Custom Canvas Bags

Gentle Packing offers a range of features to help you customize canvas bags for your business.

With a low MOQ, rigorous testing, BSCI auditing, great prices, and fast turnaround times,

Gentle Packing is your premier custom canvas bags supplier in China.

Your Professional Custom Canvas Bags Supplier in China

Custom canvas bags are made with reinforced threads and exquisite workmanship that endure even in repeated use. It can be folded, stored, and reuse if necessary. The design of each custom canvas bag can be done through printing, stitching, embroidery, drawing, or painting. 

  • Nature cotton and unfaded colors
  • Accessible in aesthetic character design and themes
  • Have reasonable pricing-quality ratings

Gentle Packing can help you personalize your custom canvas bags out of your brilliant ideas and self-made designs. Here are some of our best customization of canvas bags for more ideas, like what you see below. 

Custom Canvas Bags

Cheap Customized Logo Tote Shopping Bag Cotton Canvas Bag
Cheap Customized Logo Tote Shopping Bag Cotton Canvas Bag

The customized canvas bag has a durable rope handle made from cotton. You can request to add your desired designs or print to add on bags’ beauty.

Custom Print Promotional 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Custom Print Promotional 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bag for shopping

Promotional canvas tote bags are designed with customized logos. It is the perfect bag for storing beach or grocery items with your approved prints.

Custom Printed Recycle Plain Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag
Custom Printed Recycle Plain Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

The plain canvas bag is available for your logo prints. It has vast space inside – perfect to carry all shopping items or travel goods.

Customized High Quality Reusable Eco-friendly Soft Cotton Canvas Linen Tote Shopping Bags
Customized High Quality Reusable Eco-friendly Soft Cotton Canvas Linen Tote Shopping Bags

The customized cotton canvas bags with soft linen are available in multiple sizes. It has a convenient and durable cotton-made handle for comfortable carrying.

High Quality Custom Eco Beach Tote Bag
High Quality Custom Eco Beach Tote Canvas Bag with fashion trend

The high-quality beach tote canvas bags are customized with your requested measurements. They can be embroidered, embossed, silk-screen or transfer printed.

Unisex Handbags Custom Logo Text Print Canvas Tote Bag
Unisex Handbags Custom Logo Text Print Canvas Tote Bag

Unisex canvas tote bags are available in various colors, including black and white or any customized color. They are accessible in multiple suitable sizes. You can add your design on the front side of the bag.

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Unique Designs

Wholesale canvas bags manufactured by Gentle Packing are fully customizable. You can request the dimensions, shape, and printed design of your unique canvas bags. As a professional canvas tote manufacturer, we provide security with our strict NDA policy, ensuring that your designs stay yours. 

You can specify the type of handles, gussets, seams, bottom, and features. For instance, you can order wholesale canvas bags with zippers or pouches. Whether you are creating fashion or promotional custom canvas totes, we will support your production

Unique Designs
Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Gentle Packing is a reliable custom canvas bag manufacturer and supplier. You can give us your custom design, logo, or slogan, and we will print it perfectly on the surface of your canvas bags. Be it a minimalistic or a colorful design, we will supply the best products to you. 

To customize the bags, we offer a variety of printing methods, such as silk screening, transfer printing, gravure printing (lamination), sublimation, and more. You can also specify the area to be printed—even inside printing.

Rapid Lead Time

Being among the leading wholesale custom canvas bags suppliers, Gentle Packing has mastered the art of rapid delivery. We support urgent orders and offer fast turnaround times with a production capacity of 100,000 items per day. 

We can finish the development of a sample in as little as 3 days, and you would just have to approve the sample for mass production. Alternatively, if you represent a small business, we offer rapid lead time on a low MOQ of 500 items. With our experienced staff and production capacity, your wholesale custom canvas bags will be manufactured in the blink of an eye.

Rapid Prototyping

Reliable Custom Canvas Bag Provider in China

Custom Canvas Bags Production
Custom Canvas Bags Production

Gentle is a famous company in China that produced a wide range of custom canvas bags. For more than 15 years, we have offered high-quality canvas bag products and reliable services. We can provide one-stop support thanks to our knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge production facilities. Having stated that, we guarantee efficient canvas bag production and prompt delivery to clients worldwide.

You can request an OEM and ODM design canvas bag for your specific projects. We offer different printing processes, finishes, materials, bag designs, sizes, and more. You can order any quantity. You can always rely on us whether you need a bag solution for your start-up brand, established business, retail company, etc. A free sample is available for you to check the quality. Contact us or request a cost-free quotation.

Custom Canvas Bags
Custom Canvas Bags Applications

Canvas bags are excellent for branding, and merchandise. These are also definitely ideal for gifts. They can be customized for any event and can accommodate all things for daily use. It can be carried around at the:

  • beach, gym,
  • office, mall,
  • party, travel,
  • school, library, etc.
Custom Canvas Bags
Excellent Custom Canvas Bag Features

Cotton is used to make durable canvas bags. Because cotton is a natural material that grows on cotton plants, it is hypoallergenic and simple to produce a bag that compliments your style.

