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Your Professional Garment Cover Supplier in China

The garment covers are ideal for protecting refined fabrics from garment bags’ heat and moisture. They are also helpful in preventing hanging clothes from dust and wrinkles. The garment covers are usually used for organizing clothes or dresses, even for traveling. 

  • Reliable for moving, shipping, and traveling
  • A garment cover has zippers to avoid moisture
  • Used materials are safe for all fabrics
  • Supported with hanger for bulky garments

Your desired modern and unique garment cover designs are provided by Gentle Packing. We have the expertise in customizing different styles with durable and eco-friendly material-made garment covers. Gentle Packing can enhance cover appearance, customize zipper pulls, and do various print designs and finishes.

Garment Cover

Fabric Garment Bag For Wedding Dress

We manufacture fabric garment bags for wedding dresses using 80gsm non-woven fabric. It is available in white and black color, or as requested.

Garment Bag for Evening Dress with Custom

The garment bag for the evening dress can be customized according to the color, size, features, and design. We can also customize the bag with your logo.

Garment Cover Bag Portable Suit Cover Bag Can Be Customized
Garment Cover Bag Portable Suit Cover Bag Can Be Customized

We manufacture portable garment cover bags that can be customizable as per request. The bag is made from anti-wrinkle and waterproof fabric.

Hanging Disposable Plastic Garment Bags
Hanging Disposable Plastic Garment Bags

The hanging disposable plastic garment bag is available in a wide range of sizes. It accommodates the most common garment types and sizes.

Home Storage Garment Bag Bathing Hanger
Home Storage Garment Bag Bathing Hanger

The home storage garment bag bathing hanger has a handle and metal eyehole. It makes the bag fold easy and convenient to carry.

Plastic Dustproof Saree Cover Garment Rack Cover
Plastic Dustproof Saree Cover Garment Rack Cover

We produce dustproof saree garment rack covers made from plastic materials. It has a high-quality zipper that makes it easy to pull smoothly.

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The main purpose of utilizing a garment bag is that it allows you to carry and store higher-value apparel without it being wrinkled and crumpled. The garment cover is long-lasting and may be made in a variety of sizes to meet your specific demands. 

You can choose the type of garment cover depending on your design goals. Gentle Packing has a one-of-a-kind wholesale garment cover that can fully support your requirements. Boom your garment cover business with Gentle Packing partnership.

Wide Range

Wide Range

A garment cover is a flexible textile cover that is typically used to transport suits, coats, or clothing in general, as well as to protect clothes from dust.

Gentle Packing has an extensive range of high-quality garment covers for all uses from different colors, shapes, and sizes. Just send us your details requirements, and we can start building a great partnership with you. Contact Us Now!

Support Urgent Requests

Gentle Packing supports urgent requests by producing 100,000 pcs each day. If you have any questions, we offer online assistance available 24/7. Our expert staff will create a free design and a free sample of your garment cover to showcase our quality.

Our garment cover factory has been BSCI-audited, and we strictly adhere to the AQL II quality control standards.

Support Urgent Requests

Your Professional Garment Cover Manufacturer | Gentle Packing

Your Professional Garment Cover Manufacturer
Your Professional Garment Cover Manufacturer1

Gentle Packing is a BSCI-audited manufacturer of garment covers for more than 15 years. We are manufacturing different types of garment covers for suits, gowns, and other garments. Our garment covers are available in various types of paper and fabric materials such as cotton, nylon, Tyvek, kraft, non-woven pp fabric, PVC, and many more.

We are also adhering to strict quality control to ensure we provide the best quality garment covers that will meet your expectations. In addition, our garment covers can be customized with your business logo, labels, or information. Various high-quality printing processes are used to ensure the prints will not fade easily.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your inquiries!

Garment Cover Supplier | Gentle Packing

Various Printing Processes
Various Printing Processes

We can print your business logo, name, labels, messages, or artworks on the garment covers using a variety of printing processes such as:

  • heat transfer printing
  • hot stamping
  • silk screen printing
  • gravure printing (lamination)
  • sublimation
  • custom printing method
Why Choose Gentle Packing
Why Choose Gentle Packing
  • 15+ years of bag manufacturing experience
  • Adheres to strict quality control
  • Supports urgent orders
  • Offers customization services
  • Has a daily production capacity of over 100,000 pieces
  • Fast turnaround time
  • 7*24 hours of online customer support
  • Offers free samples and free design

Wide Variety of Materials

Non-Woven PP Fabric
Non-Woven PP Fabric

Garment covers can be made from non-toxic, eco-friendly, breathable, and soft non-woven polypropylene fabric. Non-woven pp garment covers have features such as:

  • washable & reusable
  • lightweight & durable
  • Fashionable, moisture-proof, and dust-proof

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a great material for producing garment covers. Garment covers that are made from PVC can keep your garments mold-free, wrinkle-free, bugs-free, and dust-free. PVC garment covers are plastic covers that are highly durable, reusable, and washable.

