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The drawstring bags are best for packing gifts, protecting, and storing items. As an ec0-friendly bag, the drawstring bags can be added with additional pockets or accessories. Unique and likeable appearance are remarkable features of the drawstring bags. They can store school stuff, office stuff, and even household items. In addition, the drawstring bags are washable and reusable.

  • Offers hassle-free solution
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customizable and very durable
  • Great for storing a wide range of items.

Gentle Drawstring Bags

Custom Drawstring Bags

Custom drawstring bags come in custom colors, prints, and sizes. They are multi-purpose and are manufactured using machine washable material. Plus, they are easy to care for and long-lasting.

Non Woven Drawstring Bag
Non Woven Drawstring Bag

Non woven drawstring bags can broaden to support several things for daily use. They are available in different styles, prints, and colors you desire. They are also perfect for travel and can carry glasses, brushes, etc.

Canvas Drawstring Bags

Canvas drawstring bags can be used as a camera bag, for keeping period essentials, and travel products. They keep safe whatever products you put them.

Cloth Drawstring Bags
Cloth Drawstring Bags

The cloth drawstring bags are small enough to store travel products, like brushes, glasses, hairdryers, and more. They are also used to store dirty clothes or toiletries when travelling.

Cotton Drawstring Bags

Cotton drawstring bags are durable bags made of cotton material. They are used as promotional bags, sports bags, and travel bags. They are also eco-friendly and cheap bags.

Velvet Drawstring Bag

Velvet drawstring bag is a kind of small pouch, which made by soft velvet material, with lots of color options for your choose. It’s a perfect solution for gift packaging.

Drawstring Gym Bag
Drawstring Gym Bag

Drawstring gym bags are unique bags used at gyms. They have simple styles yet are catchy. And also, they are made of top-grade material which makes it more durable.

Waterproof Drawstring Bag
Waterproof Drawstring Bag

Waterproof drawstring bags are suitable to use as camping bags, boating bags, and hiking bags. They are easy to carry and very portable bags. Plus, they features small pockets.

Organza Bags
Organza Bags

Organza bags are popular for their great transparency. These bags feature sheerness, lightweight, breathability, rigidity, and ease to tear. Plus, they are available at lower rates.

Satin Drawstring Bags
Satin Drawstring Bags

Satin drawstring bags feature sturdy designs, sustainable, reusable, and a great substitute for plastic bags. They are made out of machine-washable materials, making them low-maintenance bags.

Linen Drawstring Bags
Linen Drawstring Bags

The linen drawstring bags are designed to secure whatever is inside. Commonly, they are used as food packaging bags, including mushrooms, fruits, and flour. And also, they are a cheap option.

Muslin Drawstring Bags
Muslin Drawstring Bags

Muslin drawstring bags come in different sizes, prints, and styles. Smaller muslin drawstring bags are perfect as small product packaging, storage, and shipping bags.

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The drawstring bag from Gentle Packing is made from ultra-strong fabric materials. It is durable, sustainable, and fabricated that last longer. Moreover, an extensive range of drawstring bags is very handy and valuable for gym work, school work, traveling, etc. 

Utilize this versatile drawstring bag with your creative styles and chosen colors. If you need an adequate quantity of drawstring bags for your projects, or business, Gentle Packing is the right place you can visit. 

Travel Friendly

Travel Friendly

A high-quality drawstring bag is ideal to use as a carry-on bag for both short-trip and long-trip travel. It is sturdy enough to keep all necessary things and items safe during your trip. With a soft and robust drawstring for ease and comfort.

Gentle Packing assure reliable and long-lasting drawstring bags for further use. We can offer a low minimum order quantity of drawstring bags for wholesale and retail. 


Gentle Packing offers an immense drawstring bag selection with countless customization features and properties. You have the right to pick out what materials, fabrication styles, designs, printing methods, color combinations, unique logos, branding information, monograms, and symbols for your drawstring bags.

Please do not hesitate to share your creativity for wholesale drawstring bags with us. Our team has rich knowledge and experience in creating the best products. 


Gentle Packing - Your Trusted Drawstring Provider

Drawstring Factory 1
Drawstring Factory 2

Gentle Packing professionally creates a comprehensive range of drawstring bags for various usages. We made them from eco-friendly materials, including canvas, cotton, polyester, etc. Numerous materials used for such bags feature lightweight and durable. Our design team also offers customized prints using transfer procedure, sublimation, or silk screen printing techniques. We ensure high-quality and unfading patterns for your customize drawstring bags with our strict quality control systems.

Feel free to communicate with our service team and expert an immediate response!

Drawstring Factory Production

Gentle packing performs the following in-order production procedures to provide your ordered drawstring bags precisely.

