Non-Woven Bag -The Best Choice to Promote Your Business and Eco-Friendly

non woven promotional bags

If you need to choose a bag with your logo, why non-woven bag the best choice is? They enhance your brand visibility but also demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about non-woven bags, from understanding what they are and their printing technology and selecting the ideal design to promote your business effectively.

What are non-woven bags?

non-woven bags


Non-woven bags, as the representative of environmentally sustainable products, business promotion activities usually use them, such as product promotions, gift bags, etc. Non-woven bags use eco-friendly material. The raw material is polypropylene, polypropylene is a synthetic plastic material that can decompose completely within 3-6 months in the natural environment and reduce pollution of the environment. There are a variety of colors, styles, and logo printings. Also, you have personal customization opportunities, you will receive custom bags printed according to your needs.

Why are non-woven bags eco-friendly?

There are many other explanations for non-woven bags being environmentally friendly. You may know the main material is polypropylene, which is often sourced from recycled materials and is recyclable, so non-woven shopping bags are highly sustainable. They are the product of recycling, which in turn creates recycled products. Then the non-woven bags are tenacious and durable, so they have a long life span and can be reusable, reducing the waste of resources.polypropylene

What are the printing methods and how do printing on non-woven bags?

If you need a non-woven bag with a logo, it is important to mention the printing method. Non-woven bag printing has a variety of printing technology.non woven bag printing

  • Silkscreen print

Silkscreen print is scraping the pattern out with a squeegee, then displayed on the bag‘ surface, and you can touch the surface material of the logo. It is only suitable for single-color printing or multi-color printing, the printing speed is slow, but the price is cheap, and there is great clarity. 

  • Transfer print

Transfer print is suitable for small colorful patterns, it prints the color part of the pattern on the film, and then the pattern on the film is pressed onto the non-woven fabric by heat. 

  • Lamination (Gravure print)

Lamination is printing the pattern on the film first, and then the film and non-woven bags are laminated together, it is a high-quality printing method, and the color pattern is colorful, adding color pattern to the surface of the bag, and you can achieve high-resolution color art. 

  • Digital printing

Digital printing, because of its flexibility and efficiency, meets your small batch, personalized, and customized needs.

How to choose a non-woven bag printing design to promote your business?

custom non woven bag

When you need to print the logo on your non-woven bags, you should learn how to choose a non-woven bag printing design. In terms of color matching, you can select the color according to the needs of corporate culture and business, the color can be matched with the logo or the color in the business activities making your logo and your business more prominent and distinctive. For the printing, you should pay attention to printing quality and order suitability. If your order is smaller and the logo color is pure, your first choice is the traditional silkscreen print. If your pattern is colorful and has a larger area, you may choose the lamination print. It may be more expensive, but the quality is better. Customer non-woven bag design selection should adapt to your business activities and demand.


If you choose bags for promoting your business, the best choice is non-woven bags. It can help you promote your business while being as environmentally friendly. This guide lets you know about them, the printing process, and how to choose the print design to promote your business. Then contact the best non-woven supplier or manufacturer to customize your bags with your logo. This guide aims to assist you with the customization of non-woven bags effectively and responsibly.

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