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Choose from our wide range of customizable reusable bags, featuring various materials, prints, and styles. Delight your clients by presenting their goods in sustainable packaging, showcasing your commitment to the environment. Make a positive impact with every purchase.
Customized Design
We offer a range of customizable features for our reusable bags.
Quality Manufacturing
High-quality bags is the image of a company, this is what we care about.
Quick Turnaround
Experienced team, advanced production, rapid delivery, for timely brand promotions.
Promotional Non Woven Carry Bag

BSCI Audit Bag Factory in China

Professional Manufacturer of Reusable Bags
  • 15+ years of experience in custom reusable bags
  • Service 2,000+ clients & small businesses worldwide
  • BSCI-Certified
  • Daily production capacity of 100,000+ pcs
  • Support urgent orders with fast delivery
  • Recyclable and biodegradable materials

Your No.1 Bag Packaging Factory

With more and more countries restricting the use of plastic bags, eco-friendly materials have started to gain popularity.

Some examples of such materials include Paper, Recycled PET, PP Non-woven, PP Woven, Cotton, Jute, etc. What’s more, we offer reusable bags made from Washable Paper, Tyvek, Mesh paper, etc. Eco-friendly packaging is not only great for the environment, but it also presents your business as a modern establishment.

Custom size

You can request any size for your custom recyclable bags—from a pouch of 10x10cm to store small gifts, to a large dress cover of 65x180cm for wedding dresses.

Considering the purpose of your bags, our professionals will advise an appropriate bag size for your project. We will ensure that the bag is perfect for its intended use. Also, we can share with you some common bag sizes if you need general retail bags.

custom styles

Sometimes, you may look for a common design, but other times, you want to create something completely different. Gentle Packing will support any request!

We provide a wide range of bag styles, such as like flat bag, die-cut handle bag, T-shirt shopping bag, drawstring bag, backpack, messenger bag, etc. Any aspect of the bag design can be customized, including stitching, seams, handles, bottom, and more. Contact us to learn more!


custom printing

Not every printing method can be used on every material. To reach the best results, our experts will recommend the perfect printing option to balance quality and price. Any colour, finish, or design complexity—we offer it all.

Our custom printing methods include silk-screen printing, transfer printing, gravure printing, thermal sublimation printing, digital printing, UV printing, etc. Naturally, we offer special features like embroidery as well. Your design will be vivid and eye-catching!

Why Gentle Packaging by 2000+ Customers

15 Years Experience
Over the past 15 years, we have built a large factory, created partnerships with brands worldwide, developed hundreds of products, and trained expert employees. Our experience defines our excellence and success.
BSCI Audit
Our factory has been awarded the BSCI certificate for efficient management and great working conditions. We take quality seriously, maintaining strict inspection and testing.
Daily Output of 100,000 pcs
Our factory has a range of advanced automated production machinery that outputs 100k items per day. We can easily manage mass production orders, maintaining high quality.
4000 m² Factory
Gentle Packing factory houses all of our machinery in compliance with BSCI and ISO standards. Visit us anytime to check everything yourself!
Expert Team
Our professional team has designers, product expert, factory workers, marketing experts, and other employees. We know the value of good branded packaging, and our team will always help you establish the right customer connection with our bags.
Low MOQ & Delivery on Time
Our low MOQ of only 500 items is perfect for a startup business. We will gladly help you grow and gain customers, with everything on time!

Your Leading Bag Packaging
Factory in China

Gentle Packing is the perfect one-stop solution for customization, product development, marketing advancement, and more. Our packaging and bags will help you establish and advertise your business. Not only do we offer a range of capabilities, but we do that for a competitive price. Contact us any time to develop your reusable Gentle packaging!

Simply follow these 4 steps!

