Laminated Woven Bags

Gentle laminated bag of good strength, is flexible and applicable to use

in different applications:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Excellent electrical insulator
  • High breaking strength



Your Professional Laminated Woven Bags Supplier in China

The laminated woven bags are woven structured bags used for comprehensive series of product packaging and grocery shopping. These bags certainly give extra carrying spaces and capacities for having specialized lamination structures and longer-term use. No matter how big and small it is manufactured, its quality remains consistent and satisfying.

  • 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan
  • Potentially reduces waste and contaminants
  • Easy to load and unload products. 

Gentle Packing can fabricate lamination woven bags with custom dimensions, elongations, cuttings, printing, and stitching designs. We can introduce you to its multiple most delicate patterns and plan for your markets’ wholesalers and retailers.

Laminated Woven Bags

Custom Design Multicolor Grocery Packaging PP Woven Laminated Plastic Shopping Tote Bag
Custom Design Multicolor Grocery Packaging PP Woven Laminated Shopping Tote Bag

Gentle Packing offers an extensive range of long-lasting PP woven laminated shopping bags. This bag is tailored from premium fabric and customized with a professional method.

Customized Oxford Cloth Foldable Shopping Bag
Customized Oxford Cloth Foldable Shopping Bag

Customized oxford cloth foldable shopping bag is structured from reliable and strong materials. This bag is available in different customized designs and outlooks.

Extra Large Laminated PP Woven Tote Bag
Extra Large Laminated PP Woven Tote Bag

The extra-large laminated PP woven tote bag has enough space to hold various content. It is highly made from environmentally and high-grade materials.

Laminated Recycled PP Woven Bag with Logo Printed
Laminated Recycled PP Woven Bag with Logo Printed

The laminated recycled PP woven bag is available in various designs, styles, and sizes. It can be printed with a business logo, slogan, or any business details.

Plastic PP Woven Sack Bag
Plastic PP Woven Sack Bag

The plastic PP woven sack bag is an excellent packaging solution for sugar, food items, and other products. This plastic PP woven sack bag has superior tensile strength and high-temperature resistance.

Waterproof Customized PP Shopping Plastic Woven Bag
Waterproof Customized PP Shopping Plastic Woven Bag

We offer different customization options for your waterproof PP shopping plastic woven bag. This bag is easy to customize and design due to its friendliness. Plus, it can resist water since it with a layer of lamination.

65cm Handle Laminated Woven Bag
65cm Handle Laminated Woven Bag
Character Laminated Woven Bag
Character Laminated Woven Bag
Clear Laminated Woven Bag
Clear Laminated Woven Bag
Custom Logo Laminated Woven Bag
Custom Logo Laminated Woven Bag
Die Cut Handle Laminated Woven Bag
Die Cut Handle Laminated Woven Bag
Expandable Laminated Woven Bag
Expandable Laminated Woven Bag
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Material Advantages

BOPP laminated PP woven bags offer some of the best properties on the market of reusable bags. Firstly, the advanced woven design reinforces the bags with threads. This makes the woven fabric more durable than non-woven options. BOPP lamination further improves the strength of the fabric. 

PP woven bags have the advantages of lighter weight, cost-effective price, better corrosion resistance, tear resistance, and freedom of customization. BOPP laminated woven bags are reliable, heavy-duty, custom reusable options great for any application.

Material Advantages
Custom Laminated Finish

Custom Laminated Finish

Being a professional laminated PP woven bags supplier in China, Gentle Packing offers a selection of custom finishes. The three main types are glossy, matte, and silk. 

  • Matte laminated prints will look softer and prevent glare. 
  • Glossy laminated prints offer exceptional clarity and high shine.
  • Silk prints is to print logo onto the surface of lamination, instead of inside of BOPP film.

You can choose the type of finish depending on your design goals. We can help you with some advice. Give your laminated BOPP bags a unique look using our custom finishes!


Our PP laminated woven bags are widely used for packing, storage, and shopping for any product. Laminated woven bags are strong and can carry bulk grain, powders, fertilizer, sandbags, heavy groceries, furniture, and more. 