Tyvek Paper
Tyvek Paper

Gentle Packing is manufacturing different kinds of garment covers made from eco-friendly Tyvek paper. Tyvek garment covers are the ideal covers when you need to protect your clothes from moisture, ultraviolet radiation, stains, and sunlight. They have a lot of advantages such as:

  • soft & smooth
  • excellent resistance to water, stain, and moisture
  • lightweight yet very durable
Nylon Fabric
Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric can also be used for manufacturing garment bags. The garment covers made from nylon can effectively prevent mildew, dust, and insect intrusion. Aside from that, they have good breathability, shape retention, good wrinkle resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance, and many other features.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Garment Cover

What is a garment cover?

A garment cover, also known as a clothing or garment bag, is a protective bag designed to shield clothing items from dust, dirt, and damage during storage or transportation.

What's the standard size for garment cover??

There are 3 standard sizes for garment covers:

  • Regular size: 61*100cm
  • Medium size: 61*110cm
  • Large size: 80*180*20cm
Are garment covers reusable?

Yes, most garment covers are reusable and designed for long-term use, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly protection for clothing.

What materials are garment covers usually made from?

Common materials include non-woven fabric, PE, PEVA, vinyl, cotton, and nylon, selected for their durability and protective properties.

Do garment covers protect clothing from pests and moisture?

Yes, they serve as a barrier against pests like moths and also protect against moisture and dust, helping to maintain clothing in pristine condition.

Are garment covers suitable for travel?

Yes, garment covers are ideal for travel, as they keep clothing neat and protected during transportation and can often be folded or hung in luggage.

Can garment covers be personalized with logos or branding?

Gentle Packing offer customization options, allowing businesses to add logos, branding, or specific design elements to the covers.

Are there eco-friendly garment cover options?

Yes, eco-friendly garment covers are available, made from sustainable or biodegradable materials, providing a more environmentally responsible choice. Like Recycled PET, Organic cotton, etc.

Can garment covers prevent clothing from wrinkling?

Yes, garment covers can help minimize wrinkles during storage or travel, keeping your clothing in better condition.

Do garment covers have zippers or other closures?

Many garment covers feature zipper closures or other secure fastenings to keep clothing protected and in place.

Are garment covers see-through or transparent?

Some garment covers have transparent windows or panels, allowing you to identify the contents without opening the bag.

Can garment covers be used for long-term storage?

Absolutely, garment covers are suitable for long-term storage, especially for seasonal or infrequently worn clothing.

Do garment covers protect against odors?

Garment covers can help prevent clothing from absorbing odors from the surrounding environment, keeping them fresh.

Are there garment covers with additional storage pockets?

Yes, some garment covers come with extra pockets for storing accessories, shoes, or other items.

What's the best way to fold clothing inside a garment cover?

Fold clothing neatly to minimize wrinkles and use padded hangers for delicate items to maintain their shape.

Are garment covers suitable for wedding dresses?

Yes, garment covers are often used to protect and transport wedding dresses, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.

Can garment covers be used for suits or tuxedos?

Yes, garment covers are perfect for suits and tuxedos, preserving their sharp and wrinkle-free appearance. The size can be 80*180*20cm.

What's the best way to hang a garment cover for long-term storage?

Use padded hangers and ensure the garment cover is securely fastened, allowing clothing to hang freely without pressure on delicate areas.

Can garment covers protect against dust mites?

While garment covers can help minimize dust exposure, they may not offer full protection against dust mites. It’s advisable to clean clothing regularly if you have concerns.

Are garment covers resistant to tearing or punctures?

Quality garment covers are designed to be durable and resistant to tearing, but the level of resistance may vary depending on the material used.

Can garment covers be used for storing vintage or delicate clothing items?

Yes, garment covers are an excellent choice for protecting vintage or delicate garments, preventing damage from dust and light exposure.

What's the best way to store garment covers when not in use?

Fold or roll garment covers when not in use, and store them in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Are garment covers suitable for fur or leather clothing?

For fur or leather items, it’s advisable to use specially designed covers that allow the material to breathe, preventing damage.

Can garment covers be used for uniforms and work attire?

Absolutely, garment covers are ideal for uniforms and work attire, preserving their professional appearance.

Can garment covers be used for preserving historical or museum pieces?

Specialized garment covers designed for preserving delicate historical or museum pieces are available, providing added protection for valuable items.

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