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Custom shopping bags can be designed according to the customer’s specifications. Due to their affordability, customized shopping bags are widely used in different business sectors. Moreover, custom shopping bags are also welcome for OEM and ODM services, making original or unique designs. Highly made from reliable, strong, and long-lasting materials.

Gentle Packing offers professional customization services for shopping bags and other bags. You can request and send your shopping bag layout, and Gentle Packing will do the better-customized services.

Custom Shopping Bags

Custom Kraft Paper Shopping Bag with Ribbon Handle

The custom kraft paper shopping bag with ribbon handles is available in a variety of beautiful colors and designs. Your brand logo, custom message, or designs can be printed on them. They can be used when shopping or for packing gifts.

Custom Logo Printed Die Cut Shopping Bags

The custom logo printed die cut shopping bags have cut-out and reinforced handles for convenient carrying. They can be used as retail bags or promotional items for your business. Your brand logo, slogan, and custom designs can be imprinted on the bags’ front surface.

Custom Printed Restaurant Plastic Shopping Bag
Custom Printed Restaurant Plastic Shopping Bag

The custom printed restaurant plastic shopping bags are an effective way to advertise your company or brand name to the clients. They are the perfect choice for any type of restaurant and catering enterprise. They are sturdy enough to handle food takeout containers.

Custom Printing Design Clothes Plastic Carry Bag
Custom Printing Design Clothes Plastic Carry Bag

The custom printing design clothes plastic carry bags are moisture-proof, smell-proof, high-quality, and durable. They can be imprinted with your brand logo on their 1 or both sides. They are commonly used for packaging clothes, groceries, jewellery, cosmetics, and more.

Custom Unisex Handbags Canvas Tote Bag

The custom unisex handbags canvas tote bags can be used on a daily basis, when traveling, or shopping. They are available in different sizes, pattern designs, and colors such as white, pink, brown, gray, and more. Your own logo and designs can be imprinted on them.

High Quality Cheap Price Custom Shopping Paper Bags

The custom shopping paper bags are eco-friendly, high-quality, non-toxic, highly durable. They are widely used in shoe stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing stores, and other shops. Your brand logo, designs, custom sizes, and colors are welcome.

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Custom Shopping Bag Printing

Here in Gentle Packing, we offer mainly 8 ways to print custom shopping bags. We can print your designs through silkscreen printing, transfer printing, gravure printing, digital printing, hot foil stamping, UV print, thermal sublimation print, embroidery, etc. You can send us your specific designs using a vector art file.

You can combine any bag size for printing. Rest assured that we can provide 1 week’s lead time upon placing your design details. Any colors and designs can be printed on your custom shopping bag orders. Send us your designs now!

Custom Shopping Bag Printing
Wide Range of Designs

Wide Range of Designs

We manufacture custom shopping bags with a wide range of designs such as tote shopping bags with inner, foldable, laminated, unlaminated, promotional bags, and more.

We can design your custom shopping bags using different high-quality materials, printing methods, and high-quality stitching. Rest assured that each design is tailored to your specifications.

High-Quality Materials

Gentle Packing uses a variety of materials and fabrics to produce custom shopping bags. We use materials such as:

  • PP Non-woven fabric & PP woven material
  • Recycled PET
  • Cotton & Jute
  • 600D polyester
  • Nylon fabric
  • PVC
  • More

If you have specific materials that you want to use for your custom shopping bags, we can customize them for you. Just send us your inquiries!

High-Quality Materials

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Custom Shopping Bags

What is a custom shopping bag?

A custom shopping bag is a bag tailored to specific design preferences, often featuring unique colors, logos, or patterns chosen by the customer.

How can I order a custom shopping bag?

Many online retailers and manufacturers offer customization options. You can upload your design, choose materials, and specify other preferences during the order process.

What materials are available for custom shopping bags?

Common materials include PP non woven, canvas, cotton, jute, nylon, and recycled PET, among others, each offering different customization possibilities.

Can I add my business logo to a custom shopping bag?

Yes, many customization services provide options for logo imprinting or embroidery, allowing businesses to enhance brand visibility.