How to Custom Your Bags

[01] Inquiry & Quote
Contact us and send us your idea or draft. Then, our experts will offer you an accurate quotation with packing detail.
[2] Artwork & Sampling
You can either send us your design, or our talented designers can create one for you. Then, we will manufacture a sample to send to you for evaluation.
[3] Mass Production
After you approve the sample, we will begin mass production. The quality will not differ from the quality of the sample.
[4] Packaging & Shipping
To prevent wrinkling, damage, or loss of your Gentle Packing bags, we will carefully pack them into carton boxes and secure them for shipment.

You Design it, We Make it.

Branded gift and paper shopping bags—especially reusable ones—are an effective and cost-efficient strategy to spread brand awareness. You can create the perfect bag to represent your business. Any material, color, or style—we will provide all of them.

We can make bags with ribbons or woven threads for handles, flat-bottom or irregularly-shaped bags. We can also add original embossments, glitter, or matte finish, we will provide everything.

You can be creative and follow your dream idea; we will support it with our machines and printing.

  • Any size and shape of the bag
  • Any color, finish, or additional features
  • Any structural design
Custom Your Bag Now
Listen to our customers say

Don’t Take Our Word For It

  • “Gentle Packing helped me develop fun reusable gift bags. Every time I have a new idea, they send me a sample very quickly. The whole process is very smooth and streamlined, so I can be creative all the time!”

    Sarah Sanders
  • “Gentle Packing helped me develop fun reusable gift bags. Every time I have a new idea, they send me a sample very quickly. The whole process is very smooth and streamlined, so I can be creative all the time!”

    Sarah Sanders

Note by
Gentle Packing Founder

“After starting small, Gentle Packing became one of the leading bag manufacturers in China. Although it was difficult, we learned and gained experience, allowing us to offer the best service. Bags, pouches, and totes are all important for everyday life. But also, they connect the consumer with the brand. We are proud to supply businesses worldwide with high-quality reusable bags.”

Co-founder in office
Elias DengGentle Packing Founder

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What eco-friendly material options available?

Yes. Our regular eco-friendly material options include PP non woven, Cotton, Canvas, Jute, Paper, Polyester, etc.

New popular environmental materials include:


Washable Kraft Paper

Recycled PET non woven

Recycled PP non woven

Please contact us for more details

Are you a Trading company or Manufacturer

Gentle Packing Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, with the primary focus of manufacturing environmentally friendly bags. Over the years, we have expanded our operations to include both a bag factory dedicated to production and a marketing office to facilitate our trading business.

This dual setup enables us to ensure quality manufacturing processes while effectively catering to the needs of our clients.

Can I see a sample before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we offer free samples for your evaluation.

We understand the importance of ensuring the quality and suitability of our products for your specific needs. Please let us know your requirements, and we will be happy to send you the samples accordingly.

Are your bags eco-friendly and sustainable?

Yes, our bags are indeed eco-friendly and sustainable. Regular reusable bags such as PP non-woven bags and canvas bags, as well as environmentally conscious choices like recycled PP bags, recycled PET bags, and organic cotton bags. These options allow you to make a positive impact on the environment while meeting your specific packaging needs.

For more information and to discuss the details, please feel free to contact us.

How are your bags different from plastic bags?

Plastic bags pollute the environment and harm marine life. Gentle Packing offers an eco-friendly solution. Our reusable bags are sustainable, non-toxic, and cost-effective. They can be recycled or biodegraded. Join us in protecting the Earth.

Can I customize the design, size, and color of the reusable bags?

Yes, we offer customization options for design, size, and color to meet your specific branding and promotional needs. Our team will work closely with you to create the desired custom reusable bags.

What is the production lead time for bulk orders?

Normally, lead time of mass production from 25 – 30 days. But varies based on different print, material and order quantity.

Remember to take the sampling time and shipping time into consideration before making plan.

What printing methods do you offer for customizing the bags?

We offer various printing methods, including screen printing, heat transfer printing, gravure printing, thermal sublimation print, UV printing and embroidery, among others. The choice of printing method depends on the bag material and design. Our experts will guide you in selecting the most suitable option.

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