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Gentle Packing is your trusted garment bag manufacturer and supplier in China. 

We assure strict quality control of all garment bags and guarantee complete certifications. 



Your Professional Garment Bag Supplier in China

The garment bags are flexible items used for easy transporting clothes. They are the perfect solution for protecting suits from dust. Also, garment bags usually have a hanger. They also feature convenient top to bottom zippers. Custom garment bags are made from various materials, like non-woven, cotton, Vinyl, PEVA, leather, etc. Moreover, these bags are available in multiple sizes and colors.

  • Secure off-season garments in storage from dust and undesirable critters
  • Prevents suit or dress wrinkles when traveling for occasions
  • Garment bags achieve more organized clothing

Gentle Packing provides unique customization of your garment bags. We are experts in printing your requested company logos or designs to expose your brand. Garment bags with suitable lengths and shapes are what we can produce for you. Choose Gentle Packing quality service now!

Gentle Garment Bags

Custom Garment Bags
Custom Garment Bags

We can custom garment bags with your own logo. The sizes, colors, designs, and features are customizable too. You can guarantee high-quality, reusable, and eco-friendly garment bags.

Eco Garment Bags
Eco Garment Bags

You can guarantee a 100% durable eco garment bag. Different sizes and printing methods are available. You can also demand eco garment bag’s material, handle material, and handle size.

Sustainable Garment Bags
Sustainable Garment Bags

The sustainable garment bag is reusable, eco-friendly, and durable. We produce sustainable garment bags with many features like a personalized zipper and more.

Non Woven Carry Bag Design for Garments

We manufacture non-woven carry bag designs for garments. They are available in many different sizes, colors, and designs. Custom printing and logo are also available to meet your needs.

Laminated Jute Bags

Whether you need a small or large size of laminated jute bag, we can provide it all. A laminated jute bag is available in any color and design you want. It is made from high-quality materials.

Garment Cover

We produce garment covers using high-quality materials, such as non-woven, nylon, cotton, and many more. It is available in any color or size.

Dress Cover Bag
Dress Cover Bag

A dress cover bag has many outstanding features and details. For example, at the bottom of the dress cover bag has a small shell fabric hook.

Cotton Garment Bags
Cotton Garment Bags

Some of our cotton garment bags are designed with window and other has a heavy duty zipper. You can opt for different colors, designs, and sizes.

Luxury Garment Bag
Luxury Garment Bag

The luxury garment bag is dust-proof. We produce a luxury garment bag with many features like a transparent shoe compartment, window, and many more.

PEVA Garment Bags
PEVA Garment Bags

The PEVA garment bag is waterproof, insect resistant, and dust resistance. We can customize the PEVA garment bag in any size, color, logo, and design you want.

Advertising Garment Bag
Advertising Garment Bag
Black Acid Free Garment Bag
Black Acid Free Garment Bag
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Unsurpassed Features

The garment bag from Gentle Packing is designed with impressive specifications and unsurpassed features:

Easy to Carry. Garments bags are lightweight, making them accessible and convenient to carry in different places. 

Provides External Storage. Most garment bags come with multiple pockets. It is an advantage to have easy access to gather your minimal items. 

Easy to Loop. Garment bags are available with durable hanging hooks, making them simple to hang on a clothesline.

Saves on Storage. Garment bags are the easiest and quickest solution to garment storage. It has sufficient space in placing all your essential clothes and items. 

Unsurpassed Features
Endless Advantages

Endless Advantages

Gentle Packing garment bags are beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Gentle bags prevents your valuable clothes from attracting dirt, dust, moth, odor, and other unwanted elements. 
  • Cost-effective clothes protector.
  • Sturdy and perfect for moving, traveling, or shipping.
  • It also has reinforced hangers for heavier garments and clothes. 
  • Highly convenient for garment storage.

You can rely upon Gentle Packing for your garment bags. Depending on your specifications and request, we can provide you with several different models, sizes, and colors. 

Effective for Brand Promotion

Gentle Packing garment bags are incredibly efficient and effective for your apparel business. However, branding garment bags include alluring designs, colors, printing styles, and logos to attract a visible presence and more attention from the customers.

Choose Gentle Packing as your reliable lifetime business partner. We have countless marketing and servicing strategy that are possibly helpful in taking your business to the next level of success. 

Effective for Brand Promotion

Gentle Packing - Your Reliable Garment Bags Provider

Garment Bag Factory
Garment Bag Factory

The Gentle Packing designs a series of garment bags using reusable synthetic materials, such as RPET, PEVA, PPNW, and more. However, we also use natural fabrics, like linen and cotton. We professionally print your customized logos and decorations using hot stamped, embroidery, or silk-screened. Our creative design team can also add unique finishing styles such as zipper pulls, pipings, handles, grommets, or pockets. Printing your brand name or logos into custom garment bags advertises your business every time your end customers use them.

Don’t hesitate to negotiate with us now!

Garment Bag

Gentle Packing supplies a comprehensive range of garment bag options, to widen your customers’ selections. We customize them for particular applications and elevate business product designs and sales. That includes the following:

  • Garment bag without handle
  • Garment bag with handle
  • Snaps button garment bag
  • Garment bag with zipper
  • Hook and Loop Garment bag
Garment Bag

Gentle packing possessed the following advantages as your supplier. With more than a decade of manufacturing experience, we:

  • Became worldwide wholesalers, brand, and trading company provider
  • Supplies custom garment bags using high-quality fabrics
  • EU REACH, ISO9001, and SA8000 tested
  • Produced more than a hundred thousand pieces of garment bags in a quick turnaround time
  • Guarantee fast and secure delivery
  • Warmly welcome OEM designs

Factors to Consider When Requesting Customized Garment Bags

Bag Length
Bag Length

The bags for garments come in various size options. Depending on applications, like when they’re for long dresses, shirts, or jackets, the length indeed matters. However, requesting bulky garment bags with different lengths enables your customers to find their needed ones easily. Whether they are for your customers’ travels or homes, Gentle Packing provides your requests.

