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Gentle Packing supplies carry bags in numerous designs, sizes, and colors.

Gentle Packing carry bag can be customized according to your logo.

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Carry bags are self carrying bags, ideal for holding your small purchases. They are produced using eco-friendly materials, such as jute or paper. Carry bags are beneficial in multiple applications, like shopping, groceries bags, or promotional bags. They feature durability and comfortability to carry. These bags are in-demand packaging for a wide variety of businesses.

  • Sturdy carry bags are beneficial for a long time.
  • Printable with catchy text and attractive designs for branding
  • Eco-friendly carry bags help protect the environment
  • Multiple types are available according to customers’ requests

If you want personalized carry bags, Gentle Packing provides you with the best one. We customize your approved logos, designs, and messages for advertising your brand. Choose the most suitable type of carrying bag from our extensive options below!

Gentle Carry Bag

Canvas Carry Bag
Canvas Carry Bag

Canvas carry bags are extremely durable bags. Commonly, they are made of cotton which is known as tough fabric. Plus, it is highly washable, with no particular care needed.

Non Woven Carry Bags

Non woven carry bags are unique bags made of non-biodegradable plastic. It is one of the air-permeable and extremely soft bags. Plus, these are very ideal for your custom logo printing.

Woven Carry Bags
Woven Carry Bags

Woven carry bags are made for agricultural and food packaging. These are particularly used as storage for vegetables, fruits, feeds, flour, rice, and other products. These are 100% durable bags.

Laminated Carry Bags
Laminated Carry Bags

Laminated carry bags are manufactured using recycled content. Therefore, these are highly recyclable and long-lasting bags. Plus, they are extremely strong, enabling a full-color process.

Cotton Carry Bag

Included benefits are: they are cost-efficient, reusable bags for years, and extremely reliable. Far from plastic bags, the cotton carry bag is durable and can carry numerous products at a time.

Printed Carry Bag

Printed carry bags are bags commonly considered environmentally friendly. These bags accept your custom business logo designs. Plus, they are accessible in various textures to fit everyone’s taste.

Paper Carry Bag

Paper carry bags are known as flexible containers. They are commonly used for carrying purchases. When it comes to sustainability, a paper carry bag is the perfect one. And also, they are recyclable.

Cloth Carry Bags
Cloth Carry Bags

The best part of cloth carry bags is that they don’t demand maintenance. However, they are more cost-efficient, yet durable and can carry heavy-weight products. These are bags that can last for many years.

Adjustable Hand Carry Bag
Adjustable Hand Carry Bag
Button Closure Carry Bag
Button Closure Carry Bag
Canvas Printed Carry Bag
Canvas Printed Carry Bag
Cotton Carry Bag
Cotton Carry Bag
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Recyclable Materials

Being a leading carry bag supplier in China, Gentle Packing supports sustainability in the production of carrying bags. The Gentle Packing carry bag is manufactured from high-quality materials such as paper, pp non-woven, RPET, Tyvek, Washable paper, and cotton. These materials can guarantee 100% recyclable – ideal for plastic bag replacement.

Additionally, Gentle Packing carry bags can be used again and again since they are reusable. Our team ensures the quality of our carry bags to be used for a long time and to accommodate heavy loads.

All of our carry bags are FDA, CA65, REACH, and EN71 certified. Relying on Gentle Packing surely exceeds your marketing strategies.

recyclable materials
Standard and Fully Customized Carry Bag

Standard and Fully Customized Carry Bag

Gentle Packing offers standard and custom carry bags according to our client’s idea. It can be customized according to size, thickness, printing, features, and other specifications. Our standard material thickness for carrying bags is 80gsm for non woven bag. The standard size is 35W x H30 x 15 cm. However, you can specify your ideal thickness, sizes, and designs for your carry bag requirements.

Gentle Packing is able to produce over 100,000 new designs of carrying bags every day. We provide free samples for you to check the quality. The customized sample can be done 3-7 working days.

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Why Gentle Packing Carry Bag

Gentle Packing carry bag provides outstanding benefits that will be ideal for your business. These are some of the carry bag advantages:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean/easy to wash

Gentle Packing is a BSCI audited company, capable to produce all types of carry bags that meet your standard. We can have non-woven carry bags, trade fair carry bags, paper carry bags, and many more. We manufacture carry bags with customized fabric colors, and have complete carry bag manufacturing equipment to support your standards.

Why Gentle Packing Carry Bag

Custom Carry Bag to Improve your Branding

Carry Bags Manufacturer
Carry Bags Manufacturer

Gentle offers easy-to-carry features and more storage areas. It has designs that are visually attractive and provides convenience. Our carry bags are made from FDA-free and REACH-certified materials. You can select from different designs and handles.

Gentle Packing manufactures all types of carrying bags. We have paper carry bags, cloth carry bags, laminated carry bags, and woven and cotton carry bags. As a matter of fact, Gentle Packing also has a printed carry bag that is used to put your logo or branding.

