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Gentle Packing offers all types of grow bags such as nonwoven fabric grow bags,

cotton canvas grow bags, polypropylene grow bags, etc.

Available in thousands of designs, custom colors, and styles.

Cost-effective, low MOQ, rigorous and fast-turn around production.

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Grow bag is a planting bag you can fill with soil for growing different plants. It is made from thick, breathable pressed or non-woven fabrics. Designed with small holes in them to allow the free circulation of air. This bag is a great option for in-ground indoor and outdoor gardening.

Growing plants in fabric grow bag is very advantageous. It brings excellent health and quality to plants and makes them easier to prune. They are a fast, and cheaper grow bag to beautify any garden. It can be used in growing tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, flowers, or any vegetables and fruits.

Gentle Packing is a leading grow bag manufacturer in China. Our grow bags are made from the highest quality fabric such as jute, cotton, canvas, non-woven, polypropylene felt-like fabric, cloth bags, etc. These materials are BPA-free and food-safe. You can trust its durability and longevity.

Some are the advantage Gentle grow bag offers:

  • More versatile and easy to arrange
  • Can be used anywhere and move around
  • Easy to store, foldable and washable
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor garden
  • Easy to plant and harvest
  • Highly permeability non-woven fabric
  • Premium quality material
  • Biodegradable
  • Available in custom sizes, colors, shapes
  • Customize logo, packaging

Gentle Grow Bag

Heavy-Duty Nonwoven Fabric Grow Bag
Heavy-Duty Nonwoven Fabric Grow Bag

Nonwoven fabric grow bags are moderately permeable. Washable, foldable, and lightweight. It is AZO-free and BPA-free. Perfect for growing healthier and stronger vegetables and fruits.

Cotton Strawberry Grow Bag
Cotton Strawberry Grow Bag

Cotton strawberry grow bag is durable and versatile. It has small holes that allow for free air circulation. This benefits the roots to absorb efficiently nutrients and water from the soil.

Canvas Round Planter Bags
Canvas Round Planter Bags

Made from 100% cotton canvas, canvas round planter bags is sturdy and have permeability. It also provides good heat and fertilizer conservation. This bag allows seedlings grow better and plants healthier.

Polypropylene Grow Bag
Polypropylene Grow Bag

The polypropylene grow bag is soft with a felt-like texture. It allows for plants’ root pruning making for a healthier and stronger extensive root system. BPA-free fabric, is breathable and helps carry the nutrients plants need.

Jute Square Grow Bag
Jute Square Grow Bag

Jute square grow bag can is perfect for growing flowers, green plants, vegetables, etc. It can be placed on a balcony or in small gardens. These bags can last 5+ years under persistent use while enduring harmful sunlight.

Custom Grow Bags
Custom Grow Bags

Custom grow bags in various sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. These bags can be printed with your custom logo and brand message that can boom your business. Choose the best color and shape.

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Excellent Customization

Gentle Packing custom grow bags in various types, materials, and shapes to meet your requirements. Available in rectangular, round, or square shapes and come in a wide array of widths and heights.

You can request the specific color you need. To promote your brand, we can etch your logo on the surface of grow bag products. We use high-standard printing techniques such as screen printing, gravure printing, digital printing, and so on.

We provide grow bags with quality and reliability. Whether you’re a trader, wholesaler, or farm grower, Gentle Packing is your one-stop solution for a high-end grow bag with high-standard services. Message us now!

Custom Grow Bags
Grow bags


Gentle grow bags can be utilized for home planting, greenhouse farming, nurseries, natural creation, and modern planting. Our grow bags are washable for reuse and foldable for storage. It has excellent drainage that retains the amount of required water. It allows for roots to breathe smoothly and grow stronger.

Gentle grow bags are an ideal alternative if you have no area for an in-ground garden. They can be arranged along a porch or windows. It can be even hung from walls in any location that receives sunlight. Gentle Packing designed superior quality grow bags based on your applications and projects.

Why Choose Gentle Packing

Gentle Packing has 15+ years of grow bag manufacturing experience. Our professional team specializes in unique R&D, designing, manufacturing, and selling the most advanced and efficient planting bag solutions. We cooperate with 2,000+ wholesalers, brands, and trading companies worldwide.

Equipped with advanced production facilities and techniques, we have 20,000 pcs grow bags daily production capacity. Our company implements strict quality control processes to ensure quality grow bags. It includes OQC, FQC, IPQC, and IQC. From raw fabric inspection to whole bag inspection and packaging, we guarantee to pay attention to every detail.

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