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More marketing companies prefer custom tote bags than any bag. Canvas is a popular material for personalized bags, and the possibilities are that the following customized bags you pass is composed of the canvas. It is the preferred cloth for a variety of purposes, most notably the following:

  • It possesses an exceptional strength-to-weight proportion.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It is easily cleanable.
  • It is ideally suited for imprinting.
  • It’s entirely organic.
  • It has something to do with the environment.
  • It is cost-effective.

Gentle Packaging custom paper bags are the preferred option among several shoppers, distributors, sellers, and retailers. You’ll discover a selection of distinctive custom paper bag designs and customization options below.

Custom Tote Bag

Custom Eco Beach Tote Bag
Custom Eco Beach Tote Bag

The custom eco beach tote bag has an expandable design and is easy to clean. Aside from the beach, the custom eco beach tote bag is also great for the gym, travel, camping, and hiking. With great design, cotton bags are also fashionable. Custom logo can be solid colours or CMYK.

Custom Logo Printed Eco Recycle Natural Foldable Tote Bag

Custom logo printed eco recycle natural tote bag is extremely durable, lightweight, and waterproof, protecting the content inside.

Custom Printed Logo Shoulder Bag Zipper Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Custom Printed Logo Shoulder Bag Zipper Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Custom printed logo shoulder bag zipper cotton canvas tote bag is not hard to bring. It features a comfortable handle, allowing them to carry easily.

Customized Fashion Large Canvas Tote Packing Bag

Customized fashion large canvas tote packing bag is applicable for multi-use and has a unique design. It can be foldable and washable when required.

Environment-Friendly Custom Tote Shopping Bags

Environment-friendly custom tote shopping bags have a large capacity and great durability. It is comfortable to use during travel, work, and other applications. 

Hot Sale Eco-Friendly Cotton Shopping Canvas Tote Bag
Hot Sale Eco-Friendly Cotton Shopping Canvas Tote Bag

A hot sale eco-friendly cotton shopping canvas tote bag can bring anytime and anywhere—the perfect choice for professional women, nurses, teachers, and more.

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Great Material Selection

For all of our custom tote bags, Gentle Packing offers a range of distinctive materials. You can choose nylon, natural cotton, poly, plastic, vinyl, paper, or jute.

However, natural cotton and canvas are the most common material utilized. It’s because of its lightweight and easy-to-clean features. Regardless of your budget or preference, we have the material you need for customizing your tote bags.

Great Material Selection
Custom Tote Bag Design

Custom Tote Bag Design

Whether you’re promoting a business or having particular projects, you can rely on Gentle Packing for custom tote bag design. We will let you print any design you like on the front and back. You can choose a design like motivation quotes, character, color, block, or any design you love.

With a custom tote bag from Gentle Packaging, you can let your brand shine.

Tote Bag Printing

Gentle Packing utilizes state-of-the-art printing equipment to give each custom tote bag a professional finish. Our variety of printing options helps tote bags customization simple. The following are some of the imprinting techniques:

Screen printing: cost-effective method of big batches of fabric/plastic tote bags

DTG: allows infinite colors and exquisite detail, print images, and complex drawings onto fabric.

Sublimation: Only polyester materials may often be sublimated. May print detailed designs all over your tote bag.

Heat Transfers: it’s ideal for CMYK full-color graphics. Will not peel, crack, or fade, and they are very long-lasting.

Digital Printing: To print cotton with a large printer

UV printing: New printing technique, to reach vivid print onto cotton fabric

Tote Bag Printing

Gentle Packing - Professional Custom Tote Bags Supplier

Professional Custom Tote Bags Supplier
Professional Custom Tote Bags Supplier

Gentle Packing is the perfect one-stop solution for your custom tote bag needs. Having these packaging bags in business are essential for advertising your brand. With your logo printed on it in different printing methods, these custom tote bags will speak up for your brand and help you be more recognized. Also, they are made of different materials, colors, and prices. Just tell us your custom needs. Contact us!

Gentle Packing Custom Process
Gentle Packing Custom Process
  • Request a Quote – Please contact us and send us your concept or draft. Then, our experts will provide you with an accurate quotation that includes packaging details.
  • Sampling & Artwork – You can either send us your design or have one created by our talented designers. Then, we’ll make a sample and send it to you for testing.
  • Mass Manufacturing – We will begin mass production after you have approved the sample. The quality will not differ from the sample’s quality.
  • Shipping& Packaging – We will carefully pack your custom tote bags into carton boxes and secure them for shipment to avoid wrinkling, damage, or loss.
Send Your Design, We'll Make It
Send Your Design, We’ll Make it!

You can create perfect tote bags design to represent your business. We can provide any color, style, or material for your custom tote bags.

  • We can make custom tote bags with woven threads for handles or ribbons.
  • We make them in different shapes, irregular forms, or flat-bottom.
  • Different sizes are available in accordance with your needs.
  • Any finish, colors, or additional features are available.
  • Tote bag handles, zippers, eyelet, and any structural design is customizable.

Custom Tote Bags Characteristics

Stylish, Appealing Looks
Stylish, Appealing Looks

Gentle Packing provides custom tote bags with stylish and appealing designs. They can be used as retail packaging bags, factory bags, and personal use bags. Your business logo can be printed in the most appealing ways.

