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Gentle Packing is a leading lunch bag manufacturer in China.

We offer low MOQ of 500 pcs. to support your business.

Your Professional Lunch Bag Supplier in China

The lunch bags are made from various eco-friendly materials. They are easy to clean, water-resistant, and suitable for any size of lunch container. Lunch bags are perfect for work, school, beach travel, and more applications. They are designed with short or handy and long-shouldered handles. This bag is more durable and can carry heavy containers than plastic bags.

  • Lunch bags protect your food or beverages from spilling.
  • More robust than plastics bags
  • Environment-friendly
  • Lunch bags are available in various sizes
  • Budget-friendly bag

Whenever you need lunch bags for your customers or business volunteers, check on Gentle Packing selections. We can print your company logo or messages to advertise your company objectives. Purchase more lunch bag styles for extensive options!

Gentle Lunch Bag

Canvas Lunch Bag
Canvas Lunch Bag

Canvas lunch bags are available in brown and any custom colors. They are waterproof and thermal. This bag is very convenient to use and bring.

Paper Lunch Bags
Paper Lunch Bags

Paper lunch bags are made from high-quality kraft paper. These bags have more substantial flat handles. They are suitable for storing foods and gifting.

Woven Lunch Bag
Woven Lunch Bag

The woven lunch bags are known for their affordable, durable features. They have cross-stitched support handles. Their inner lining is easy to clean and wipe. 

Cloth Lunch Bag
Cloth Lunch Bag

Cloth lunch bags are eco-friendly and accessible in different colors. They are designed with various capacities and sizes. This bag is a 100% cotton-made bag.

Insulated Lunch Bag
Insulated Lunch Bag

The insulated lunch bags are made from polyester. They are commonly used as lunch cooler bags. This lunch bag is convenient to carry and has multiple pockets.

Custom Print Lunch Bag
Custom Print Lunch Bag
Expandable Lunch Bag
Expandable Lunch Bag
Flat Bottom Lunch Bag
Flat Bottom Lunch Bag
Foldable Lunch Bag
Foldable Lunch Bag
Hand Carry Lunch Bag
Hand Carry Lunch Bag
Hot and Warm Lunch Bag
Hot and Warm Lunch Bag
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Universal Use

Gentle Packing provides multi-purpose lunch bags, perfect for storing foods. We can have foldable lunch bags in various styles, shapes, and features. Gentle Packing lunch bags are perfect for any gender and age. We offer lunch bags that are perfect for adults, kids, girls, and boys.

Gentle Packing is a leading lunch bag manufacturer in China. We have a wide range of lunch bags for your selection, from small, medium to large, or custom sizes. Gentle Packing got you covered!

Universal Use
Why Gentle Packing Lunch Bag

Why Gentle Packing Lunch Bag

Gentle Packing has complete manufacturing equipment to produce high-demand lunch bags for your business, and produce stylish and versatile lunch bags.

Moreover, Gentle Packing lunch bags are lightweight, simple, washable, save space, and easy to carry. Our free samples and designs allow you to check the quality first. Gentle Packing can also provide custom lunch bags to meet your standards. You can send us your specifications now!

Beneficial Features

Gentle Packing lunch bags allows carrying the lunch and meals with convenience. These bags are easy to clean and use. We manufacture different designs and sizes of lunch bags to provide great capacity and a desirable outlook.

Gentle Packing lunch bags are not just perfect to accommodate heavy meals, but also for beverages and any foods. It keeps the food fresher, tastier, and maintains good flavor. For a more aesthetic and fashionable look, Gentle Packing manufacture lunch bag with an excellent handle design.

For any lunch bag customization, please contact our team! We are available 24/7 to answer all your concerns.

Beneficial Features

Lunch Bag to Boost your Revenue

Lunch Bag Supplier
Lunch Bags Manufacturer

Gentle Packing produces high-quality lunch bags with innovative designs. We are manufacturing all types of lunch bags namely paper lunch bags, canvas, insulated, cloth, and more. Our lunch bags are compact and lightweight. Additionally, these lunch bags are made from high-durable and eco-friendly materials that ensure long service life.

Gentle Packing customizes lunch bags in shapes, types of materials, and designs. We have plenty of choices to offer you. Our lunch bags are spacious and have multiple compartments. Gentle Packing guarantees that our lunch bags do not produce any chemicals or lead materials.

Custom-Design Promotional Lunch Bag
Custom-Design Promotional Lunch Bag

At Gentle Packing, you’ll have several possibilities in imprinting your unique logo design on your lunch bags. We’ve listed some popular custom lunch bag decorations for your company branding.

Custom Screen-Printed Lunch Bags. We offer screen printing techniques for your bags. This is one of the cheapest decoration methods. We can produce eye-catching logo designs at a minimal price.

Personalized Full-Color Logo Printed Lunch Bags.  This technique utilize specialized printers that mix tones of black, magenta, cyan, and yellow. It produces almost any color the human eye can detect.

Custom Embroidered Lunch Bags. It contains 3-dimensional logo designs. And will endure the test of time for individuals who want a quality design for a look that will stand out.

Personalized Lunch Bag Options
Personalized Lunch Bag Options

Lunch bag features differ among individual styles. Gentle Packing can custom bag details a little bit more specific, including closure types, handle functionality, and pocket styles. Let’s get into more detail here.

Handle Functionality. Gentle offers lunch bags with various handle lengths. Our bags come with different handles like long shoulder straps, top carry handles, and more.

Pocket Styles. You can get lunch bags at Gentle that combine a variety of pocket styles. Front slip, slash pocket, and front or side pockets with zippers are among the options.

Closure Types. It is another crucial element. Gentle offers zippers, drawstring, and Velcro. There are single and double zipper choices that guarantee security. Velcro fasteners are lightweight and simple to use.