Gentle Personalized Carry Bag Advantage
Gentle Personalized Carry Bag Advantage

Within a variety of product categories, Gentle promotional carry bags are the most effective and well-liked products. There are good reasons for this as well:

  • High advantages for the intended audience
  • Long-term use with the appropriate attributes
  • Environmentally beneficial; boost recycling
  • Original applications for advertisements
  • A large print area for your design
  • High-value perception and variable usage
Custom Branding Carry Bag
Custom Branding Carry Bag

Gentle provides custom printing options for your carrier bags to help your brand spread further. You may easily personalize them with your company logo or any other design of your choice. Available branding executions are:

  • Silkscreen Printing
  • Full-Color Sublimation
  • Digital Embroidery
  • Foiling, Embossing, UV, etc.

Custom Carry Bag Application and Usage

Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging

Gentle Packing offers professional packing services. Our professional team strictly monitors each bag before packing to avoid any damage. In retail packaging, we add polybags inside the carton box to keep carry bags from wet or moisture.

Trade Shows & Fairs
Trade Shows & Fairs

Gentle Packing is expert in customizing carry bags. We can manufacture carry bags made of materials with opulent features. You can send your ideal designs for carrying bags and we will make it done for you.

Events & Exhibition
Events & Exhibition

Gentle Packing carry bags are suitable for any events and exhibitions. We are creating carry bags for parties, celebrations, and more. Gentle Packing can produce carry bags with luxurious styles perfect for elegant events.

Promotion & Advertisements
Promotion & Advertisements

Gentle custom carry bags create word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. Increase your trade name exposure with these bags.  The more personalized carry bags distributed, the more exposure is gained for your advertising.

Rocket Your Business with Gentle Carry Bag

What materials are commonly used for carry bags?

Carry bags can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, fabric, canvas, leather, jute, and nylon, among others.

How do I choose the right size for a carry bag?

Your choice should depend on the intended purpose. For daily essentials, a medium-sized bag might suffice, while for travel or shopping, a larger size might be more appropriate.

Are there environmentally friendly carry bags?

Yes, many carry bags made from materials like organic cotton, jute, or recycled fabrics are eco-friendly and sustainable.

How durable are carry bags?

Durability varies with material and construction quality. Leather, canvas, and certain synthetic materials are known for their robustness.

What's the difference between a tote and a carry bag?

While both are designed for carrying items, a tote is usually an open-top bag with parallel handles coming from its sides. A carry bag is a more general term and can encompass various designs, including totes.

Are carry bags suitable for carrying electronics?

Some carry bags come with padded compartments or pockets designed for electronics. It’s essential to ensure the bag offers sufficient protection if intended for this use.

Do carry bags come with compartments or pockets?

Many carry bags feature internal or external pockets and compartments to help organize and separate items.

How can I ensure the straps of my carry bag don't dig into my shoulders?

Choosing a bag with wider or padded straps can distribute weight better and offer more comfort.

Are there security features available for carry bags?

Some carry bags come with zippers, lockable compartments, or RFID-blocking materials to enhance security.

Can I carry a laptop in a regular carry bag?

While many designs are unisex, some bags might cater to specific gender preferences in terms of color, style, and size.

How do I know if a carry bag is genuine leather?

Genuine leather usually has a distinct smell, texture, and may come with certifications. It’s also typically more expensive than faux alternatives.

Are there any carry bags designed specifically for kids?

Yes, there are smaller-sized carry bags with designs and themes appealing to children.

How much weight can a standard carry bag hold?

The weight capacity varies based on the material and construction. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendation to avoid overloading.

Can carry bags be taken as cabin luggage on flights?

Most airlines allow a carry-on bag, but it’s essential to check the size and weight restrictions of the specific airline before traveling.

Are carry bags water-resistant?

While some bags, especially those made from certain synthetic materials or treated fabrics, offer water resistance, it’s not a standard feature for all carry bags.

What are the latest trends in carry bag designs?

Trends evolve, but sustainable and eco-friendly bags, minimalist designs, multifunctional bags, and those with tech-friendly features are currently popular.

What's the price range for carry bags?

Carry bags can vary widely in price, from economical fabric bags to high-end luxury leather bags. The material, brand, design, and features will influence the cost.

How do carry bags impact the environment?

Plastic carry bags contribute to environmental pollution and can take hundreds of years to decompose. Reusable bags, especially those made of biodegradable or recycled materials, are more eco-friendly.

Is it better to choose a carry bag with zippers or open-top?

It depends on your needs. Zippered bags offer more security, while open-top bags provide easy access.

Are there any alternatives to traditional carry bags?

Backpacks, messenger bags, and sling bags are popular alternatives, each offering different carrying styles and capacities.

What's the difference between a carry bag and a handbag?

While both can be used to carry items, handbags are typically smaller, designed primarily for personal essentials and often associated with fashion. Carry bags are more versatile in terms of size and usage.

Are there any carry bags with wheels?

Yes, some carry bags, especially those designed for travel or business, come with wheels and retractable handles for ease of movement.

Why are some carry bags much more expensive than others?

Factors like brand reputation, material quality, craftsmanship, design intricacy, and exclusivity can influence the price of a carry bag.

Are there carry bags made from recycled materials?

Yes, many brands now offer bags made from recycled or upcycled materials, aligning with eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Like Recycled PET, Recycled PP Non Woven, Recycled Cotton

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