Custom Reusable Bags

Gentle Packing provides a custom reusable bag to match your preferences.

We support a low MOQ of 500 pcs. for your starting business.

Your Professional Custom Reusable Bags Supplier in China

The custom reusable bag is the most popular nowadays because of its versatile style. You can fabricate whatever the designs would be. It’s perfect for giveaways or giving gifts, and you’ll be using it for a long time; most importantly, it provides a memorable impact. Many clients would prefer this for its distinct appearance.

  • Made of 100% polypropylene nonwoven fabrics
  • Promote eco-friendly
  • It is affordable and long-lasting
  • Identify potential customers and prospects.
  • Can create your custom reusable bag truly represent your brand
  • Tear-wear free handle

Gentle packing is a well-known customizable reusable bag manufacturer in the market today. We provide you with options so that you can determine which bespoke reusable bag.

is right for you.

Custom Reusable Bags

Custom Logo Eco Reusable Cloth Carrying Bags

Custom reusable carrying bags are made from durable jute material. Your preferred designs and logo are printable. These bags are eco-friendly and handy.

Custom Reusable Cotton Mesh Tote Bags

Custom reusable mesh bags are made from 100% cotton material. They are available in long and short handles. These bags are comfortable to carry on shopping or groceries.

Custom Thermo-Tote Cooler Reusable Bag

High-quality nylon zippers ensure the thermo-tote cooler reusable bags. This reusable bag is made from sturdy multi-layered non-woven materials. 

Nylon Black Personalized Recycled Reusable Nylon Zip Bag

The reusable nylon zip bags are made from waterproof fabric. They are available in plain, base gusset, or side gusset designs. Its materials are also suitable for logo printing processes.

Reusable Gunny Jute Shopping Bag

Reusable gunny jute shopping bags are available in various handle styles. This reusable bag is highly breathable and has anti-static features.

Reusable Tote Shopping Bag

The reusable tote shopping bags have a convenient shoulder handle and cartoon pocket. These tote bags are formed from materials like pp non-woven, pp woven, cotton, jute, polyester, nylon, paper, etc.

Black Botton Closure Custom Grocery Reusable Bags
Black Botton Closure Custom Grocery Reusable Bags
Custom D Cut Laminated Reusable Bag
Custom D Cut Laminated Reusable Bag
Custom D Cut Large Reusable Bag
Custom D Cut Large Reusable Bag
Custom D Cut Small Reusable Bag
Custom D Cut Small Reusable Bag
Custom Expandable Reusable Bag
Custom Expandable Reusable Bag
Custom Flat Reusable Bag
Custom Flat Reusable Bag
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Unique Printing Technique

Gentle Packing can custom reusable bags according to your unique print design. We can print logos, messages, or artwork with elegant colors through screen printing. Our custom print reusable bags offer high gradients, and highly detailed, and multi-color images.

Gentle Packing also prints custom reusable bags with a heat transfer process. This process makes the print brighter, clearer, flexible, and sharper result.

Moreover, Gentle Packing works with the Gravure imprint method. We can custom print your reusable bag with high image quality. These imprint methods are ideal for the large production of custom reusable bags.

You can rely on Gentle Packing for your custom reusable bags with unique print works.

Unique Printing Technique
High-Quality Materials

High-Quality Materials

Gentle Packing is using high-quality materials for the production of reusable bags. We can custom reusable bags according to the materials you choose, from pp non-woven, pp woven, nylon, cotton, polyester, recycled PET, etc.

These materials are making the bags more durable, strong, lightweight, versatile, water-resistant, and easily dyed for multiple color options. Gentle Packing uses organic materials as is it qualified by international standards.


Gentle Packing custom reusable bags can be washable through machine or hand wash. Custom reusable bags such as non-polypropylene, recycled PET, and jute can be hand washed. It can add to the life span of custom reusable bags.

Most custom reusable bags are easy to clean, extremely light, water-resistant, and long-lasting. We can provide a great selection of your custom reusable bag needs. Just send us your requirements and let our expert designers make them for you.


Gentle Packing | Your Reliable Custom Reusable Bag Manufacturer in China

Your Reliable Custom Reusable Bag Manufacturer in China
Your Reliable Custom Reusable Bag Manufacturer in China1

Gentle Packing is a professional manufacturer of custom reusable bags for more than 15 years. Our reusable bags are made from the highest quality, eco-friendly, and durable raw materials such as recycled PET, non-woven polypropylene, cotton, and many more. We offer a wide selection of reusable bags for various applications such as promotions, merchandizing, shopping, trade shows, and other applications.

We can also manufacture reusable bags in accordance with your specifications such as colors, materials, sizes, styles, features, and other details. Gentle Packing ensures to provide customized reusable bags with unmatched quality at the best prices! We support a low MOQ of 500 pieces and urgent orders of custom reusable bags. Contact us now for your inquiries!

Custom Reusable Bag Supplier | Gentle Packing

Wide Selection of Styles
Wide Selection of Styles

Our custom reusable bags come in a wide variety of styles:

  • Tote bags
  • D-cut bags
  • Ripstop bags
  • Hand bags
  • U-cut bags
  • Drawstring bags
  • W-cut bags

We can also customize the reusable bags to your required styles.

