Non-Woven Zipper Bag

Gentle non-woven zipper bags are available in different colors and customized designs.

  • Easy to fold and easy to carry
  • Compostable zipper bag
  • Perfect finish
  • Moisture resistance



Your Professional Non Woven Zipper Bag Supplier in China

The non-woven zipper bag provides the most versatile appearance and durable fabrication, making it economical for long-term use. Moreover, a non-woven zipper bag with heavy-duty zippers for additional security and protection.

  • Offers enough storage compartments for the excellent organization of objects
  • Reusable non-woven zipper bag that can be folded and used again
  • Lightweight yet heavy-duty designed

Non-woven zipper bags from Gentle Packing have a huge demand in various market industries and applications. It comes from the finest quality non-woven materials for your market wholesales and retailers. 

Non-Woven Zipper Bag

Blank Design Non Woven Tote bag with Zipper
Blank Design Non Woven Tote bag with Zipper

The blank design non-woven tote bag with zipper closure is great for carrying belongings and other heavy goods. It has a durable and heavy-duty zipper allowing them to open or close easily.

Custom Clear PVC Pillow Bags for Zipper Bedsheet Packaging Bag
Custom Clear PVC Pillow Bags for Bedsheet Packaging Bag

Custom clear PVC pillow bags for zipper bedsheet packaging bag is ideal for carrying any bedding, such as a pillow, bedsheet, blanket, and more. This bag is commonly used in different outdoor activities and adventures.

Custom Packaging Transparent PVC Pillow Bag Non Woven Bag
Custom Packaging Transparent PVC Pillow Bag Non Woven Bag

Custom packaging transparent PVC pillow bag non woven achieves an excellent design and unique appeal. It can be used as a shopping bag, grocery bag, and other applications.

Custom Transparent Non Woven Clothing Zipper Bags with Logo
Custom Transparent Non Woven Clothing Zipper Bags with Logo

We can print and design your transparent non-woven clothing zipper bag according to your details. This bag is ideal for packaging clothing items and other products.

Eco PP Woven Shopping Bag Heavy Large Tote with Zipper
Eco PP Woven Shopping Bag Heavy Large Tote with Zipper

Eco PP woven shopping bag heavy large tote with zipper is applicable for heavy-duty applications. It doesn’t cut and damage easily. Thus, it looks cool, fashionable, and attractive, good for grocery bag

Silver Laser Custom Non Woven Shopping Bag
Silver Laser Custom Non Woven Shopping Bag

We offer a customization service for non-woven shopping bags. This bag is composed of a stylish design and reliable materials. It provides a reliable storing solution for goods, great used as shopping bag.

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Non-Woven Garment Zipper Bag

Gentle Packing manufactures high-quality non-woven garment bags with zippers for suits and dresses. Many businesses working with clothes need garment bags to protect apparel from moth, moisture, and dust. Our non-woven bags with zippers achieve that goal. 

You can specify the measurements of your non-woven zipper garment bags to fit any clothing item—even a wedding gown. The zipper is heavy-duty, and so are the seams. If you request, we will print your logo or promotional material on the garment zipper bag. 

Non-Woven Garment Zipper Bag
Non-Woven Insulated Bag

Non-Woven Insulated Bag

You can request an insulated non-woven grocery delivery zipper bag. The design usually includes a rigid box-like structure with a layer of insulated foil or fabric on the inside to maintain the proper temperature in the bag for certain foods. 

Non-woven grocery zipper bags are very common and useful in the food delivery service. You can specify unique pockets and dividers for your reusable non-woven bags with zippers. We will develop the perfect design and a free sample—all within 3 days of fast development. 

Selection of Zippers for Non-Woven Bags

Gentle Packing offers a wide variety of zipper types for manufacturing zippered non-woven bags. You can choose metal zippers, plastic molded zippers, coil zippers, and even invisible zippers. In terms of functionality, you can choose from the following:

  • Closed-end
  • Open-end
  • Two-way
  • Head to back
  • Head to head
  • Back to back

We can also design inset and recessed zippers for your non-woven tote. Simply give us your requirements, and we will supply you with the best non-woven bags with zippers.

Selection of Zippers for Non-Woven Bags
Why Choose Gentle Non-Woven Zipper Bags

Why Choose Gentle Non-Woven Zipper Bags

With over 15 years of experience, Gentle Packing has built a large network, a factory with a capacity of 100,000 bags per day, and skilled employees. We focus on reusable and eco-friendly designs, such as non-woven bags with zippers. You can specify many features and your idea will be protected by our strict NDA policy. 

As a professional custom non-woven zipper bags supplier in China, Gentle Packing offers great quality and attention to detail, with tight tolerances on the zippers. We design zipper bags for any application, be that clothing, storage, or food.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Non-Woven Zipper Bag

What is a non-woven zipper bag?

A non-woven zipper bag is a type of bag made from non-woven fabric materials, characterized by its zipper closure mechanism. Non-woven fabrics are bonded together without weaving or knitting.

What are the main uses of non-woven zipper bags?

These bags are commonly used for packaging, storage, promotional gifts, and shopping. Their zipper closure makes them suitable for items that need to be securely stored and easily accessed.

Are non-woven zipper bags eco-friendly?

Non-woven zipper bags can be more eco-friendly than some alternatives, especially if made from recycled or biodegradable materials. They are reusable, reducing the reliance on single-use plastic bags.

How durable is the zipper mechanism for repeated use in promotional events?

Our non-woven zipper bags utilize high-quality zippers designed for durability and repeated use. Usually, able to use for over 5 years.

What printing techniques do you use for custom designs on non-woven zipper bags?

We use advanced printing techniques that ensure vibrant, long-lasting prints on the bags.

If your logo is of solid color, we will use silkscreen printing, and gravure printing or transfer printing will be used for a full-color logo. Besides, we have sublimation transfer printing, foil stamping, embroidery, etc.

Can I customize the design on a non-woven zipper bag?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options, allowing businesses or individuals to print logos, designs, or messages on the bags.

How do I clean and care for my non-woven zipper bag?

It’s best to gently hand wash the bag in cold water and let it air dry. Avoid using harsh detergents or machine washing as it might damage the bag.

Is the zipper on these bags made of metal or plastic?

The zipper can be either metal or plastic, depending on the design and purpose of the bag. Ensure to check product specifications when purchasing. Usually, it’s plastic one.

Can non-woven zipper bags hold heavy items?

These bags are designed for everyday use, but the weight they can hold depends on the quality of the material and stitching. Normally, it can hold 2-15kg

Are non-woven zipper bags waterproof?

While non-woven fabric has some resistance to moisture, it’s not entirely waterproof. It’s best to avoid submerging the bag or exposing it to heavy rain.

Where can I purchase non-woven zipper bags?

They are available at many retail stores, promotional product suppliers, and online marketplaces. Always consider the bag’s purpose and check customer reviews before purchasing.

For bulk bags, you can try to order from China Manufacturer directly.

Are these bags available in different sizes and colors?

Yes, non-woven zipper bags come in various sizes, colors, and designs to cater to different needs and preferences.

Is the non-woven material in the zipper bag recyclable?

Non woven fabric is recyclable.

What's the material of non woven zipper bag?

There are many materials for non-woven zipper bag, and the most commonly used ones are as follows:

  • Polypropylene (PP) non-woven fabric
  • PET non-woven fabric
  • Recycled PET non-woven material
  • Recycled polypropylene (PP) non-woven material
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