Insulated Grocery Bag

Gentle Packing is a professional insulated grocery bags manufacturer.

All our products are compliant with CA65, FDA, EN71, REACH standards.



Your Professional Insulated Grocery Bag Supplier in China

Gentle Packaging insulated grocery bag comprises three-layer construction – non-woven polypropylene, thermal insulation foam and aluminum insulated film. It keeps food at its perfect temperature for up to two hours. Its toughness offers several advantages over foam coolers.

  • Can be reused, more environmentally friendly
  • It lasts longer than other reusable cooler bags
  • Keep items cooler or warmer for longer
  • Waterproof and durable zipper closure
  • Multiple eye-catching colors available to choose

Insulated grocery bags offer an environmentally smart way to transport purchases. Whether you need it for your business, grocery store, or related market, you will get excellent packaging solutions from Gentle Packaging.

Insulated Grocery Bag

Covered Insulated Grocery Bag Colorful Shopping Bags
Covered Insulated Grocery Bag Colorful Shopping Bags

Covered insulated grocery bags and colorful shopping bags have an attractive and interesting design. It helps the item preserve and keeps the best temperature. This bag can be carried easily and conveniently, and custom print with your logo.

Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag for Food Delivery Cooler Bag

Insulated reusable grocery bags for food delivery cooler bags are perfect for any food industry. It keeps the coldness and hotness content for a long hour. This bag has unique styles and remarkable features.

Customized Insulated Grocery Bag

Customized insulated grocery bags have a lightweight and comfortable design. It can be customized with your desired sizes, designs, thicknesses, colors, and other specs. Outer fabric plus insulated EPE foam, or use EPE foam plus PEVA lining.

Basket Insulated Reusable Insulated Shopping Grocery Canvas Bag
Basket Insulated Reusable Insulated Shopping Grocery Canvas Bag

Basket insulated reusable shopping grocery canvas bags are eco-friendly and washable. It is best for both hot and cold items. Protect the items from any unwanted contaminants.

Cheap Kids Lunch Insulated Grocery Bag

Cheap kids lunch insulated grocery bags will keep the best grocery temperature. It maintains the freshness and good taste of the content. This bag is best for school, groceries, and other applications.

Reusable Collapsible Insulated Grocery Shopping Bag

Reusable collapsible insulated grocery shopping bags are suitable for multiple small items and larger items. It is thick and made from extra-strength materials, like 600D/1680D polyester oxford fabric.

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Why Gentle Insulated Grocery Bags

Gentle insulated grocery bags have thick inner insulation. It can be designed with 3-layers insulation such as high-density fabric, thickening thermal insulation foam, and high-quality aluminum foil. It holds a longer content temperature. Shoppers will keep their food at the right temperature when going home or food delivery businesses can improve customer satisfaction by utilizing insulated grocery bags.

With 15+ years of development and history, Gentle mastered insulated grocery bag production. Our advanced manufacturing techniques and machines allow us to create products that meet the industry’s standards.

Insulated Grocery Bag
Insulated grocery bag

Custom Style and Designs

As your reputable insulated grocery bags supplier, Gentle has the ability to custom insulated grocery bags to boost your business. The bags are unique and can be created in various sizes, styles, and designs based on your needs and requirements.

For various areas of purposes, insulated grocery bags may include a variety of special features such as steel zipper, reinforced bottom & pocket, robust thread, and handles. You can provide unique promotional prints or messages for your products. We provide NDA policy and quality control to protect your design property.

Versatile Insulated Grocery Bags

Explore durable and versatile insulated grocery bags at Gentle! These are widely used for everyday shoppers, caterers, and delivery businesses. Insulated grocery bags are strong and can carry up to 10kg of weight. Great to use when you travel to family gatherings and picnics.

Made from thick & extra-strength thermal materials, Gentle insulated grocery bags are durable, lightweight, and portable. It is easy to fold, clean, and pack. These can be reused for more than a year.