  • Strong and wear-resistant
  • High-quality printed
  • Eco-friendly
  • Convenient and washable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to store, fold, and carry

Why Choose Custom Canvas Bags for Your Business

Adaptable to Marketing Needs and Requirements
Adaptable to Marketing Needs and Requirements

Because cotton canvas is so highly absorbent to ink, custom canvas bags are ideal for imprinting. Your brand will continue to be seen because your logo won’t fade or chip with washing, and the product will do all the work.

Excellent Versatility in Various Uses
Excellent Versatility in Various Uses

Custom canvas bags are ideal for a variety of uses, including weekly grocery runs, trips to the beach, overnight stays, and even just storage. They have the capacity to hold significantly more than single-use plastic bags simply by virtue of their size.

Their reusability gives them the chance to establish a place in the user’s daily life. We can help you design modern and quality canvas bags that will amaze your customers.

Superiority That Will Last a Lifetime
Superiority That Will Last a Lifetime

Custom canvas bags are lightweight yet can still take a full load of groceries, a day’s worth of beach gear, and more. It is prone to repeated usage but without a degradation in quality.

  • Amazing strength-to-weight ratio
  • Built to last (at least 2 years of usage)
  • Generate more impressions

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Custom Canvas Bags

What is a custom canvas bag?

A custom canvas bag is a bag made from durable canvas fabric that can be tailored and personalized to meet a customer’s specific design, logo, or other requirements.

Why choose canvas for custom bags?

Canvas is a sturdy, eco-friendly material that’s perfect for bags. Its natural look, durability, and ease of customization make it a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike.


How can I customize my canvas bag?

Customizations can include screen printing, embroidery, digital printing, and dyeing the canvas itself. The options vary depending on the manufacturer’s capabilities.

Besides printing, you can also customize the bag on colors, and material thickness like 10 oz, 12 oz, or 16 oz, as well as bag size, special packing request, etc.


Are custom canvas bags eco-friendly?

Yes, canvas bags are often made from natural cotton fibers, making them biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Plus, their reusability reduces the need for single-use bags.

How do I care for and clean my custom canvas bag?

Most canvas bags can be machine washed in cold water and air-dried. However, if your bag has special embellishments or prints, it’s essential to check care instructions to ensure longevity.

Most canvas bags can be machine washed in cold water and air-dried. However, if your bag has special embellishments or prints, it's essential to check care instructions to ensure longevity.

They’re versatile and can be used as promotional items, shopping bags, gift bags, event or conference giveaways, and even for personal daily use.

How durable are custom canvas bags compared to other bag materials?

Canvas is known for its strength and durability. With proper care, canvas bags can withstand regular wear and tear, making them more long-lasting than many other bag materials.

Can I get a sample of my custom canvas bag design before ordering in bulk?

Yes, we offer prototype or sample services for clients to ensure the design and quality meet expectations before placing a larger order.

How do the costs of custom canvas bags compare to other custom bag types?

Canvas bags may be priced slightly higher than some other materials due to their durability and the quality of the fabric. However, costs vary based on customization details, quantity, and the manufacturer.

Is there a difference in the print quality on canvas compared to other materials?

Canvas offers a textured surface, which can give prints a unique and often desired vintage or natural look. The print quality is generally excellent, though it might differ slightly from smoother materials.

Can I incorporate different materials or features like leather straps on my custom canvas bag?

Yes, many manufacturers offer mixed-material designs, allowing you to combine canvas with leather, metal fixtures, or other materials to enhance the bag’s design and functionality.

How long does it typically take for a custom canvas bag order to be fulfilled?

Production times vary based on order size and the intricacy of the design. For B2B bulk orders, as custom canvas bag manufacturer, Gentle Packing offer 20-30 days lead time.

What printing techniques are used for custom designs on canvas bags?

Common printing methods include screen printing, digital printing, UV and heat transfer. The choice of method often depends on the design’s complexity and the desired look.

Are custom canvas bags suitable for heavy items?

Canvas is inherently sturdy, but the bag’s weight capacity also depends on the canvas weight, stitching quality, and handle design. Generally, canvas bags can carry heavy items well, but always check with the manufacturer for specific weight limits and test by yourself.

Do manufacturers offer eco-friendly or organic canvas options?

Yes, many manufacturers offer organic canvas options made without pesticides or harmful chemicals, appealing to eco-conscious businesses and consumers. Besides organic cotton, we also provide BSI-certificated cotton.

How does canvas react to water? Is it waterproof?

Standard canvas is water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. However, some canvas bags might come with a water-resistant treatment or lining/lamination inside to enhance their ability to repel water.

Can I order custom canvas bags in various sizes in a single order?

Most manufacturers allow mixed-size orders, enabling you to have a range of bag sizes with the same or different designs, though this might affect pricing and production timelines.

Are there color limitations when designing custom canvas bags?

While canvas is versatile for printing, some colors might appear slightly different on its textured surface. It’s essential to discuss color specifics with the manufacturer, especially if brand color accuracy is crucial.

Is there a setup fee for custom canvas bag designs?

Some manufacturers might charge a setup fee, especially for intricate designs or specific printing methods like screen printing. It’s always good to inquire about all potential charges upfront.

For Gentle Packing, we offer free design.

How are custom canvas bags typically shipped to ensure they maintain their shape and design quality?

Manufacturers often pack canvas bags flat to avoid creasing. They may be individually wrapped or packed in larger protective cartons, especially for bulk B2B orders, to ensure they arrive in optimal condition.

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