Custom Insulated Bag

Gentle Packing produces all types of custom insulated bags according to your requests.

With advanced production and printing machines.

Gentle guarantee high-standard custom insulated bags.



Your Professional Custom Insulated Bag Supplier in China

Custom insulated bags are made of materials with an insulated layer. If you have corporate or giveaway events, custom insulated bags are your best choice for promoting your business. Gentle Packaging has intricate customization options for insulated bags.

  • Maximum durability and sustainability
  • Versatile and economical
  • Able to be customized in anyways
  • Fully insulated; waterproof compartment

With Gentle Packaging customization possibilities, you can guarantee reliable material to improve the brand’s aesthetics.

Custom Insulated Bag

Insulated Thermal Office Box Tote Cooler Waxed Lunch Bag
Insulated Thermal Office Box Tote Cooler Bag

Insulated thermal office box tote cooler bags are water-resistant, very spacious, superior in quality, and provide great insulation. They also feature stylish, making them perfect for travel, work, etc.

Custom Insulated Tyvek Lunch Cooler Bag
Custom Insulated Tyvek Lunch Cooler Bag

Custom insulated Tyvek lunch cooler bags feature good tearing resistance, water resistance, durability, eco-friendly, and machine-washable. They are used to store medical supplies, picnic, food, and beverages.

Kraft Cooler Insulated Paper Tyvek Lunch Bag
Kraft Cooler Insulated Paper Tyvek Lunch Bag

Kraft cooler insulated paper Tyvek lunch bags are easy to clean, stylish, and have a versatile design. Their versatility enables you to keep your food secured. They are great for office work, picnic use, and more.

Big Cold Food Storage Keep Temperature Food Take-out Thermal Shipping Bags
Big cold food storage keeps temperature food take-out thermal shipping bags are containers that are easy to carry. They are used to keep the content’s hot and cold temperature. And also, they are leakproof and waterproof.
Custom Food Cooler Bags Insulated Lunch Bag

Custom food cooler bags insulated lunch bags come in various sizes, colors, and prints. They also feature front pockets to secure the content. And also, they are plastic-free and leak-proof.

Customized Waterproof Welded Insulated Cooler Bag
Customized Waterproof Welded Insulated Cooler Bag

Customized waterproof welded insulated cooler bags have insulated, thermal, and waterproof features. They are widely used to carry food. These bags allow the food remain hotter or cold for long.

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Why Gentle Custom Insulated Bag

Custom insulated bag with Gentle! We are a BSCI audited company that can help you design bags based on your requirements. Our 15+ years of expertise and professional knowledge allow us to deliver unique insulated bags for your business. Our company provides full creativity of design to your insulated bags while maintaining quality and cheap prices. All insulated bags are compliant with CA65, FDA, EN71, REACH standards.

Gentle custom insulated bags are portable and lightweight. It has an insulated and durable design perfect for various applications. Designed with a waterproof and spill-proof interior. Modern, convenient, and easy to carry insulated bags.

For your custom request, message us now and get a free sample and design.

Custom Insulated Bag Manufacturer
Custom Insulated Bag

Multiple Custom Styles

Gentle Packing supplies a broad range of insulated bag styles and designs. These can surely meet your business idea and marketing strategies. In terms of size, you can request any size such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. We can include various designs for pockets, special handles, zippers, compartments on your products, and more. These can be made from nylon or polyester fabric. The bag’s inner layer can be made from a water-resistant material such as foil liners, aluminum, plastic, etc.

Our custom insulated bag includes food take-out insulated bags, insulated lunch bags, welded insulated cooler bags, kraft paper insulated bags, and so on. These are fully customized insulated bags ideal for customers, employees, and clients. They can bring these bags to sporting events, business trips, family reunions, community gatherings, and more.

Custom Printing Techniques

As a professional manufacturer, Gentle offer various types of printing process. These methods will create an attractive and unique slogan, logo, or art onto your insulated bags. We offer custom printing on the inside, on both sides, and on handles. You can select the best printing process, color, style, or design and finish. Our printing methods include sublimation, transfer printing, silk screening, gravure printing (lamination), etc.

You can send your specifications immediately. We will provide you with a free design and a free sample of custom insulated bags to check the quality! Our staff is available 24/7 to support your needs. Message us today!

Wholesale Custom Insulated Bag

Gentle Packing – Trusted Custom Insulated Bag Supplier

Gentle Packing – Trusted Custom Insulated Bag Supplier
Trusted Custom Insulated Bag Supplier

Gentle Packing is a reliable place for custom insulated bags produced from eco-friendly materials. We have a wide range of insulated tote bags with custom embroidery and logo imprints. Gentle Packing can accommodate different printing methods like transfer printing, silk screen, and many more. Our design team can help you discover what features are best for your promotional needs.

Custom Insulated Bag Design
Custom Insulated Bag Design

Our range of custom insulated bags involves multiple styles, from handled, traditional square, large totes to zipper-top bags and backpacks or drawstring bags. These bags come in a wide range of colors to choose from.

Some of our custom insulated bags are created to handle lunch, others are roomy for the family’s entire meal. Gentle Packing can also manufacture custom insulated bags with drink holders.

Wide Range of Materials to Choose from
Wide Range of Materials to Choose from

Gentle Packing specializes in producing custom insulated bags manufactured from the following materials:

  • Non-Woven
  • Paper
  • RPET
  • Nylon
  • Cloth
  • Washable Paper
  • Tyvek, and many more

Gentle Packing Custom Bag Insulation Type

Custom PEVA Insulated Bag
Custom PEVA Insulated Bag

PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate) is a fabricated polymer that is widely utilized to insulate various items. The advantage of our custom PEVA insulated bags includes insulation that is environmentally friendly, affordable, and biodegradable.

Foil Insulation Bag
Foil Insulation Bag

Custom bag in foil insulation has the benefits to retain both cold and hot temperature. Custom foil insulation bag also works well to wrap numerous items with an uncommon shape.

Mylar Insulation Bag
Mylar Insulation Bag

Mylar is not a metal. It is a type of plastic sheet material, which has various applications, ranging from the construction of balloons to insulation and far beyond. Gentle Packing Mylar insulation bag is more versatile than aluminum foil and will not rip easily.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Custom Insulated Bag

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