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Gentle Packing is a leading insulated bag supplier in China.

Available in small and large capacities, reusable and heavy-duty.

Your Professional Insulated Bag Supplier in China

Gentle Packaging insulated bags have thick insulation, which keeps food at proper serving temperature. It has zippers for quick and simple opening and closing. Plus, it’s equipped with sturdy straps to make it easy to carry. These bags come in various capacities, styles, and loading options.

Gentle Packaging has a wide assortment of high-demand insulated bags.

  • Made of waterproof materials
  • Reusable, lightweight, and portable
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has a secure closing system that keeps contents safe from contamination

You can also customize insulated bags with your logo and graphics. Gentle Packaging can provide the best cost-effective packaging solution for your business.

Gentle Insulated Bag

Custom Insulated Bag

Custom insulated bags are used to help sustain the temperature of the contents. They can preserve the cold goods and hot goods. They are customized for use in the food industry, medical use, lunch bags, etc.

Reusable Cooler Bag

Reusable cooler bags usually contain an exterior layer made of durable plastic fabric, such as polyester, nylon, and vinyl. They feature tear and wear-resistant, water-resistant, versatility, and durability.

Custom Insulated Lunch Bag

Custom insulated lunch bags can keep cooked food fresh. They are used to maintain the flavor and taste of lunch foods. They are perfect bags for outdoor escapades, picnics, beach days, etc.

Insulated Grocery Bag
Insulated Grocery Bag

Insulated grocery bags are also known as soft coolers. They are primarily used to sustain food at a secure temperature. These bags feature extreme durability, strength, and long-lasting.

Non Woven Cooler Bag
Non Woven Cooler Bag

Non woven cooler bags are used to store vegetables, cooked foods, frozen foods, fruits, meat, and more. They are also featured with a front slip pocket, zipped top closure, and supporting handles.

Insulated Paper Bag
Insulated Paper Bag

Insulated paper bags are food grade. They are safe to use as food storage. Plus, they are moisture-resistant. Therefore, they are perfect for preserving the food temperature. Also, they are made of recyclable materials.

Custom Handle Insulated Bag
Custom Handle Insulated Bag
Custom Insulated Bag
Custom Insulated Bag
Custom logo Insulated Bag
Custom logo Insulated Bag
Luxury Insulated Bag
Luxury Insulated Bag
Personalized Insulated Bag
Personalized Insulated Bag
Plain Insulated Bag
Plain Insulated Bag
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Why Choose Gentle Insulated Bags

Gentle Insulated Bags are the best bag for keeping foods warmer and drinks cooler. It provides a longer-tasting freshness when you’re taking on the daily grind. Designed with a 2mm ~6mm insulated EPE padded foam, 600D polyester, and eco-friendly waterproof polyester lining, you can guarantee a leakproof and easy-to-clean bag. It is foldable, easy to pack, and easy to open and close.

Under a BSCI factory audited, we ensure that each insulated bag is manufactured following a strict set of specifications and quality standards. Gentle has 15+ years of manufacturing history with skilled staff with bag profound experience. Get your free design and a free sample today!

Insulated Bag Supplier
Reusable Insulated Bags

Heavy-duty and Reusable

Gentle insulated bags are reusable and made from heavy-duty materials such as pp non-woven, PP woven, Cotton, 600D polyester, etc. This is a sustainable bag used for a wide of applications. Insulated bags are eco-friendly, thus, it can protect our environment and create a cleaner future.

Gentle Packing provides the highest quality insulated bags that are built to last. It is hardwearing, sturdy, and strong. They can be designed with cross-stitched reinforced handles for extra durability, comfortable, and portable use. You can choose the handle for more carrying options like a shoulder bag, handbag, tote bag design.

Wide Range of Applications

We offer modern and fashionable insulated bag designs for many applications. These are ideal bags for picnic, beach, camping, food delivery, lunch, cooler bag, sundry bag, pool bags, gym bags, grocery bags, farmer markets, and more. Our insulated bags come in a variety of vibrant colors such as red, black, green, white, etc.

You can place all of your food in our insulated bag like snacks, salad, sandwiches, drinks, and fruits, groceries for the entire day. It is easy to clean the bag which provides you with the best solution!

Custom Insulated Bags applications

Leading Custom Insulated Bags Supplier

Custom Insulated Bags Factory
Custom Insulated Bags Factory

Gentle manufacture high-end and eco-friendly insulated bags. It is strong and versatile enough to carry and preserve foodstuff and beverages for use in workplaces and sports stadiums, gyms, beaches, and more. Our range of insulated bags will stand out for business events and corporate picnics. Gentle can also personalize these bags with a fun message, mascot, or artwork to capture the attention of anyone who notices it. Easy to care for and endure the rough daily usage with ease.

