Laminated Bags

Gentle Packing is a professional custom laminated bags manufacturer in China.  

Our laminated polypropylene bags come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

We offer printing, rapid prototyping, and laminating of any material of your choice.

Your Professional Laminated Bag Supplier in China

Laminated bags are fabricated with credibility and reliability in different business sectors. It provides a generous amount of space, making it easier to put and pack up all items inside. Related products such as custom laminated bags offer 100% edge-to-edge full-color bleed and aesthetic design on each side that stands out the attraction to target customers.

  • An eco-friendly bag that produces for the last longer of use
  • Matte and glossy finish
  • Builds a mighty brand name and identity 
  • Custom print logos, brand names, minimal text, or characters are available.

A comprehensive solution for laminated bags is what Gentle Packing offers. It includes providing a hand-pack selection of laminated bags at wholesale prices.

Gentle Laminated Bags

PP Woven Laminated Bag
Gloss Laminated Bags

The gloss laminated bag is handly and has stylish designs. It has a zipper to ensure your carried items. This bag has a wide bottom which holds more goods.

Laminated Polypropylene Bags
Laminated Polypropylene Bags

Laminated polypropylene bags are recyclable. They are woven-type bags ideal for agriculture utilizations. Their colors and prints are customizable.

BOPP Laminated Bags
BOPP Laminated Bags

BOPP laminated bag is a side gusset bag type. It usually has sing folded or block bottom. This laminated bag is perfect for storing pet foods.

3D Print Laminated Bags
3D Print Laminated Bags
Advertising Laminated Bags
Advertising Laminated Bags
Character Print Laminated Bags
Character Print Laminated Bags
Custom Logo Laminated Bags
Custom Logo Laminated Bags
Custom Non-Woven Laminated Bags
Custom Non-Woven Laminated Bags
Custom Print Laminated Bags
Custom Print Laminated Bags
Custom Sublimation Laminated Bags
Custom Sublimation Laminated Bags
D-Cut Laminated Bags
D-Cut Laminated Bags
Expandable Laminated Bags
Expandable Laminated Bags
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Why Gentle Non Woven Bag

We can laminate any material you choose, including paper, canvas, woven and non-woven fabrics, and more. To laminate a surface, we use BOPP, a popular polypropylene fabric that has been stretched over two directions, making it stronger and more transparent. BOPP laminated PP woven bags are reliable and heavy-duty.

BOPP laminated bags are also waterproof and create the perfect surface for printing designs. Laminating any wholesale bag can improve its tear resistance, durability, versatility, and appearance. 

100% Recyclable Material
Custom Design Prototyping

Custom Design Prototyping

Being among the leading wholesale laminated bag suppliers, Gentle Packing offers a great range of custom features and fast product turnaround. We support urgent orders and can finish the development of a sample in as little as 7 days. 

We can manufacture a full range of laminated bags with handles, zippers, gussets, pouches, and more. We will develop the perfect laminated product for your business.

Quality Printing

Gentle Packing offers many printing methods to suit any design idea. We offer matte, glossy, and metalized polypropylene films for your custom laminated non-woven bags. And these bags can range from 60 to 180 gsm. 

You can request custom designs, logos, slogans, and so much more, with any Pantone or CMYK colour, surface area—size, inside, both sides—, finish, and details like webbing handle 

Choose our gloss laminated bags today!

Quality Printing

Your Professional Laminated Bag Manufacturer in China

Your Professional Laminated Bag Manufacturer in China1
Your Professional Laminated Bag Manufacturer in China

For over 15 years, Gentle Packing has been producing laminated bags that are widely used for packaging, shopping, promotional, and other applications. Our laminated bags are recognized in the food, chemical, retail, cosmetics, and other industries due to their vibrant colors, high durability, and excellent quality.

Gentle Packing manufactures laminated bags in accordance with the highest international standards such as ISO, SGS, and more. We are accepting a low minimum order quantity of 500 pieces. Also, we accept custom orders of laminated bags to suit your specific applications or projects.

If you want to know more about our laminated bags, do not hesitate to contact us!

Laminated Bag Supplier in China | Gentle Packing

Laminated Bags Substrates
Laminated Bags Substrates

Laminated bags use a base layer or also called a substrate. Below are some of the typical substrates you can choose:

  • rPET or Recycled PET – If you want environmentally friendly bags, rPET is the ideal choice. They are perfect for showcasing your dedication to the environment.
  • Non-woven PP Fabric – For smooth and attractive bags, non-woven PP is the top option. When non-woven PP is laminated, it will make them more robust and long-lasting. Many use laminated non-woven bags for grocery or promotional applications.
  • Woven PP Fabric – This substrate is incredibly strong yet light in weight.
Laminated Bag Art Options
Laminated Bag Art Options

To decorate and make your laminated bags stand out, we are offering a lot of art options such as:

  1. Handles & Trims – The majority of laminated bags have handles and trim that match. However, you can use different colors for the handles and trims as an additional design element.
  2. Finishes – When the laminated bags are printed with your designs, artworks, or labels, you can choose between an elegant matte finish or a glossy finish depending on your desires.
  3. Same or Different Art – The Tyvek bags can be designed with the same artworks or designs on their front and back sides. They can also be designed with different artworks on their opposing sides.