The bags are durable and can be manufactured in different sizes according to your needs and requirements. For different areas of applications, PP woven bags may include a variety of special features and unique promotional prints for any industry and business.


Rocket Your Business with Gentle Laminated Woven Bags

What is a laminated woven bag?

A laminated woven bag is a woven bag that has undergone a lamination process. The lamination, often made from a layer of opp plastic film or other protective material, is applied to enhance the bag’s durability and provide a barrier against moisture and contaminants.

Of course, laminated woven bag normally with vivide full color printing, glossy or matt.

What are the advantages of using laminated woven bags?

Laminated woven bags offer improved strength, moisture resistance, and durability. The lamination also allows for vibrant and high-quality CMYK printing, making them ideal for branding and promotional purposes.

What materials are commonly used in laminated woven bags?

The most commonly used material for the woven aspect is polypropylene (PP). The lamination is usually a layer of clear plastic or a similar protective coating which is opp film.

Can I customize the design on a laminated woven bag?

Yes, one of the benefits of lamination is the ability to print high-quality, vibrant designs. Many manufacturers offer custom printing for these types of bags, include Gentle Packing.

Are laminated woven bags eco-friendly?

While the woven aspect of the bag can be eco-friendly, especially if made from recycled PP, the lamination layer can make the bag less biodegradable. However, they are reusable, which reduces the overall environmental impact compared to single-use bags.

Where are laminated woven bags commonly used?

They are popular in the retail sector, especially for groceries, as they can carry wet  and heavy produce without getting damaged. They’re also used for promotional events, trade shows, and other marketing purposes. Ikea shopping bag is one of the typical laminated woven bag.

How durable are laminated woven bags compared to non-laminated ones?

Laminated woven bags tend to be more durable due to the protective layer, making them resistant to moisture, tears, and wear and tear.

Can laminated woven bags hold heavy items?

Yes, the combination of woven material and lamination provides strength, allowing these bags to carry heavier items compared to regular non-laminated bags.

Is there a distinctive smell associated with new laminated woven bags?

Some laminated bags might have a slight odor initially due to the lamination process. However, this odor usually dissipates after airing them out for a few days. It’s essential to consider that the stitching process during mass production for laminated woven bags could take up to 1 or 2 weeks, which means the odor would naturally disappear during the manufacturing process.

Are laminated woven bags cost-effective for businesses?

While the initial cost might be higher than non-laminated bags, their durability and reusability, coupled with high-quality branding potential, often make them a cost-effective choice for businesses in the long run.

Can I recycle laminated woven bags?

Recycling options depend on local facilities and the specific materials used in the bag. While some components might be recyclable, the combination of woven material and lamination can pose challenges. It’s best to check with local recycling guidelines.

How do I store laminated woven bags when not in use?

Store them in a cool, dry place, ensuring they are clean and dry before storage. Avoid folding them in ways that could permanently crease the lamination.

How does the lamination process affect the bag's flexibility?

Lamination adds a protective layer which might slightly reduce the bag’s flexibility. However, high-quality laminated bags are still designed to be foldable and easy to handle.

Can I use laminated woven bags for frozen or chilled items?

The lamination provides some insulation, making these bags suitable for short-term transportation of chilled items. However, for extended insulation, specialized thermal bags would be more appropriate.

What is the lifespan of a laminated woven bag?

With proper care, laminated woven bags can last up to 5-10 years, depending on the frequency of use and the weight of items carried.

Are there eco-friendly alternatives to plastic lamination for woven bags?

Some manufacturers are exploring biodegradable or compostable laminations made from plant-based materials. However, these might not be as durable or water-resistant as traditional plastic laminations.

Are laminated woven bags resistant to UV rays?

The lamination layer can provide some protection against UV rays, which can help in preserving the printed designs longer. However, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might still cause fading over time.

How do manufacturers handle B2B logistics and delivery for large orders of laminated woven bags?

Laminated Woven Bag Manufacturers typically have partnerships with logistics providers to ensure timely and efficient delivery. They might also offer storage solutions, staggered deliveries, or just-in-time shipping to accommodate a business’s specific needs.

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