Lightweight but Robust
Lightweight but Robust Material

Your customers will love them when they are lightweight yet not easy to shatter. These custom tote bags are made of lightweight material, which helps to not cause neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain. However, they can be used for many times.

Custom Printed

We supply custom tote bags with your custom logo on them. Using them for business will help you save money since they are inexpensive marketing tools.

Long-Lasting & Durable
Long-Lasting & Durable

Our custom tote bags are popular for being durable and long-lasting. Customers can keep reusing them until eight months or more.  This only means, that the long-lasting the bags are, the long time you can advertise your brand to many people.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Custom Tote Bag

What is a custom tote bag?

A custom tote bag is tailored according to specific design preferences, including logos, colors, patterns, and sometimes even size and material, to cater to individual or business requirements.

How can I customize a tote bag?

You can customize it by adding personal artwork, logos, slogans, or other graphics. Many companies also allow customization in terms of size, material, and handle length.

Why should I consider custom tote bags for my event or business?

Custom tote bags are an excellent promotional tool, offering brand visibility every time the bag is used. They’re also eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.

What materials can I choose for my custom tote bag?

Common options include cotton, canvas, polyester, jute, and non-woven polypropylene.

Is there a minimum order requirement for custom tote bags?

It varies by manufacturer. Some may require bulk orders, while others may cater to small batches or even individual orders.

Gentle Packing’s MOQ is 500 pcs

How long does it take to produce and deliver custom tote bags?

Production and delivery timelines depend on order size, design complexity, and the manufacturer. Typically, it might range from a week to a month.

Are custom tote bags more expensive than standard ones?

How do I ensure the print quality on my custom tote bag is good?
Given the unique design elements, they can be pricier than generic bags. However, costs might decrease with bulk orders.

How do I ensure the print quality on my custom tote bag is good?

Work with reputable manufacturers and provide high-resolution images or artwork for printing.

Can I get a sample before ordering in bulk?

Most manufacturers offer sample options to ensure you’re satisfied with the design and quality before a full order.

Do colors on custom tote bags fade with time?

While quality bags retain colors for a long time, some fading might occur with frequent washing or sun exposure.

What's the best size for a custom tote bag?

This depends on its intended use. A standard size is around 15″x16″, but sizes can be adjusted to cater to specific needs.

Can I choose the handle length for my custom tote bag?

Yes, many manufacturers allow customization of handle lengths, whether you want them short, over-the-shoulder, or cross-body.

Is digital printing or screen printing better for custom tote bags?

Digital printing is better for intricate and multi-colored designs, while silkscreen print for solid colors.

Can I get a custom tote bag with a laminated finish?

Yes, laminated finishes are available, especially on non-woven polypropylene bags, to provide a smooth, shiny surface and additional durability.

Is there a guarantee on the print of custom tote bags?

This depends on the manufacturer. It’s wise to discuss guarantees or warranties before placing an order, especially for large quantities.

Can I have embroidery on my custom tote bag instead of printing?

Yes, you can.

Are there eco-friendly inks used for custom tote bags?

Many manufacturers have adopted eco-friendly, water-based inks to reduce environmental impact. Always ask and specify if this is a preference for you.

How do I choose between a landscape and portrait orientation for my custom tote bag design?

Consider the design’s purpose. For instance, longer logos or text might fit better on a landscape orientation, while portrait might be preferable for taller designs.

Can I get a draft or mock-up of the custom tote bag before finalizing the order?

Gentle Packing provide a digital mock-up or draft for approval before production begins.

Do custom tote bags come with volume discounts?

Typically, the larger the order, the lower the price per bag. Many manufacturers offer volume discounts as an incentive for bulk purchases.

Can I reorder the same custom tote bag design in the future?

Yes, most manufacturers keep design specifications on file, making reordering simpler and ensuring consistency in subsequent batches.

How do I ensure the colors on my custom tote bag match my brand guidelines?

Provide the manufacturer with specific color codes, like Pantone numbers or CMYK values, to ensure color accuracy. It’s also a good idea to request a sample before bulk production.

Are there weight restrictions for what can be carried in a custom tote bag?

The weight a tote bag can carry depends on the material and stitching quality. Most standard tote bags can handle between 5-15 pounds, but always check with the manufacturer if you have specific weight requirements.

Can I order custom tote bags in different sizes in one batch?

Yes, we allow mixed-size orders, though it may affect the pricing or production timeline.

Is there a setup fee for creating a custom tote bag design?

This varies among manufacturers. Some might include setup fees, especially for screen printing, while others might offer free setup as a promotion or for larger orders.

Can I add custom tags or labels to my tote bags?

Yes, many manufacturers provide options to add custom tags or labels, which can be useful for branding or care instructions.

What's the environmental impact of producing custom tote bags?

While tote bags, especially those made from organic or recycled materials, are environmentally friendly, the impact varies based on material, production methods, and transportation. Opting for local manufacturers and sustainable materials can minimize the footprint.

What if I'm not sure about the design I want for my custom tote bag?

Gentle Packing have in-house design teams that can assist in creating a design that suits your needs and vision.

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