Custom Promotional Lunch Bag Material

Personalize Nylon Lunch Bags
Personalize Nylon Lunch Bags

Gentle personalized nylon lunch bags have quick-drying properties. It is resistant to sunlight, water, and mildew. Although it is a very sturdy material, it also has the flexibility and ability to be folded.

Custom Neoprene Lunch Bags
Custom Neoprene Lunch Bags

We can customize lunch bags using neoprene material. This is a synthetic rubber that is flexible while still being extremely durable. It is an ideal choice for lunch bags for kids. These cooler bags are also sun-resistant.

Personalize Polyester Lunch Bags
Personalize Polyester Lunch Bags

Polyester is the next fabric we use to make personalized lunch bags. It is comparable to nylon but a little less flexible. The strength of polyester is also measured in denier. These are also one of the most UV-resistant materials. They can be custom logos to advertise your business.

Custom Non-woven Polyproplene Lunch Bags
Custom Non-Woven Polypropylene Lunch Bags

Our most environmentally friendly choice for customizing lunch bags is polypropylene. We use recyclable materials to create our bags. It keeps its strength while being very cost-effective. The lunch bag is more tear-resistant the higher the GSM number.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Lunch Bag

Can lunch bags be customized with designs or logos?

Absolutely! Many suppliers offer customization options, making them suitable for corporate giveaways, school logos, or personal designs.

What's the difference between a lunch bag and a lunch box?

A lunch bag is often soft-sided and can be flexible in size and shape, while a lunch box is typically hard-sided and maintains its shape regardless of its contents.


Are there lunch bags suitable for adults in professional settings?

Yes, many lunch bags are designed with sleek, neutral colors and styles, making them appropriate for professional environments.

Do any lunch bags come with built-in containers or accessories?

Some lunch bags come as part of a set, including matching containers, cutlery, or even ice packs, offering a complete lunch solution.

How can I prevent leaks inside my lunch bag?

Opt for lunch bags with waterproof or leak-resistant linings, like heated sealed PEVA lining, instead stitched ones. Additionally, use leak-proof containers and ensure lids are secured tightly.

Is it safe to store my lunch bag in communal fridges or areas?

If using a communal fridge, make sure your lunch bag is properly closed and labeled. For extra safety, you can use a small lock or seal to deter tampering.

How often should I replace my lunch bag?

With proper care, a good quality lunch bag can last several years. However, if you notice wear and tear, compromised insulation, or persistent odors, it might be time for a replacement.

Do lunch bags come with shoulder straps or handles?

Many lunch bags feature handles for easy carrying, and some larger models or those intended for picnics might also include a shoulder strap for added convenience.

Can lunch bags accommodate drinks or bottles?

Some lunch bags have dedicated compartments or mesh pockets designed to hold bottles or drink containers securely.

How do I eliminate odors from my lunch bag?

Keeping your lunch bag clean is the first step. If odors persist, try placing a baking soda sachet inside overnight or airing it out in a well-ventilated area.

Are there any lunch bags made from recycled materials?

Yes, eco-conscious brands offer lunch bags made from recycled or sustainable materials, appealing to environmentally aware consumers.

Do insulated lunch bags also protect food from direct sunlight?

While they primarily manage temperature, the material and color of the bag can provide some protection against sunlight, but it’s best to avoid prolonged exposure.

What's the difference between thermal and regular insulation in lunch bags?

Thermal insulation often refers to materials that can reflect heat (like radiant barrier foils) while regular insulation typically slows down heat transfer without reflecting it.

Can lunch bags be recycled?

It depends on the materials used. Bags made from fabrics like cotton can be biodegradable, while those from synthetic materials may need special recycling processes.

There are also sustainable material options like Tyvek lunch bags, washable paper lunch bag, etc.

Are there lunch bags with tech features, like USB ports for heating food?

Yes, some modern lunch bags come equipped with USB ports or other tech features to warm up the food, but they tend to be pricier and require an external power source.

Are there any specialty lunch bags for dietary restrictions or needs?

Some lunch bags have compartments labeled for specific food groups or meals. Those with dietary restrictions might benefit from customizable labels or color-coding features.

Do lunch bags retain food odors over time?

Some materials can absorb and retain odors, especially if spills aren’t cleaned promptly. Regular cleaning and airing out the bag can help prevent lingering smells.

What should I consider in terms of branding for custom lunch bags?

Think about the bag’s intended audience and purpose. Opt for colors that align with your brand, ensure logos are clear and well-placed, and consider any messaging or branding elements that will resonate with the target audience.

How do I ensure the quality and consistency of custom lunch bags in bulk orders?

Engage in clear communication with the manufacturer, provide detailed specifications, request samples, and if possible, consider third-party quality checks or inspections before the final shipment.

Where can I order a custom lunch bag?

Many online retailers and promotional product companies offer customization options for lunch bags. It’s essential to research and find a reputable supplier.

Can I add my company logo to a custom lunch bag?

Absolutely! Many businesses customize lunch bags with their logo for promotional events, employee gifts, or branded merchandise.

Do custom lunch bags cost more than regular ones?

Due to the personalized nature, custom lunch bags can be pricier than off-the-shelf counterparts. However, the unique design and branding potential often justify the added cost.

How do I ensure the design on my custom lunch bag is durable?

It’s vital to choose high-quality printing or embroidery methods. Discuss with the manufacturer about fade-resistant and wear-resistant customization techniques.

What materials are available for custom lunch bags?

Common materials include nylon, canvas, polyester, tyvek, PP non woven, PP woven, Recycled PET, and even eco-friendly options like organic cotton, washable kraft paper or recycled materials.

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