Custom Drawstring Bags

Matchless expertise in customizing drawstring bags with durability, sustainability, and efficiency. 

A cost-effective custom drawstring bag with superior quality and features.

Your Professional Custom Drawstring Bags Supplier in China

Custom drawstring bags are a bright and compact way to promote your business. It is ideal for handing away trade exhibitions, gatherings, sporting activities, and other events. Custom drawstring bags are always useful at Gentle Packaging. You can make a great move to advertise your brand.

In addition, you can create custom drawstring bags with your artwork or logo. You can select your style, decorations, colors, materials, and bag sizes. There are plenty of options to choose from to stand out in your customization.

  • Add your design on the front.
  • Multiple selection and options
  • Extremely eco-friendly; reusable
  • Very versatile and travel-friendly
  • Low price guarantee

Custom Drawstring Bags

100% Cotton Mesh Drawstring Bag
100% Cotton Mesh Drawstring Bag

100% cotton mesh drawstring bag is available in small, medium, and large sizes.  It is an eco-friendly reusable bag made from 100% high-quality organic cotton knit fabric. This bag is heavy duty which can safely store fruits & vegetables and preserves freshness for longer days.

Cotton Drawstring Bag with Custom Logo Jewelry Pouch

Made from an all-natural 100% cotton, biodegradable and reusable.    It has a high-quality sewing job with strong overlock stitching for durability. This bag can be painted and stamped with all types of patterns for your custom requirements.

Cotton Drawstring Bags Canvas Draw String Bag

Each bag has a simple design and drawstring features. It is made with fine workmanship, soft, versatile, and lightweight. We can paint all kinds of patterns on the bag to make your favorite bag.

Eco Custom Printed Bag Cotton Drawstring Bag

The cotton drawstring bag can be custom printed according to your demands. This bag is safe and friendly for the environment. It is ideal as treat bags or favor bags for parties, weddings, showers, gift wrap, etc.

Muslin Small Cotton Drawstring Bag

The muslin small cotton drawstring bag is lightweight and washable. It is made from durable and soft cotton material. This small bag is ideal to be used at a beach party or a wedding, store pieces of jewelry,  gifts, soaps, etc.

Black Custom Drawstring Bags
Black Custom Drawstring Bags
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Gentle Packing offers a reasonable deal for custom drawstring bags. It is satisfyingly durable and built to last. An extensive selection of custom drawstring bags is provided at the most affordable price, which is perfect for your starting wholesale and retail business.

Gentle Packing can supply all your needed drawstring bags with complete customization. We guarantee a fast process for your orders, excellent packaging, and zero-damage delivery. 

Excellent Quality Materials

Excellent Quality Materials

Custom drawstring bag is manufactured using different materials. As a leading manufacturer, we engage in using other materials according to customers’ requests:

  • Polypropylene Non woven.  Eco-friendly material, durable.
  • Canvas. An inexpensive type of materials and recognize excellent flexibility and resistance despite all usage conditions.
  • Nylon. Easy to maintain and available in different colors. A slippery type of material that has good resistance from stain.
  • Cotton. A durable material commonly used for a drawstring bag. It can withstand wear, tearing, and ripping even in daily use.
  • Mesh. Features lightweight, breathable, inexpensive, and meant for interior use.
  • Polyester. A lightweight fabric that can resist fading, staining, and wrinkle.
  • Burlap. Sturdy, eco-friendly, biodegradable, strong, and easy-to-care materials. 

Gentle Packing cautiously chooses the best materials when fabricating custom drawstring bags to meet your satisfaction.  

Effective as Promotional Products

Gentle Packing custom drawstring bag is excellent for all-season promotions. It bears state-of-the-art design, styles, aesthetic colors, custom logo imprints, and brand information that surely attracts many business enthusiasts and customers. 

The custom drawstring bag creates manifestation in promoting your brand. Gentle Packing is the most qualified to help you expand your business and brand image. 

Effective as Promotional Products

Customize Your Drawstring Bags with Gentle Packing

Custom Drawstring Bags
Custom Drawstring Bags

Gentle Packing skilfully customizes drawstring bags for suitable applications, like promotions, advertisements, or gifts. We customize shapes, sizes, fabric hues, and other added specifications according to customers’ requests. Our entire strict quality control operations include material, production, product, and packaging inspection. Customize logos or patterns are done using various techniques like silk screening, gravure printing, or sublimation.

Contact our service team now, for further customization details!

Custom Drawstring Bag Procedure

Here are in-order ideas of how Gentle Packing manages our customization procedure.

  1. Accommodating customers’ requested specifications
  2. Request quotations
  3. Sample production
  4. Making bulky orders
  5. Mass manufacturing process
  6. Shipment and delivering orders
  7. Feedback and after-sale services
Custom Drawstring Bag Features

As a trusted supplier, Gentle Packing offers custom drawstring bags with the following advantageous features:

  • High-Quality Drawcord: Drawcords feature manual comfort, excellent stretching, and durability.
  • Beam Mouth Design: Freely opened and closed. Comes with an exquisite mouth design, making it safer and easy to store items.
  • Back Cover Folds: They are designed with not easy to burst and strong seam sides.
  • Strong Capacity: drawstring bags have integrally formed bottom with more robust beam capacity.

Gentle Packing Guaranteed Services

On-Time Delivery
On-Time Delivery

Gentle Packing maintains a good name for providing our worldwide customers with high-quality custom drawstring bags on time. We ensure quick mass drawstring bag production and shipping of your orders using our advanced cutting and printing machines.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

We guarantee a quick and free shipping custom drawstring bag for large orders. You can always count on our friendly sales staff, willing to give satisfying details on how to avail free shipping. We value our worldwide customers and promise worthy drawstring bag business supplies.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Guaranteed Satisfaction

As a professional drawstring bag provider, we guarantee our customers a satisfying quality of prints, sizes, materials, cutting results, and services. And if we don’t reach your requirement, we are willing to redo or return them for replacements.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Custom Drawstring Bags

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