Why Choose Gentle Packing
Why Choose Gentle Packing
  1. Strict Quality Control – We have quality control in every manufacturing process of custom reusable bags. A lot of inspections and testing are done on the raw materials and finished reusable bags. We also check, inspect, and test every bag before delivering them.
  2. Rich Experience – For more than 15 years, Gentle Packing has been supplying high-quality and cost-effective custom reusable bags all over the world.
  3. Quick Turnaround Times – Gentle Packing has a fast turnaround time and support your urgent orders. Also, we can produce over 100,000 pieces of unique custom reusable bags daily.

Wide Range of Applications


Many retail stores, shopping malls, and other marketplaces have a goal of eliminating disposable plastic shopping bags in order to prevent landfills from being overburdened. That is why they use eco-friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, and reusable custom shopping bags. Reusable custom shopping bags are the ideal giveaway for your customers since they will use them daily and help spread brand awareness,

Promotional Purposes
Promotional Purposes

Custom reusable bags are a great way of marketing or promoting your brand or business. They can be imprinted with your brand logo, designs, message, slogan, or labels. You can use them for leaving a great impression on your customers or potential customers during trade shows, giveaways, product launching, brand development campaigns, conventions, and other events.


The custom reusable bags are also used for packaging wine bottles and other kinds of bottles. They can be made from various materials such as non-woven pp fabric, rPET, nylon, and other materials. Custom reusable bottle bags are widely used in many retail stores, wine shops, Christmas parties, and other events.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Custom Reusable Bags

What is a custom reusable bag?

A custom reusable bag is a bag designed according to specific requirements, including size, design, material, and branding, meant for multiple uses.

Why should I consider custom reusable bags for my brand?

They’re eco-friendly, reduce plastic waste, and offer a fantastic opportunity for brand promotion. What’s more, cost-effective.

What materials can be used for custom reusable bags?

Common materials include cotton, non-woven polypropylene, jute, nylon, canvas, paper, RPET, and more.

Are there size restrictions for custom reusable bags?

No, they can be tailored to any size depending on your needs and the manufacturer’s capabilities.

Can I print full-color designs on custom reusable bags?

Yes, we offer full-color printing options.

Full-color printing methods include thermal transfer print, digital print, UV print, etc.

How long does it take to produce custom reusable bags?

Production times vary based on the complexity of design, quantity, and manufacturer timelines, but a typical range is 2-4 weeks.

Gentle Packing support urgent order.

Are custom reusable bags environmentally friendly?

Yes, they reduce the need for single-use bags, lowering environmental waste. The eco-friendliness also depends on the material used.

Can custom reusable bags be recycled?

Depending on the material, many are recyclable. Always check the label and local recycling regulations.

What's the average lifespan of a custom reusable bag?

With proper care, they can last for years, depending on the material and quality.

Are custom reusable bags cost-effective for promotions?

Yes, they’re not only practical but also serve as walking advertisements every time they’re used.

Do manufacturers offer samples before final production?

Most reputable manufacturers will provide samples to ensure quality and design accuracy.

Can I order a small batch of custom reusable bags?

While bulk orders are more cost-effective, Gentle Packing offer small batch or even single-bag customizations.

How do custom reusable bags benefit businesses?

They enhance brand visibility, show eco-responsibility, and are a functional promotional tool.

Are custom reusable bags suitable for events or trade shows?

Absolutely! They’re perfect for attendees to carry promotional materials and later reuse in their daily lives.

Can custom reusable bags be made with pockets, zippers, or other additions?

Yes, custom bags can include a range of features based on your design requirements.

What's the weight capacity of custom reusable bags?

It varies based on material and design, but most can comfortably handle between 5-15kg.

How do I choose the right material for my custom reusable bag?

Consider your bag’s purpose, desired lifespan, budget, and the environmental impact of the material.

Are there any design limitations for custom reusable bags?

While there’s a lot of flexibility, certain materials or printing methods might have limitations. It’s best to discuss with the manufacturer.

Are custom reusable bags water-resistant?

Materials like non-woven polypropylene or laminated bags offer water-resistance, but it varies by material.

Is there a setup fee for custom reusable bag designs?

Some manufacturers may charge a setup fee, especially for intricate designs or specific printing techniques.

Can custom reusable bags be double-sided?

Yes, most can be printed on both sides, offering more space for branding or design.

Can I get a digital mockup before finalizing my custom reusable bag order?

Most manufacturers provide digital mockups to ensure design accuracy and satisfaction.

How do custom reusable bags impact the environment?

By reducing the demand for single-use plastics, they help in cutting down environmental waste. Their exact impact also depends on the material used and end-of-life disposal.

Can custom reusable bags be used for groceries?

Yes, many are designed with the strength and capacity suitable for grocery shopping.

How do custom reusable bags handle wear and tear?

Quality bags are designed to be durable. With proper care, they can handle wear and tear quite well.

Why are custom reusable bags becoming more popular?

Growing environmental concerns, coupled with their functionality and promotional benefits, have led to their rising popularity.

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