Non woven Bag Design with your logo-The Ultimate Guide

Non-woven bags are eco-friendly and durable bags, they also can improve the customized design of your brand and logo, displaying the logo to enhance the impact of your brand. In this ultimate guide, we will introduce the non woven bag design.

What types of non-woven bags?

There are various types of non-woven bags, depending on the category.

D cut non woven bag

D cut non woven bag: D cut on each side of the carrying handle for added strength and comfort.

U/W cut non woven bag

W/U cut non woven bag: Looks like a t-shirt, unique design.

loop handle non woven bag

Loop Handle non woven bag: Handles are usually sewn on both sides of the bag. It is a classic design and easy to carry.

Zipper Closure non woven bag

Zipper Closure non woven bag: Zipper closure at the mouth of the bag enhances the capabilities and security. 

Drawstring Non Woven Bag

Drawstring Non Woven Bag: Drawstring at the mouth to tighten the pocket and secure the items.

Non-Woven Cooler Bag

 Non Woven Cooler bag: Stay cool and sustainable with a non-woven cooler bag. Perfect for keeping your refreshments.

Meaning of non woven bag design 

The design of a non-woven bag means that you can custom-design everything according to your needs, including its material, style, color, craftsmanship, etc. You can talk to non-woven bag suppliers to provide design ideas when you have design requirements. Non woven bags will meet your specific needs.

If you want to make non woven bag design, you should first know how to design your logo. When you need to design your logo, you first need to understand what the basic principles of logo design are. Then design the logo you need based on these.

Simplicity and Concision 

A good logo design is simple and concise, and the picture is clear and orderly, avoiding complex graphics. Simple design will make your customers easier to remember that the impact is profound. Also, it is easier to apply in non-woven bags of various sizes and layouts.


Your logo should relate to your brand and be instantly recognizable to your target customers.


Your logo must be unique, avoiding similarities with other brands to build a distinctive brand image.

Color and Font 

Choose the right colors and fonts that align with your brand image and remain clear, ensuring consistency across other display mediums.

How to print your logo on non-woven bags?

Regarding non-woven bag printing, we can choose the printing method according to the type of pattern. The first, Silk-screen printing is only suitable for single-color or multi-color printing, which uses a stencil with a squeegee and is displayed on the bag surface. The second is Transfer printing, which is suitable for small colorful patterns. It prints the pattern onto a film, then heat-pressed onto the fabric. This method achieves detailed designs and small batches. The next one is Lamination, where the colorful designs are printed directly onto a film, then bonded to the non woven bag’s surface.

Do you know how to non woven bag design with your logo? If you want to make it, you should learn something, and consider them comprehensively when designing your logo.

Material option

Non woven bag materials include polypropylene, polyester, and other recycled materials. If you are designing your non-woven bag, you first need to consider the choice of material. 

Color and patterns

For color and design selection, you can choose the color that matches your brand from the PMS or Panton color card and provide it to the supplier. The pattern can be presented in small or large areas, such as a plain logo or landscape.Pantone color card

Size and shape

You need to consider the size and style of the bag to match the logo. Non woven bags have various sizes and styles, it can be customized according to your requirements. For example, the style includes bottom and side gusset, bottom gusset only, and no gusset, etc. Also, we can design and make based on your needs.

Printing Techniques

Choose the printing method according to your pattern design such as Silk-screen printing, Transfer printing, and Lamination.

Purpose of bag design

You will think about the purpose of non woven bag design business activities, promotions, gift bags, etc.

First of all, you can search for reputable non-woven bag manufacturers with advanced printing technology on Google. If you need, you can also contact me anytime. Also, you can look for suppliers through Alibaba. Whether it is the choice of color, style, or size, both channels of non-woven bag suppliers can meet your requirements for non-woven bag designs


In non woven bag design, you play a fundamental role, you need to make your logo following the principle of the designs and consider printing technology in line with your design. In addition, to understand the elements of non-woven bag design. Then you will accomplish a high-quality non woven bag design.Non woven bag design gives you the best quality customized service. In this ultimate guide, you will make the perfect production with your logo and formulate it as perfectly as you imagined. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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