How detailed can my custom design be on a shopping bag?

This largely depends on the printing method and bag material. Digital printing allows for intricate designs, but it’s best to consult with the manufacturer for specific capabilities.

What color options are available for custom shopping bags?

While this varies by provider, many offer a wide range of colors, and some even provide Pantone matching for precise branding needs.

Is it possible to get a two-sided print on my custom shopping bag?

Yes, many custom bag providers offer double-sided printing, though it might come at an additional cost.

Can I order a custom shopping bag with internal pockets or compartments?

Certainly. Some manufacturers offer customization beyond external design, including internal features for added functionality.

Are there setup fees associated with custom shopping bag orders?

This varies. While some providers have setup fees, especially for intricate designs or unique printing processes, others may include it in the overall cost.

What are the benefits of using custom shopping bags for events or trade shows?

Custom bags can enhance brand recall, offer a useful takeaway for attendees, and create a unified appearance for your brand presence.

How do I submit my design for a custom shopping bag?

Most providers allow digital submissions, typically requesting high-resolution images or vector files to ensure clarity during printing.

Can I get a proof or mock-up of my custom shopping bag before the full order is printed?

Yes, reputable manufacturers often provide digital proofs or even physical samples upon request to ensure customer satisfaction with the design.

How durable are prints on custom shopping bags?

Print durability depends on the printing method and material but opting for high-quality services ensures designs that resist fading or peeling.

Can I choose the type and length of handles for my custom bag?

We offer handle customization options, from material to length, to match the desired look and functionality.

Are there eco-friendly inks and dyes available for custom shopping bag designs?

Absolutely. As sustainability becomes a priority, many manufacturers now offer eco-friendly inks that are less harmful to the environment.

Can I reorder a previous custom design easily?

Most providers keep past designs on file, making reordering simpler and often faster since the design is already approved.

How do custom shopping bags compare in price to standard ones?

Custom designs can be pricier due to the personalization process, but the unique branding and marketing value can justify the investment.

How do I determine the right size for my custom shopping bag?

Consider the intended use and what you anticipate your customers or users will carry in it. Manufacturers can provide guidance based on your requirements.

Can I get a custom shopping bag with a zipper or closure?

Yes, many manufacturers offer custom bags with various closure options, from zippers to snaps to drawstrings.

Is there a difference in quality between different custom shopping bag providers?

Absolutely. It’s crucial to research and review provider portfolios, customer reviews, and potential samples to ensure quality.

Can I design a custom shopping bag with both matte and glossy finishes?

Some manufacturers offer different finishes for added design depth. It’s best to discuss your vision with the provider.

How can I make my custom shopping bag stand out?

Unique designs, high-quality materials, and thoughtful features (like pockets or unique closures) can make your custom bag distinctive.

Can I order custom shopping bags made from recycled or upcycled materials?

Yes, many providers prioritize sustainability and offer options using recycled or upcycled materials, aligning with eco-conscious branding.

Is there a difference in print quality between different materials for custom shopping bags?

Print quality can vary based on material. Smooth surfaces like nylon or polyester may display sharper prints than textured materials like jute.

How fade-resistant are the designs on custom shopping bags?

Design intricacy largely depends on the printing method and material of the bag. While digital printing can handle complex designs, it’s always good to consult the manufacturer for best results.

Are there specific color limitations for custom shopping bags?

While most manufacturers offer a wide color range, some might have limitations based on the printing process or material. Some providers even offer Pantone color matching for precise branding.

Are there any setup or design fees for custom shopping bags?

This varies among providers. Some might charge a setup fee, especially for intricate designs, while others might embed the cost in the product price.

Why should businesses consider using custom shopping bags for promotional events or trade shows?

Custom bags can serve as effective promotional tools, enhancing brand recall and offering attendees a practical and memorable takeaway.

Are eco-friendly printing options available for custom shopping bags?

Yes, with the increasing focus on sustainability, many providers offer eco-friendly inks and dyes that are less harmful to the environment.

How do custom shopping bags compare in cost to pre-made ones?

While custom bags can be pricier due to the personalization process, the unique branding and potential marketing value often make them a worthwhile investment.

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