Custom Garment Bag

Gentle Packing offers a wide range of custom garment bags for your business. 

We are committed to meeting your custom garment bag requirements. 

Your Professional Custom Garment Bags Supplier in China

Custom garment bags are produced using various materials, designs, and colors. They usually have a specific printed brand. Customized garment bag comes in multiple components like zipper, hanger, and covers. Also, garment bags are made from eco-friendly fabrics such as pp non-woven, cotton, PVEA, linen, or nylon.

  • Protects your dress from wrinkles and dust
  • Durable and lightweight
  • With or without carry handle

Gentle Packing customizes garment bags, even from lightweight to luxurious designs. Our printing capabilities are limitless. We can do overall designs, spot prints, embroidered logos, and silkscreen printings. Gentle Packing can also add handles, pockets, or hood, depending on what suits your style.

Custom Garment Bag

Non Woven Garment Bags with Label Pocket
Non Woven Garment Bags

Non woven garment bags are the most popular garment bags because the material is eco-friendly and durable, and also cheap in price. To have your company logo well printed onto custom non woven garment bags.

Cheap Garment Bags Oxford Cloth Striped Suit Cover Foldable Dustproof
Cheap Garment Bags Oxford Cloth Striped Suit Cover Foldable Dustproof

We have garment bag oxford cloth stripped suit cover at cheap prices. They are dustproof and can be foldable. It is available in any size and color as per request.

Leather Black Men's Travel Fashion Suit Carrier Duffle Garment Bag
Leather Black Men's Travel Fashion Suit Carrier Duffle Garment Bag

You have color options for this bag: Pantone color and the leather are grain, smooth, glossy, and more. The bag has two top handles and compartments.

Matte Frosted Garment Packaging Eva Bag
Matte Frosted Garment Packaging Eva Bag

The matte frosted garment packaging EVA bag is moisture-proof. It is widely used for apparel packing or general packing. We can also custom print your logo according to your requirements.

Transparent Clear Suit Cover Garment Bag
Transparent Clear Suit Cover Garment Bag

The transparent clear suit cover garment bag is eco-friendly made from PEVA materials. It has a zipper and hole opening on the front and top. Can also work PEVA + non woven bag body.

Waterproof Lightweight Travel Duffle Custom Garment Suit Bag
Waterproof Lightweight Travel Duffle Custom Garment Suit Bag

The waterproof, lightweight travel duffle garment suit bag is abrasion-proof, durable, and heavy-duty. It can be water-resistant or waterproof.

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Reliable Custom Garment Bag

Gentle Packing is skilled in customizing garment bags. This handy accessory is fabricated with extreme sturdiness and reliability, capable of protecting your clothes from unpleasant damage and clothing wrinkles. Moreover, this custom garment bag is available in different types, but all of it is water-repellent, which keeps your items neat and dry. 

Get now your custom garment bag at Gentle Packing. We can offer lots of options that will exaggeratedly surpass your satisfaction.

Reliable Custom Garment Bag


Gentle Packing manufactures custom garment bags that bring high-quality benefits. Most of our custom-made garment bag specializes in multiple zippers, unique storage pouches, rod hangers that build for last. A wide range of custom garment bags is wholly affordable and profitable for wholesale, retail, travel, and promotional giveaway.  

Gentle Packing supplies custom garment bags worldwide. Besides, you can also decide what type of product you need for your business and projects. 

Quality-Based Materials

As the primary custom garment bag manufacturer, Gentle Packing uses natural and ultra-strong materials for garment bags. It can be pp non-woven, nylon, PEVA, cotton, linen, and other materials. Those materials have high resistance to excessive heat, moisture, and light exposure.

Gentle Packing offers OEM, ODM, and customization services for wholesale garment bags. You can contact one of our staff for further information and inquiries. 

Quality-Based Materials

Your Professional Custom Garment Bag Manufacturer

Your Professional Custom Garment Bag Manufacturer
Your Professional Custom Garment Bag Manufacturer1

Gentle Packing is a well-known manufacturer that delivers high-quality custom garment bags at competitive prices. Our garment bags can be customized to precisely fit your suit, coat, wedding dress, and other types of clothing. They are made from a variety of environmentally friendly, durable, and premium quality materials such as non-woven PP, rPET, PVC, cotton, jute, linen, jute, and many more.

Our custom garment bags are also a terrific way of boosting your brand or business. Our team can customize your logo on the garment bags using different methods of printing such as silk screen, sublimation, gravure printing, or custom print method. We support custom orders and a low MOQ for 500 pieces.

For your inquiries, you can contact us at any time. We have 7*24 hours of customer support.

Custom Garment Bag Supplier | Gentle Packing

Endless Customization Possibilities
Endless Customization Possibilities

Our garment bags have an endless customization possibilities. You can select your desired material, colors, sizes, designs, styles, shapes, accessories, features, and other specifications.

We can also customize the garment bags with your business logo, brand name, labels, designs, artworks, and others. A lot of printing options are available such as embroidery, silk screen printing, hot stamping, heat transfer printing, gravure printing, sublimation, and many more. Also, we are accepting a custom print method.