Why Choose Us

Customized Solutions
Customization Services

To fulfill your unique demands, Gentle Packing is providing customization services. We offer laminated bags with customizable features, sizes, colors, materials, designs, styles, printing methods, and other specifications. You can send us your sample or drawing of your custom laminated bags and we will custom manufacture them for you!

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

Gentle Packing follows a strict quality management system. We have implemented quality control from selecting raw materials to the production of laminated bags. Also, every laminated bag has been checked, inspected, and tested before its shipment to ensure you get laminated bags with guaranteed quality.

Fully Certified
Certified Manufacturer

Gentle Packing is a BSCI-certified manufacturer in China that provides a wide range of laminated bags and other kinds of packaging bags such as jute bags, cotton bags, and more. We have obtained certifications like:

  • RoHS
  • SGS
  • ISO

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Laminated Bags

What is a laminated bag?

A laminated bag is made from fabric, often a type of cloth or non-woven fabric, which has been covered with a thin layer of plastic or another material for added strength, durability, and often a shiny appearance.

Why are bags laminated?

Lamination provides bags with added protection against moisture, stains, and wear. It also gives the bag a more polished, glossy appearance.

Are laminated bags waterproof?

The laminated layer makes the bags water-resistant, but seams and openings can still allow water in. They are not entirely waterproof but will protect against splashes and light rain.

Can laminated bags be recycled?

Recycling depends on the materials used. Some laminated bags are recyclable, while others are not. Always check the label or with local recycling guidelines.

Are laminated bags durable?

Yes, the lamination process adds an extra layer of protection, making the bags more durable than their non-laminated counterparts.

Can I print on a laminated bag?

Yes, laminated bags can be printed on, and the lamination can enhance the vibrancy of printed colors.

Common materials include non-woven polypropylene, jute, cotton, and canvas, all laminated with a thin plastic layer.

Do laminated bags have a glossy finish?

Most laminated bags have a glossy finish due to the lamination process, but matte laminated bags are also available.

Is the lamination on the inside or outside of the bag?

Lamination can be on either the inside or the outside of the bag, depending on the design and intended use.

Are laminated bags more expensive than non-laminated bags?

Laminated bags can be slightly more expensive due to the additional lamination process and the added durability it provides.

How do laminated bags handle wear and tear?

The laminated coating provides extra resistance to wear, tear, and abrasion, making them suitable for frequent use.

Can laminated bags be used for groceries?

Yes, they are commonly used as reusable grocery bags because they are strong and can be easily wiped clean.

How much weight can a laminated bag carry?

This depends on the bag’s size and material, but laminated bags are generally robust and can carry significant weight.

Why do some laminated bags have a strong smell?

The lamination process might produce a smell initially, which usually dissipates after some time and ventilation.

Are laminated bags eco-friendly?

While the lamination process adds a plastic component, many laminated bags are designed to be reusable, reducing the need for single-use bags. However, fully biodegradable or recyclable laminated bags are less common.

Do laminated bags offer insulation?

While lamination provides some insulation, laminated bags are not designed as thermal bags. They won’t maintain the temperature of items for extended periods.

Can I customize the design of a laminated bag?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options, from colors and patterns to logos and branding.

How long do laminated bags last?

With proper care, laminated bags can last for several years, depending on the frequency of use and the weight they carry.

Are laminated bags breathable?

No, the lamination layer restricts airflow, making laminated bags non-breathable.

Can laminated bags fade over time?

Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause some fading, especially for brightly colored or printed bags.

Are there different types of lamination?

Yes, there are various lamination types, including glossy, matte, and metallic, to achieve different finishes and appearances.

Do laminated bags stretch over time?

The fabric might stretch slightly with heavy use, but the lamination typically prevents significant stretching.

Are laminated bags resistant to chemicals?

The lamination provides a degree of chemical resistance, but it’s best to avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or solvents.

Do laminated bags shrink if washed?

The lamination protects against shrinking to some extent, but it’s advisable to follow care instructions and avoid hot water.

Why choose laminated bags over other types?

Laminated bags combine the strength and durability of fabric with the protection and finish of lamination, making them versatile, stylish, and reusable.

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