Storage Features
Storage Features

Gentle Packing supplies garment bags with added storage features. Typically for shoes, non-hanging clothes, laptops, etc. These features are in-demand in markets, especially for most customers searching for bags with multi-purposes. It helps them minimize the number of bags to carry when traveling. 

Garment Bag Foldability

Most end customers find portable and space-saving garment bags when not in use. Gentle Packing creatively designs them with foldability features, making them in demand for most projects and retail apparel shops. We customize their foldability capacity according to your requests.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Garment Bags

What is a garment bag?

A garment bag is a type of luggage used for transporting clothing items like suits, dresses, and other formal wear to ensure they remain wrinkle-free and protected during travel.

Are there different types of garment bags available?

Yes, there are various styles including foldable bags, rolling garment bags, and bi-fold or tri-fold designs, each tailored for specific travel or storage needs.

How do I select the best garment bag for airline travel?

Look for lightweight, durable bags that comply with airline carry-on specifications. Some even have wheels and a handle for ease of transportation.

Are garment bags waterproof?

While some garment bags offer water-resistant materials, not all are entirely waterproof. Check the product details or inquire with the manufacturer for specifics.

Can garment bags also carry other travel essentials?

Many garment bags feature additional compartments or pockets for accessories, shoes, or toiletries, making them versatile travel companions.

How can I ensure my clothes remain wrinkle-free in a garment bag?

Ensure your clothes are neatly pressed before packing. Using internal straps to secure clothing and adding tissue paper or dryer sheets can also help prevent wrinkles.

Is it possible to get custom-designed garment bags with my brand logo?

Absolutely. Many suppliers offer customization options including color, design, and branding to match your business or personal preferences.

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable garment bags available?

Yes, many manufacturers now offer eco-friendly garment bags made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic, organic cotton, or other green alternatives.

Is there a weight limit for garment bags when flying?

Weight limits vary by airline and whether the garment bag is checked or carried on. Always verify with your specific airline before traveling.

Can I use garment bags for long-term storage?

While garment bags protect clothing during travel, for long-term storage, it’s essential to choose bags with breathable materials to prevent mold or mildew.

Do garment bags come with locks or security features?

Some garment bags feature integrated locks or are designed to accommodate travel-approved padlocks for added security during transit.

What materials are commonly used in garment bags?

Common materials include PP non woven, nylon, polyester, leather, and sometimes canvas, each offering different benefits in terms of durability, weight, and aesthetics.

Are there garment bags specifically designed for wedding dresses or other special attire?

Yes, there are specialty garment bags tailored for wedding dresses, evening gowns, and other unique clothing items, offering extra protection and space. The size normally is larger then regular suit cover.

How much can I expect to pay for a high-quality garment bag?

Prices vary based on material, brand, size, and features. While basic bags can be quite affordable, luxury or feature-rich options may come at a premium. Normally within USD 1 if purchase from China Manufacturer

Are there compact garment bags for quick business trips?

Absolutely. Compact, foldable garment bags are perfect for short trips, ensuring your formal wear remains in pristine condition without the bulk of larger bags.

Do all garment bags come with hangers?

Not all do, but many include a hanger hole or are designed to accommodate hangers, ensuring clothes hang properly and remain wrinkle-free.

Are there options to incorporate recyclable or biodegradable materials in our custom garment bags?

Absolutely. we offer garment bags made from recyclable materials or biodegradable materials Like Recycled PET,  organic cotton, aiding brands in their sustainability efforts.

How resistant are these garment bags to wear and tear, especially if we're targeting a premium market?

Premium garment bags are designed with durability in mind, using higher-grade materials and manufacturing processes to ensure resistance to wear and tear.

Can we get garment bags that have both handles and shoulder straps?

Yes, many manufacturers offer versatile design options, including both handles and detachable or adjustable shoulder straps for convenience.

How do the costs compare between standard garment bags and custom-designed ones?

Custom-designed bags typically come at a premium due to the unique materials, design, and branding. However, the added cost often translates to enhanced brand perception and customer experience.

How can we make our garment bags stand out in a saturated retail market?

By incorporating unique designs, sustainable materials, digital integrations, and quality craftsmanship, your garment bags can distinguish themselves from competitors.

Is it possible to include additional packaging items like branded hangers or garment covers with our custom bag order?

Many suppliers provide holistic packaging solutions, allowing you to add complementary items such as branded hangers or covers to your order.

If we want to shift towards more sustainable packaging solutions, how can garment bags play a role in this transition?

Garment bags made from eco-friendly materials or designed for reusability can be a cornerstone in a brand’s shift towards sustainable packaging, helping reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices among customers.

How can we ensure that our garment bags resonate with our target audience's values and lifestyle?

By aligning the bag’s design, materials, and functionality with your brand’s identity and the preferences of your target demographic, you can create a product that deeply resonates with your audience.

How can we ensure that our garment bags are ethically produced?

It’s essential to work with suppliers who are transparent about their manufacturing processes. Consider third-party audits or certifications that verify ethical production standards.

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