Extra Finishing Touches
Extra Finishing Touches

The custom garment bags can be added with extra accessories, features, and artistic finishing touches depending on what you want. We can add artistic finishing touches such as:

  • grommets
  • custom piping
  • inner or outer pockets
  • handles
  • inner or outer labels
  • custom zipper pulls

Our Advantages

Rich Experience
Rich Experience

Gentle Packing is a custom garment bag manufacturer for more than 15 years. We have been supplying custom garment bags to many retail stores, fashion makers, small shops, and other industrial companies. Moreover, our team also has skilled staff with many years of bag experience.

Strict Quality Control
Strict Quality Control

All of our custom garment bags are made from inspected and carefully selected high-quality raw materials. We have quality control from the raw material selection, production, and before the delivery of custom garment bags. Due to that, you can rest assured our garment bags have guaranteed quality and long durability. Our garment bags have surpassed the quality standards.

Customized Solutions
Customization Services

Gentle Packing is offering excellent customization services in order to meet your particular requirements. Our garment bags can be customized to any color, style, design, size, and other details. Your business logo, custom designs, and promotion slogan can also be printed on the garment bags. Moreover, a strict NDA policy was implemented at Gentle Packing. Your customized garment bags will never be shown to other parties in order to secure your information.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Custom Garment Bag

Are there different types of garment bags available?

Yes, there are various styles including foldable bags, rolling garment bags, and bi-fold or tri-fold designs, each tailored for specific travel or storage needs.

How do I select the best garment bag for airline travel?

Look for lightweight, durable bags that comply with airline carry-on specifications. Some even have wheels and a handle for ease of transportation.

Are garment bags waterproof?

While some garment bags offer water-resistant materials, not all are entirely waterproof. Check the product details or inquire with the manufacturer for specifics.

Can garment bags also carry other travel essentials?

Many garment bags feature additional compartments or pockets for accessories, shoes, or toiletries, making them versatile travel companions.

Is it possible to get custom-designed garment bags with my brand logo?

Absolutely. Many suppliers offer customization options including color, design, and branding to match your business or personal preferences.

Are there eco-friendly or sustainable garment bags available?

Yes, many manufacturers now offer eco-friendly garment bags made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic, organic cotton, or other green alternatives.

How do I efficiently pack multiple garments in one bag?

Using garment bag compartments effectively, layering lighter garments with heavier ones, and utilizing space-saving accessories like slim hangers can help you pack multiple items efficiently.

Can I use garment bags for long-term storage?

While garment bags protect clothing during travel, for long-term storage, it’s essential to choose bags with breathable materials to prevent mold or mildew.

Do garment bags come with locks or security features?

Some garment bags feature integrated locks or are designed to accommodate travel-approved padlocks for added security during transit.

What materials are commonly used in garment bags?

Common materials include  PP non woven, nylon, polyester, leather, and sometimes canvas, each offering different benefits in terms of durability, weight, and aesthetics.

Are there garment bags specifically designed for wedding dresses or other special attire?

Yes, there are specialty garment bags tailored for wedding dresses, evening gowns, and other unique clothing items, offering extra protection and space.

Can I carry shoes in my garment bag?

Many garment bags have dedicated shoe compartments, ensuring your footwear remains separate from clothing to avoid dirt transfer or damage.

How much can I expect to pay for a high-quality garment bag?

Prices vary based on material, brand, size, and features. While basic bags can be quite affordable, luxury or feature-rich options may come at a premium.

Normally, cost about USD 1 – 2

Are there compact garment bags for quick business trips?

Absolutely. Compact, foldable garment bags are perfect for short trips, ensuring your formal wear remains in pristine condition without the bulk of larger bags.

Do all garment bags come with hangers?

Not all do, but many include a hanger hole or are designed to accommodate hangers like eyelet, ensuring clothes hang properly and remain wrinkle-free.

Do garment bags offer UV protection to prevent color fading?

Some high-end garment bags incorporate UV-resistant materials to safeguard clothes from sun damage, especially useful for long-term storage in sun-exposed areas.

For regular ones, print is only water-based ink.

Are there garment bags designed specifically for children’s clothing?

Yes, there are smaller-sized garment bags tailored for children’s clothing, ensuring a snug fit and proper protection for smaller garments.

How do I avoid mold and mildew when storing garments for extended periods?

Ensure garments are clean and dry before storing. Use silica gel packets or cedar blocks in the bag to absorb moisture and repel pests.

How do rolling garment bags differ from traditional ones?

Rolling garment bags come with wheels and often a retractable handle, offering the convenience of rolling luggage while maintaining the protective features of standard garment bags.

How do garment bags handle sharp accessories like brooches or belts?

Internal compartments or pockets are ideal for storing sharp or pointed accessories, preventing potential damage to garments.

Do clear garment bags offer the same protection as opaque ones?

Clear bags are useful for easy identification but may lack some protective features of opaque bags. Always check the material and design specifics.

How do garment bags enhance the unboxing experience for retail customers?

High-quality garment bags, especially those with thoughtful design and branding, elevate the unboxing experience, leaving a lasting impression on the customer.

High-quality garment bags, especially those with thoughtful design and branding, elevate the unboxing experience, leaving a lasting impression on the customer.

Many suppliers offer the option to print QR codes or integrate NFC tags for digital promotions, product information, or customer loyalty programs.

How can garment bags be used as a marketing tool in retail?

Beyond protection, a branded garment bag serves as a walking advertisement, enhancing brand visibility every time it’s used by the customer.

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