With advanced manufacturing lines and printing techniques, Gentle guarantees high-quality insulated bags that increase customer satisfaction. It delivers unique brand experiences and separates your name from a crowded field of competition. We can support your large volume bag needs and specific requirements. Contact us immediately!

Custom Insulated Bags Printing
Custom Quality Printing Technology

Gentle Packing offers excellent embroidery and insulated bag printing services to assist small to large businesses in developing unique, uniforms and branded bags. It includes sublimation printing, silkscreen printing, offset printing, and more.

Personalize your logo today! We have the logo you’re searching for, whether it’s reflective or merely printed. We guarantee high-quality graphics that will not fade away even after numerous washings as part of our dedication to workmanship. To develop and complete your design, get in touch with our design team.

Custom Insulated Bags
Custom Insulated Bag Benefit for Your Business
  • Custom insulated bags have a large size and highly visible imprint area, which allows for many customizing options.
  • Lightweight that will save you cost in shipping and delivery
  • The ecologically friendly characteristics of this bag will help your business reach a large audience.
  • Practical and gender independent – the bag is useful and accessible to all genders and audience types.
  • These bags come in a variety of color combinations that many customers can’t resist to buy.

Why Clients Choose Gentle Insulated Bags

Wide Range of Options
Wide Range of Options

Insulated bags have so many uses. It keeps food warm and keeps beverages cool for long hours. Perfect for a range of fundraisers, promotions, or retail stores! This bag comes in different colors and several types of material. You can choose the perfect design and prints depending on your specifications.

Cool for the Environments
Cool for the Environments

Gentle manufacture 100% recycled and recyclable insulated bags made from non-woven polypropylene. Our company used a production process that minimizes eco-impact. We guarantee superior durability and sustainability products to reduce the amount of toxic waste.

Cool for Your Brand
Cool for Your Brand

Promote your business with reusable insulated bags. You can work closely with our in-house design expert to build custom design insulated bags. This product will ensure to attract prospective customers, improve long-term profitability and market share value.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Insulated Bag

What is an insulated bag?

An insulated bag is designed to maintain the temperature of its contents, keeping cold items cold and hot items hot, due to its thermal insulation properties.

How long can an insulated bag keep items cold/hot?

The duration can vary widely depending on the bag’s quality, design, and the external temperature, generally ranging from a few hours up to an entire day.

Can an insulated bag be reused?

Yes, insulated bags are typically designed to be reusable, providing ongoing temperature control for items during transit.

Is an insulated bag waterproof?

While many insulated bags resist water to protect contents and maintain temperature, they may not be entirely waterproof. Check product specifics for details.

Can an insulated bag go in the freezer?

Most insulated bags can be stored in the freezer, although placing them there is not typically necessary or beneficial for maintaining their insulative properties.

Does an insulated bag work better with an ice pack?

Yes, adding an ice pack can significantly enhance the bag’s ability to keep contents cold for an extended period.

What types of items can I store in an insulated bag?

Perishable food, hot meals, frozen items, and any other objects for which temperature control is crucial can be stored in an insulated bag.

Are insulated bags safe for storing raw food items?

They can safely store raw items provided they are sealed/contained to prevent contamination, and the bag is regularly cleaned.

How effective is an insulated bag for delivery services?

They are widely used in food delivery services to help maintain the temperature of meals and groceries during transit.

What materials are used to make insulated bags?

Common materials include foil, plastic, insulated foam, and sometimes fabric exteriors for enhanced durability and aesthetics.

Are insulated bags available in different sizes?

Yes, they come in a variety of sizes to cater to different needs, from lunch-sized bags to larger models for grocery shopping.

Can insulated bags prevent items from freezing in cold weather?

Yes, they can slow down the freezing process by providing a layer of thermal protection against cold external temperatures.

What factors affect an insulated bag's performance?

External temperatures, the initial temperature of the contents, how often the bag is opened, and the quality of the insulation all impact performance.

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable insulated bags available?

There are options made with recycled materials or sustainable practices. Check product descriptions or brand practices for details.

Can insulated bags leak?

While many are designed to be leak-resistant, check product details to ensure suitability for liquids or potentially messy items.

How do insulated bags compare to coolers?

Insulated bags are generally lighter and more portable than coolers, though coolers might offer longer-lasting temperature control for certain applications.

Do insulated bags come with shoulder straps or handles?

Depending on the design, insulated bags may feature handles, shoulder straps, or both to facilitate easy carrying。

Do insulated bags work in all weather conditions?

While effective across a range of conditions, extremely hot or cold environments will challenge the bag’s capacity to maintain internal temperatures.

Can I use dry ice in an insulated bag?

If utilizing dry ice, ensure the bag is suitable for its extremely low temperatures and remember never to seal dry ice in an airtight compartment due to gas build-up.

How much weight can an insulated bag hold?

Weight capacity varies by design and material strength; ensure to check product specifications to prevent overloading.

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