  1. Fabric or material cutting procedure
  2. Machine printing process
  3. Silkscreen or custom printing techniques
  4. Swing drawstring bag operation
  5. Bag products quality inspections
  6. Packaging
  7. And delivery
Drawstring Factory Services
  • Tried & Tested: As a trusted drawstring bag provider, we have worked with multinational apparel corporations and industry leaders. We have gained a good reputation for providing high-quality products.
  • Custom Quality Prints: We perform sublimation, silkscreen, etc., procedures to achieve lasting and satisfying prints.
  • Professional Team: Gentle Packing has a professional design team willing to recommend or elevate your desired drawstring designs.
  • Large Savings: Purchasing high bulky drawstring bags and other related products guarantee larger saving and higher money return.

Repurposed Projects of Drawstring Bags

Shoe Bags
Shoe Bags

Drawstring bags of suitable sizes can be used or different shoes. Whether for bowling, running, or golfing shoes, these drawstring bags secure them. These bags are essential for those who need extra pair of shoes to carry when traveling.

Gift Bags
Gift Bags

The drawstring-type of bags can also be reused as gift bags. You can just request customized patterns, decorations, or prints. These are fun projects for occasions or events, promoting, and advertising your business products.

Toy Storage
Toy Storage

Custom drawstring bags are also utilized for storing toys for business sales and at home. They help maintain and keep the kids’ toys organized. These reusable bags are perfect especially for small stuff and toys, making them easy to find after playing.

Charity Donations
Charity Donations

Drawstring-type of bags is effective packaging and secure charity donations. Whether you donate cosmetics, school, office supplies, or food, these bags are ideal for that. They are eco-friendly packaging and promote environmental awareness at the same time.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Drawstring Bags

What is a drawstring bag?

A drawstring bag is a versatile bag made from various materials, closed at the top using a drawstring, allowing for easy opening and securing of contents.

What materials are commonly used to make drawstring bags?

Drawstring bags can be made from materials like PP non woven, cotton, nylon, polyester, canvas, and even leather.

What are the typical uses of drawstring bags?

They are often used as gym bags, backpacks for light travel, promotional items at events, or for packaging gifts and products.

Are drawstring bags durable?

The durability largely depends on the material and construction quality, but many are designed to be sturdy for repeated use.

Are drawstring bags eco-friendly?

Bags made from natural or recycled materials can be eco-friendly. Always check the production process and materials used to determine eco-friendliness.

Why choose drawstring bags over traditional backpacks?

Drawstring bags are lightweight, easily foldable, and often more affordable, making them suitable for quick trips, events, or promotional giveaways.

How much weight can a drawstring bag hold?

Weight capacity depends on the bag’s size, material, and stitching. Always check with the manufacturer for specific weight recommendations.

Are drawstring bags suitable for children?

Yes, they are often used as school or activity bags for children, but always ensure the drawstrings are used safely to prevent any hazards.

Do drawstring bags offer compartments or pockets?

While the main design is usually one large compartment, some bags feature inner or outer pockets for additional organization.

Are drawstring bags waterproof?

It depends on the material. While nylon or specially-coated bags might offer water resistance, others like cotton might not.

Why are drawstring bags popular as promotional items?

They’re affordable, versatile, and offer a large branding area, making them effective for marketing campaigns or events.

How to ensure the drawstring doesn't fray or break?

Avoid overloading the bag, and if the ends are fraying, consider using aglets or knots to prevent further wear.

Can drawstring bags be recycled?

Bags made from recyclable materials like cotton or certain plastics can be recycled. Always check the material specifics and local recycling guidelines.

Is it safe to carry electronics in drawstring bags?

While they can hold electronics, it’s advisable to use additional padding or protection, especially if the bag isn’t water-resistant.

Are there padded drawstring bags for extra protection?

Some drawstring bags come with padded back panels or bases for additional comfort and protection, especially if used to carry electronics or fragile items.

Is there a trend in the design or style of drawstring bags?

Trends vary, but printed patterns, logos, and unique materials (like eco-friendly options) have gained popularity in recent years.

Do drawstring bags provide good weight distribution when worn as backpacks?

While they’re suitable for light to moderate weights, they might not distribute weight as evenly as structured backpacks, especially when carrying heavier items. Wearing both strings on your shoulders can help distribute the weight better.

Is it possible to get drawstring bags with branding for corporate events?

Yes, Gentle Packing offer custom branding on drawstring bags, making them excellent promotional items for corporate events, trade shows, or giveaways.

How long does a typical drawstring bag last?

With proper care and moderate use, a good-quality drawstring bag can last several years. The lifespan can vary depending on the material and usage frequency.

Are there any safety concerns with drawstrings, especially for children?

Yes, there have been concerns about drawstrings getting caught or wrapped around children’s necks. Always supervise young children when using these bags and consider shortening the strings or removing them if necessary.

What's the difference between drawstring bags and cinch sacks?

They are essentially the same. Both have a simple design with a drawstring closure at the top, although there might be slight design variations based on brands or regions.

How does the price of drawstring bags compare to other bag types?

Drawstring bags are generally more affordable due to their simple design and construction. However, prices can vary based on material, brand, and customization.

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