Insulated Grocery Bag Supplier

Advantage of Insulated Grocery Bag
Advantage of Insulated Grocery Bag
  • Large Capacity: The large capacity grocery bags are ideal tote bags for family trips to grocery stores.
  • Durable & Sturdy: Our insulated grocery bag has dual reinforced handles. These handles are sewn to the bag’s bottom to persist heavier loads.
  • Great Thermal Bags: The bag comes with a lid top zippered cover with a completely insulated lining to keep the hot and cold items maintain their temperature.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Ideal for grocery shopping, catering, parties, picnics, and holidays.
Insulated Grocery Bag Printing
Insulated Grocery Bag Printing

Gentle Packing can print brand logos, slogans, and artwork to your insulated grocery bags. We have state-of-the-art printing techniques:

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • UV Printing
  • Transfer Printing
  • Embroidery

Insulated Grocery Bag for Various Application

Food Delivery
Food Delivery

Our insulated grocery is ideal for food delivery. It is built with durability to keep the product safe, well-insulated, and secure. This bag is also easy and light to carry. Manufactured with comfortable, durable handles that create carrying a breeze.

  • Large Capacity – With its large capacity, this bag can carry more food.
  • Easy to Carry – The insulated grocery bag can be foldable which makes them easy to carry.
  • Leak-Proof – Manufactured from aluminum foil and non-woven fabric material, to ensure the water is impermeable.
  • Secure – The top of the bag has a zippered closure. It can keep the products more secure and control temperature.
  • Frozen Groceries – Keep the groceries warm or wool, perfect for frozen foods, ice cream, etc. Also great for transporting dishes.
  • Durable – The bags are reinforced with handles and plastic insert.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Insulated Grocery Bags

What is an insulated grocery bag?

An insulated grocery bag is designed to maintain the temperature of items inside, keeping cold items cold and hot items hot during transportation.

How do insulated grocery bags keep food fresh?

They use insulating materials, such as foam, to minimize heat transfer, helping to preserve the initial temperature of the items inside.

Can an insulated grocery bag keep frozen food frozen?

Yes, especially when used with ice packs, an insulated grocery bag can help keep frozen items from thawing for a certain duration.

What material is used in insulated grocery bags?

Commonly used materials include thermal insulation foam, aluminum foil lining, and an external layer made of fabric like PP non woven, RPET, PP woven, Polyester, or other durable materials.

Are insulated grocery bags environmentally friendly?

Many insulated grocery bags are reusable and some are made with recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use bags.

How long can items stay cold or hot in an insulated grocery bag?

The duration varies, typically ranging from 2-4 hours without an additional cooling or heating source, and can be extended with the use of ice packs or hot packs.

What is the weight limit for most insulated grocery bags?

Weight limits vary by design and material but check product specifications to ensure that the bag is suitable for your intended use.

Can insulated grocery bags be customized for promotional purposes?

Yes, many suppliers and manufacturers offer customization options for logos and other branding on insulated grocery bags.

Do insulated grocery bags come with zippers?

Some designs include zippers, Velcro, or other closure systems to help maintain the internal temperature and secure items.

How do I eliminate odors from an insulated grocery bag?

Cleaning and airing out the bag, or placing baking soda inside when stored, can help to manage and eliminate odors.

Can insulated grocery bags accommodate large items like watermelons or turkeys?

Larger bags are available that can accommodate bulkier items, but always check size and weight capacity to ensure suitability.

Are insulated grocery bags safe for carrying hot food?

Yes, they are designed to carry hot items, but ensure the food is packaged properly to avoid spills and burns.

Do insulated grocery bags maintain temperature in extremely hot climates?

While effective in hot climates, using additional coolants like ice packs is recommended to maintain low temperatures for extended periods.

Are there alternatives to insulated grocery bags for keeping groceries cold/hot?

Alternative options include cooler boxes, insulated backpacks, or specialized heated delivery bags.

Can insulated grocery bags inhibit bacterial growth on food items?

While they help maintain temperatures that can slow bacterial growth, they are not a substitute for proper food safety practices. Ensure perishables are stored or consumed within safe time frames.

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