-resistant features. They are accessible for customized styles, colors, and sizes.

Here are some available customized nylon bags:

  • Foldable nylon bags
  • Backpack nylon bags
  • Nylon handle bag
  • Nylon bag for laptop
  • Nylon bag for garment or suit cover
  • and more

Nylon bags are suitable for multiple applications, like travel, sports, and daily carryall. Gentle Packing customizes printed logo nylon bags that indeed boost your brand. We are renowned worldwide for producing top-quality nylon bags. Trust Gentle Packing services now!


Gentle Nylon Bags

Nylon Reusable Bags
Nylon Reusable Bags

We manufacture eco-friendly nylon reusable bags, perfect for supermarket grocery use. It can be available in drawstring type, carry bag or backpack, etc.

Nylon Drawstring Bags
Nylon Drawstring Bags

The nylon drawstring bag is available in many different colors, sizes, and designs. It has metal rings, a PU corner, and a PP cord. You can avail of standard or customized sizes.

Foldable Nylon Tote Bags
Foldable Nylon Tote Bags

We manufacture foldable nylon tote bags with your logo. It is available in many color options for you to choose from. We customized your bag based on the color, size, features, etc.

Nylon Makeup Bag
Nylon Makeup Bag

The nylon makeup bag is waterproof, recyclable, eco-friendly, and durable. You can purchase different colors, sizes, designs, and features, with your logo printed

Nylon Mesh Bags
Nylon Mesh Bags

The nylon mesh bag is eco-friendly, recyclable, organic, reusable, durable, and biodegradable. It is the perfect packaging for gifts, shoes, jewelry, underwear, and more.

Nylon Grocery Bags
Nylon Grocery Bags

A nylon grocery bag is suitable for shopping and promotion applications. The bag is eco-friendly, reusable, and organic. We can print the logo through silk screen printing, dye, etc.

Black Mesh Drawstring Nylon Bags
Black Mesh Drawstring Nylon Bags
Clothing Storage Striped Nylon Bags
Clothing Storage Striped Nylon Bags
Colored Nylon Bags
Colored Nylon Bags
Cosmetic Nylon Bags
Cosmetic Nylon Bags
Cross Body Nylon Bags
Cross Body Nylon Bags
Custom Foldable Nylon Bags
Custom Foldable Nylon Bags
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BSCI Audited Factory

As a leading nylon bag supplier, Gentle Packing ensures high quality of our products. We test quality at every step of the manufacturing process, and our strict testing procedures follow AQL II standards, with zero tolerance for critical or major defects. 

You will be able to confirm the quality of the sample before mass production begins, and we ensure that there are no differences between the sample and production. Moreover, our factory has been audited with BSCI standards of supply chain and good working conditions. We have a video audit of our factory available at any time. 

Nylon Bags
Nylon Bags

Countless Custom Styles

You can choose from a wide range of nylon bags wholesale styles and designs to suit your business idea. You can request any size of the bags. In terms of shape, we offer nylon handbags, nylon messenger bags, nylon crossbody bags, nylon drawstring bags, nylon backpacks, and more. 

You can choose to include any feature like gussets, pockets, or special handles in the design of your product. Some of our best nylon bags come with zippers. We offer full creativity of design while maintaining the quality and prices. Here, you will find your lightweight and cheap nylon bags for wholesale worldwide. 

Your Printed Logo

Naturally, we offer many types of printing methods to apply your unique logo, slogan, promo, or design to your nylon bags. You can choose any colour, printing method, and finish. You can also request embossments, metallic foil printing, and any other decorations. 

Being a premier nylon wholesale bags supplier, we offer inside printing and both-sides printing, as well as printing on handles. We will provide you with a free design and a free sample of your custom nylon bags!

Some of our printing methods include:

  • Silk screening
  • Transfer printing
  • Gravure printing (lamination)
  • Thermal transfer sublimation
  • Digital printing
Nylon Bags

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Nylon Bag

What types of customizations can I apply to a nylon bag?

From logo imprinting to unique color combinations, we offer a variety of customizations to make your nylon bag truly unique.

What are the advantages of using a nylon bag?

Nylon bags are durable, lightweight, resistant to moisture and abrasion, and often more affordable than leather or other materials. They are also foldable.

Is a nylon bag eco-friendly?

While nylon is durable and long-lasting, it’s derived from petrochemicals. However, some brands produce recycled nylon bags, which are more eco-friendly.

How long does a nylon bag typically last?

With proper care, a high-quality nylon bag can last for several years, usually above 5 years, depending on usage.

Is nylon waterproof?

Nylon is water-resistant, but not fully waterproof. Some nylon bags have additional waterproof coatings or treatments.

What types of nylon bags are available?

Nylon bags come in various styles, including tote bags, backpacks, crossbody bags, foldable bag, cooler bag and duffels, among others.

Are nylon bags suitable for heavy items?

Due to nylon’s strength and durability, it’s suitable for carrying heavy items, but always check the bag’s weight limit.

Do nylon bags fade in color over time?

While nylon is generally resistant to UV rays, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause some fading.

What's the difference between nylon and polyester bags?

Both are synthetic, but nylon is generally stronger and more stretchable, while polyester is more resistant to UV degradation.

Besides, Nylon is more expensive than polyester.

How does the durability of a custom nylon bag compare to other materials?

Nylon bags are known for their strength and resistance to wear and tear, making them a durable choice among various materials.

Can I request eco-friendly inks for customizing my nylon bag?

Absolutely! We offer eco-friendly ink options to meet your sustainability goals.

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom nylon bags?

MOQ 500 pcs

Are there any limitations to the designs I can print on a nylon bag?

No limitation. From solid color to CMYK full color, are all workable to print onto Nylon fabric.

Can I request a sample before placing a bulk order for nylon bags?

Certainly! We can provide a sample for your review to ensure it meets your expectations.

Do you offer zippers, pockets, or other additional features for custom nylon bags?

Yes, we offer various add-ons, from zippers to internal pockets, to cater to your needs.

Can I choose the nylon bag's handle type and length?

Absolutely! We offer various handle options to suit your preferred style and functionality.

What file formats do you accept for custom designs?

We typically accept [specific file formats like .ai, .png], but our design team can assist with other formats if needed.

Do you offer sustainable or recycled nylon options for custom bags?

Yes, we have eco-friendly nylon options for those prioritizing sustainability.

Do custom nylon bags have inner linings?

We offer the option to include inner linings for added durability and style.

Can I choose specific Pantone colors for my custom nylon bag?

Yes, we work with Pantone colors to ensure the exact shade you desire.

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